Ozark Mini Hardwood Pipe


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The Ozark Miniature Hardwood Pipe is the mini version of the Ozark Mountain Hardwood Pipe, and is available in either a Maple or Cherry finish.

This non-filtered pipe is available only in straight stem.

Just like the Corn Cob Miniature, the Ozark Mini Hardwood is pocket sized and perfect for a quick smoke, for party favors, or as a novelty.

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Available in Straight Bit Only

Small, Barrel Shape


Approximate Dimensions

Length:   3.5 in / 88.9 mm

Bowl Height:   1.5 in / 38.1 mm

Chamber Diameter:  .5 in / 12.7 mm

Chamber Depth:  1.125 in / 28.58 mm

Additional information

Bit Color



Cherry, Maple

8 reviews for Ozark Mini Hardwood Pipe

  1. step_hen_castro (verified owner)

    Little smaller than I imagined (which is a good thing) :) clenches great

  2. Joona Syri (verified owner)

    An excellent pipe for quick smoke.

  3. AJS2323


    Brilliant little pipe, I have one maple and one cherry. Good quality flake tobacco, without a casing or flavour, gives you a good 15-20 smoke. Bowl stays cool and smokes well.

  4. Patriot Kennels Jonesburg

    Great for a quick smoke.

    I love this for when I don’t have time for a long smoke. Clenches great. This wood is extremely durable and I have the larger version made of the same wood. The air flow/draw quite a bit less than a standard pipe.

  5. stx

    fair to good

    received my pipe and started to break it in. Being an hardwood I suspected this may smoke a little hot.
    I was right, draw good with filter, used a good tobacco, and not to many relights. But, being thin walled
    it smokes smooth and the bowl gets hot. I think I’ll stick with the Cobs.

  6. Melanie (verified owner)

    Inexpensive and Cool Smoking

    I got mine for a shorter smoke for slow times at work. I don’t tend to smoke as long as others anyway because being a busy mom. It did seem to smoke cooler than I thought it would, better than my briar. I have only smoked this one twice but I have a little trouble keeping it lit, maybe because I am used to smoking corn cobs…not sure. Fits great in the jacket pocket without worrying about it falling out as easy and it will fit in my pouch with my Country Gentleman because of it’s small size. I did use some sand paper to smooth out the inside of the bowl and rub off the stain in the bowl. Much better now. For the price, it’s an awesome little pipe!

  7. pintandapipe

    It’s mini, and it’s hardwood.

    I purchased two of these pipes in the maple styling from my local tobacconist, and I couldn’t be happier! I’m an avid bibliophile, and while I love my country gentlemen, it (and its other standard ratio brethren) just didn’t provide me with the free hand and unimpaired view I needed. Both of the specimens I received were admirably constructed, with my only complaint being the splinter ridden sides of the bowls, which can be quickly remedied with a pair of tweezers and isn’t worth whining about at the price! They both surprisingly smoke rather cool and I didn’t have to take any extra precautions to avoid biting from the short stem. I timed each session, and they each seem to provide about 20-25 minutes of tobacco fueled bliss. Pick a couple up if you have the chance!

  8. PimpDaddyD

    I Absolutely Love This Pipe It Insures A Long Lasting Smoke The Reed Fits Correctly In the Mouth

    Two Thumbs Way Up To Be Honest With Any Other customers I Have Always Been One To smoke Cigs But It Was Always In My Interest To Give the pipe a round and I love it not only is it cheaper to own a pipe and buy loose leaf tobacco It just last longer and it is more enjoying oh and the pipes all around quality all I can say is that these group off people have a censer passion for what they do and It really shows In the Craftsmanship of there pipe SELF EXPRESSION AND HISTORY IT ALL SHOWS IN THESE FINE PEACES OF ART

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