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Our Great Dane Pipe Tobacco is a Danish-inspired aromatic tobacco since our Missouri Meerschaum Great Dane pipes are our take on Danish designs. This is a deep, sweet Cavendish blend with notes of dark cherry and fragrant vanilla.

“Missouri Meerschaum’s Great Dane Pipe Tobacco blend consists of a good portion of gently steamed black Cavendish, select Virginias, and some white Burley that have been topped with a smooth, rich combination of a deep, dark cherry, without the sharpness of the typical “maraschino” flavor, and warm notes of vanilla and caramel, for an easy-smoking blend with a lightly sweet flavor and an amazing aroma.” ~ Courtesy of

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310 in stock


1.5 oz
Made In USA
Blended by Sutliff Tobacco Company

25 reviews for Great Dane Pipe Tobacco

  1. Ben Wilson (verified owner)

    This is my first MM Tobacco. Received it today with an order containing a new Huck Finn corncob, and decided to try them both out together. First impression: very nice tobacco! Seems to stay lit well and packs easily. Nice taste and aroma, and doesn’t burn too hot for me. Mild aromatic and gentle on the tongue, no burn. I’m going to enjoy this tobacco in my MM’s and will order more, I’m sure. I can recommend this tobacco to new pipe smokers, and older smokers looking for a nice mild aromatic to enjoy.

  2. Joseph Hubicki (verified owner)

    New to pipe smoking. Got the Great Dane tobacco. Wonderful aroma and great, smooth smoke. Love it, ordering again.

  3. jerry ward (verified owner)

    Just got into corn cob pipes and tried this and I love it, great taste.

  4. Mark Beckert (verified owner)

    Terrific smoke! Nice long burn, flavorful and smells terrific!

  5. Brian Burden

    Great pouch tobacco.

  6. Philip Metcalfe (verified owner)

    Pleasing aroma and pleasant taste

  7. Josh Gabrielse (verified owner)

    I love this blend. Fantastic smell. Beautiful smoke. A staple in my routine! Highly recommend.

  8. LynxCoat (verified owner)

    Bought this with American Patriot and this is my “save for a nice day” blend. Smells as good as it tastes, smooth with a subtle hint of caramel.

  9. Christophe van den Heuvel (verified owner)

    Amazing blend. . . wish I had bought more. Smells amazing before lighting up and has a clean burn and smooth smoke. The vanilla is very evident and welcome. Leaves a lovely flavor in the bowl after a few smokes. Try dedicate a single pipe to this blend. Highly recommended!

  10. Gary Barnes (verified owner)

    Decided to try Great Dane after trying and liking American Patriot. I tried Great Dane a couple of smokes in a new briar pipe that I had just purchased. I had trouble keeping it lit and with it gurgling. I tried drying the tobacco out a little and had little to no better results. Then I went and picked up my Mark Twain corn cob. Problems solved. Now I can truly get to taste this fine tobacco. Should have known that this tobacco and it’s brothers are better when smoked in a cob. This is a very cool, pleasant tobacco. I will be add more to my cellar. I would highly recommend this this tobacco to anyone but would also suggest that if you have a corn cob pipe that you use it to fully enjoy this tobacco.

  11. Ron Rolleston (verified owner)

    I have tried a variety of specialty blends (8 or more) from a number of sources and then tried the Great Dane on a lark and love it!

    I just got 4 pouches and will smoke up the specialty blends I have and intend to make this my “go to” pipe tobacco. Smooth, slightly aromatic and a pleasure to smoke. It is great with my morning coffee and delightful for the rest of the day. A truly awesome blend.

  12. James

    Very pleasant and refreshing

    I am a new pipe smoker. Switching from cigarettes. I have tried three other tobaccos and none of them hold a candle to Great Dane. I LOVE it. It is making the transition from cigarettes to pipe much easier.

  13. Machine Guy “T” (verified owner)

    Great Taste, easy to smoke

    New to pipe smoking, but I’ve jumped in with both feet! Easy burning cool smoke tastes great! Great all day every day. Pleasant aroma too!

  14. Brazilian guy


    Good price and flavor

  15. Bertrand (verified owner)

    My favorite aromatic tabacco!

    Not fan of aromatic tabacco, I tried the Great Dane after reading reviews.
    At the beginning I mixed 1/2 Great Dane + 1/2 Missouri Pride.
    It was perfect.
    More and more I’m increasing Great Dane ratio…!
    Great Dane is the first aromatic tabacco I can really smoke all time.
    Taste and smell just as “necessary”, and let a very pleasant flagrance in the room you’re smoking.

  16. Blackbeard

    My New Favorite

    Great tobacco! Best aromatic available today.

  17. Naro

    First tobacco, fantastic

    On a recommendation, this was the first tobacco I ever bought, along with my corn cob. I had no idea what to expect. I liked it right off, and found it easy to pack and light up – but I didn’t truly appreciate it until I ordered other types of tobacco more recently, and realized how special Great Dane really is. I’ve been forcing myself to get through an awful budget brand and then I went back to this, and it was night and day. Wonderful sweet flavor, burns cool, zero tongue bite – an absolute pleasure. I’ll order again for sure, and planning to try the others as well.

  18. Newcobber


    Yellow all! This a darn great smoke guys!

  19. Dan


    First, a confession: I’m not an aromati or flavored fan.

    That being said, Great Dane tobacco has been a very pleasant and very welcome surprise. It tastes like tobacco with a gentle addition of flavors, doesn’t bite, and feels great to smoke.

    I was genuinely uninterested in tobaccos from plastic bags or pouches, but Great Dane might have changed my mind. It’s a solid tobacco, smokes fantastic straight from the pouch, and the flavoring isn’t overwhelming, it’s complimentary. An absolute steal for the price, buy some today!

  20. Ike

    Wonderful tobacco

    Smoking abowl right now and I have to say is wonderful. The aroma is delightful and doesn’t burn too hot. Most pipe tobaccos leave stale smell when they start to fade in the room. This one lingers and is quit nice. Will be buying more in the near future.

  21. Bobo

    Best Blend ever hope you get more in stock SOON !!

    Very relaxing doesn’t burn hot but lasts a long time. Plus even the kids love the smell.

  22. Andrew

    Great blend.

    This might be one of my favorites so far. It burns great into a nice fine ash, stays lit, and has good flavor. Also enjoyable for others around when you smoke. I got compliments on how good it smells.

  23. Xenomorph

    A relaxing aromatic

    Very pleased with this aromatic blend. Great for sunny park benches while listening to the birds.

  24. Anthony (verified owner)

    Great Aro

    I’ve seen a few reviews but not many on the YTPC and all had something positive to say on this product. So I took the plunge and bought it as well as Missouri Pride and American Patriot. This blend “GreatDane” is my absolute favourite. I shall buy more in the near future.

  25. Cory

    Wonderful blend

    Just got my pouch of Great Dane today, and I am smoking a bowl as i write. I think this may be my new favorite blend ever. A subtle hint of cherry and a wonderful aroma. I am very pleased

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