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Missouri Pride Pipe Tobacco is the kind of blend that most pipe enthusiasts would associate with the Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob experience. This is a classic American-style blend of superb quality Burleys with some Virginias added, and minimal top flavoring. The blend is made up of broken flake with some ribbon-cut Burley for a nice, even burn, and the flake processing adds a deeper flavor to the tobacco.

“For a smooth blend with real tobacco flavor you can enjoy all day long, try a pouch of Missouri Pride.”
~ Courtesy of TobaccoReviews.com

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320 in stock


1.5 oz
Made In USA
Blended by Sutliff Tobacco Company

4 reviews for Missouri Pride Pipe Tobacco

  1. Mysterious Stranger (verified owner)

    This is very nice tobacco-flavored tobacco. No I’m not joking around! This is pure and simple tobacco for those times when you just want a good clean smoke without anything spicy or added flavors. A nice blend of burley and Virginia tobaccos. The pouch smells great when you open it (like sweet fresh hay), and the overall flavor when smoked is clean and mild. All in all, a very nice blend and one that I like to keep on hand for those times when nothing else will do.

    I’d recommend this blend to anyone getting started with pipe smoking. It’s very easy to load and light, and it will stay lit even when you’re still getting used to how to properly smoke a pipe. This was one of the first tobaccos I tried when I got my first corn cob, and I recommend it to any beginners out there.

  2. kridelbaughr (verified owner)

    Really moist in the bag, great aroma, has a bit of bite, thinking that it is so wet. All the flavors are presented in the first pull. Put in a good container to let set awhile. Will definitely use a different pipe to make sure I’m going to smoke it, or let my brother-in-law think I’m giving him something good ????????

  3. Nicholas Bevelock (verified owner)

    Really nice, full-flavored as advertised and no sweet casing to speak of. If you like pure tobacco flavor and American style blends, this is a mandatory buy.

  4. Kevin Derr (verified owner)

    If you have ever said, “coffee doesn’t need a flavored creamer, coffee is the flavor!” This is the tobacco for you. It is wonderfully tobacco flavored tobacco.

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