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Our Missouri Meerschaum Independence Day Tobacco blend is a must try!

This soft aromatic blend has a vanilla leading the way with a light splash of Cyprian Latakia to add a smoky note.

This intriguing aromatic English blend will fast become a favorite in your Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipe.

1.5 oz tin


90 in stock


1.5 oz tin
Made In USA

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8 reviews for Independence Day Pipe Tobacco

  1. Joshua (verified owner)

    I am a new pipe smoker. I bought a handful of the most popular tobaccos from Missouri Meerschaum to try. So far I haven’t been that impressed with them, although that may change as I become more experienced and my taste adapts. However, that has not been the case with Independence Day. This was the only one that I loved immediately. Wonderfully smooth with a pleasant aroma. The subtle hint of vanilla pairs very well with the Latakia, smells fantastic in the tin, and leaves a nice room note. Even the ashtray smells great after a bowl of this. I will certainly be buying more.

  2. jjeffries (verified owner)

    I love this stuff, I and a new pipe smoker only about 3 months in and love English blends but not huge on aromatics, though I do try them if offered a bowl full. I don’t know if I would call this an aromatic or and English blend but something in between. its just the right amount of both. The Vanilla is just the right amount, just a little flavor but not overpowering, the Lat is there in just the right amount for a night smoke. I have to say I wish this came in a larger tin or in bulk, I would buy it. I finished my tin pretty quick it was the perfect morning first bowl for me, great to start the day on. Please MM think about making this one available in a larger offering 5 stars all the way!

  3. William Vortmann (verified owner)

    I tried this on a whim and have to say it’s my new favorite. To give you an idea of my flavor profile, normally I smoke either my favorite English blend (Peterson’s “Presbyterian Mixture”) or my favorite aromatic (Lane’s “1Q”). However, Missouri Meerschaum’s “Independence Day” seems like the perfect middle ground, a crossover giving you the best of both worlds. I highly encourage anyone in either the English or aromatic camp to try this blend. I’m going to be ordering more. Much more!

  4. Kincaid7 (verified owner)

    Me and my buddies got every single Missouri Meerschaum pipe tobaccos and smoked them together to figure out which ones we liked best, this one was the clear winner, and happily for me it was also the one I bought and brought to the table so I got to take it home.

    This tobacco is so good that I made sure to buy another tin when mine was running low, apparently this flavor has had a history of being seasonal so don’t regret not trying it while you still can. I hope that Missouri Meerschaum realizes what a fine accomplishment they have brought to the world with this blend and continue producing it for many years to come.

    As for the flavor, it has a very nice smooth vanilla note with a subtle smoky taste that I assume comes in from the Cyprian Latakia. Being that this was my first blend with Latakia I was blown away by the distinct flavor and how much it reminds me of a nice campfire. I had received compliments from others who hate cigar smoke that the room smell of this tobacco was pleasant, and I loved it so much I brought a few puffs to my bedroom. The tobacco was somewhat moist – but not overly so – and had a nice spring to it. It burned very well.

    If you are going to buy just one flavor of tobacco from Missouri Meerschaum, I would go with this one!

  5. Chris Streeper

    I don’t generally smoke aromatic tobacco but this is one of the most phenomenal ones I’ve ever tasted. It has a beautiful vanilla top note, a wonderful aroma out of the tin. Not too moist and not too dry. Perfectly balanced for and enjoyable smoke in any of my cobs.

  6. Jonny

    My favorite blend

    This is hands down my favorite tobacco blend now. It has just enough smokiness without being too heavy and is smooth without biting. I love it!

  7. Deacon John (verified owner)

    Awesome blend!

    Independence Day is now my favorite tobacco and I have tried all the great tobaccos from MM. The Independence Day smokes cool and is very flavorful and has a nice room aroma! I tried one tin and I am back for two more tins! I encourage any pipe smoker to give this one a try.

  8. Piper Joe

    Absolutley the best

    So I stsrt by saying that I looooove English blends from Nightcap to Squadron leader. The only aromatic I smoke is usually Black Ambrosia or Rum Runner from a place called The Warf in Dayton Ohio. Sooooo one eve I am bored and smoking my evening pipe and cruizing around the pipe boards. I order myself a Country Gentleman cob pipe and I see Independence Day. Hmmm I say. Light aro but it has Lat. Hmmmm I say again. Im not a big cross over fan. Ill try it anyway. Holly cow. A seasoned English smoker like myself and this little tin with vanilla hints and light Latakia blew me away. It was fun to smoke! It was different, special, unique. It was as if I was relieved that it wasn’t some no flavored aro that left me wanting more. The Lat was not strong but I could actually taste subtle wonderful campfire notes. It is actually a well done fun smoke. Not a huge nic hit. This is just a great blend. I fully expected to turn up my nose and say “yeah right….you call this pipe tobacco?!?” I figured I would finish the bowl saying it is for the newbies. Folks it is not. It is just a great smoking tobacco that is not complex but it is full of flavor. And it is FUN to smoke. I ordered 3 more tins!

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