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The Washington Corn Cob Pipe from Missouri Meerschaum is a step above the ordinary corn cob pipe and is part of our series of mid-sized, filtered pipes.

Its medium-sized bowl is available in two shapes – 5th Avenue or Rob Roy.

The bowl is double filled and spray varnished with a smooth, light-colored finish.

Each bowl shape comes with a black bent or straight bit, as shown, to complete the classic appearance.

Due to the nature of the corn cobs themselves, you may notice some chipping on the top edge of your pipe. This is perfectly normal and won’t in any way affect the way your pipe smokes. The chips only add to the charm and character of your corn cob pipe. Enjoy!

See Product Description below for more details.


Available in Straight or Bent Bit (as Shown with Bowl Shapes)

Available in 3 Bowl Shapes:  5th Avenue or Rob Roy

6 mm Filter

  Approximate Dimensions

     Straight Length:   6 in / 152.4 mm

     Bent Length:  5.75 in / 146.05 mm

     Bowl Height:   1.75 in / 44.45 mm

     Chamber Diameter:   .75 in / 19.05 mm

     Chamber Depth:   1.25 in / 31.75 mm

Additional information

Bowl Shape

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17 reviews for Washington Corn Cob Pipe

  1. Gomez

    This is a good pipe!

    I picked this and another MM pipe at my local smoke shop. I plan on buying more based on this pipe. I have the gloss finish and it’s already mellowing in color. The 5th Ave bowl feels good in the hand and my bent stem keeps the smoke out of my eyes when I’m writing.
    Like right now.
    This and my Country Gentleman are in my rotation as will be more.

  2. Jason G.

    Exclent pipe at a great price.

    Got this critter on a whim after my old war horse of a legend finally gave up the ghost on me. As always MM coba are a great deal, this one is no exception. Looking forward to this one taking the place of my old compaion!

  3. Warren

    Aesthetic pipe, good smoker

    I enjoy the pipe and the finish on the bowl is holding up nicely even though I throw it around a bit. Unfortunately, I cannot get a 6 mm filter to fit in this thing despite what it says.

  4. jojodundee

    First pipe best pipe

    I have 5th avenue. Makes great taste. very light, usefull and cheap. Now I will buy The FREEHAND.

  5. Rawhide

    Great pipe

    Like the shape of the 5th ave. Smokes very well

  6. Dr Svend Salha A.K.A Dr Buddha Boobs

    Jolly good show, old chum.

    I have a Rob Roy, it truly is a workman’s pipe. It’s small enough to smoke in 15 minutes and its shape dissipates heat well. Would I buy another? Maybe? Would I recommend it for a new pipe smoker? Definitely!

  7. Antonio Norberto

    A genuine American smoker.Perfect

    I do not speak English, I only speak Spanish, I apologize, I use a translator.
    A year and a half ago, I smoke alone in corn cob pipes.
    Natural Virginias and Burley.
    I smoke in pipe more than 44 years ago.
    Unbeatable pipes of his.
    The pleasure is unique, nothing equal.
    Perfect smoked.Fresh, tasty and do not change them for any.
    Marvelous and sweet, smoking in them.
    Greetings from Argentina.
    Tony-Blender from TABACOS S.N.

  8. Kelly

    Great pipe (and my introduction to cobs)

    Having smoked a briar occasionally in the past, I decided to pick up a corn cob pipe and found this at a local tobacconist. I don’t think I’ll go back to briars anytime soon. This is a great pipe–big, low-maintenance, affordable, and easy for a beginner like me, since it stays lit and smokes nice and cool.

  9. Jeffrey/JD

    Can’t beat these pipes.

    I love all of my MM pipes and own nine with more on the way. My Washington and Legends are great smokers and I have them for rotation to rest my higher end favs like Country Gent and General. My day starts with my Washington and the majority get there turn throughout the day ending with one of my big pipes at night. I’m looking forward to owning and collecting all of the models. I would never of thought I’d be a cob snob but here I am,AND THEIR FROM MY HOME STATE! You don’t get a much better feeling of pride that such a quality product is made by my fellow Missourians. Keep up the good work y’all and smoke well my friends.

  10. JesseD

    My best Prince Albert smoker!

    I have tried every Missouri Meerschaum pipe and my straight Washington has the perfect size for a 30 minute drive packed with Prince Albert. I have the Rob Roy shape which I love since it fits the hand so nice, wider at the top and in a miniature Dublin shape. Not a tiny pipe but large enough for half a flake of tobacco or 30 min of Prince Albert. The price is right! As a recommendation, swap the crappy stem with one of their Danish stems, makes a huge difference: wider, more durable and much more comfortable…

  11. Gabriel

    Good for all smokers at any level of skill or taste

    This pipe is great for beginners, very easy to light and stays lit. It has that classic taste all cobs give to a smoke but not too overbearing. It’s nothing to look at but it has just that classic corncob look/feel.

  12. HJT


    After being away from pipes for about 15 years, I bought some “estate pipes” while they are fine, I find this corn cob smokes the best. Lights well and stays lit. I bought some rubber tubing to put on the bit for added comfort. Just finished a bowl of Cornell and Diehl, Berry Good. I’ve had the bent one for about 3 months and just bought the straight. I’ll use one for aromatics and the other for English baccy.

  13. Edward


    love this pipe my wife knocked it off the table did not faze it smokes great strong beautiful pipe

  14. Karl

    What a Surprise!

    I recently acquired a Washington pipe (with a straight Danish bit) in a grab bag. I was not expecting much out of it, which is to say I was expecting a satisfactory to good experience, pretty much on par with the Legend. Well, I was blown away by the delightful, cool, smooth smoke I got from this pipe. My foray into the just slightly nicer MM has proved to be a wonderful experience. At this price point and value, I might have to collect them all :)

  15. Ruffinogold

    A perfectly great Cob

    I smoke a cob everyday at some point and these Washingtons are as good a smoker as every other MM Cob , which is to say … perfect :)

  16. Sam

    Good, but not very attractive

    This pipe smokes great, just like all MM pipes. However, I was disappointed by the finish on this pipe. It was not very attractive, and my other MM pipes look much better. I will not be buying this particular pipe again.

  17. PRJ

    Pipe smoking again

    I recently began smoking a pipe after a 20 year hiatus. Your pipe is an excellent smoke as it requires no break in period.

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