Country Gentleman Corn Cob Pipe


(91 customer reviews)

The Country Gentleman Corn Cob Pipe from Missouri Meerschaum is the most popular design in our series of larger, filtered pipes.

It has a large, barrel-shaped bowl with a dark stain added to the coating, giving this pipe a unique and distinctive appearance. The pipe has a genuine, hardwood insert in the bottom of the bowl.

Also available in a 2-Pipe Country Gentleman Gift Set.

Due to the nature of the corn cobs themselves, you may notice some chipping on the top edge of your pipe. This is perfectly normal and won’t in any way affect the way your pipe smokes. The chips only add to the charm and character of your corn cob pipe. Enjoy!

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Available in Straight or Bent Bit

Extra Large Barrel-Shaped Bowl

6 mm Filter

  Approximate Dimensions

      Straight Length:  6 in / 152.4 mm

      Bent Length:  5.75 in / 146.05 mm

      Bowl Height:  2.25 in / 57.2 mm

      Chamber Diameter:  .75 in / 19.05 mm

      Chamber Depth:  1.5 in / 38.1 mm

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91 reviews for Country Gentleman Corn Cob Pipe

  1. Richmond Smith

    This is and always will be THE pipe as far as I’m concerned! Sure it’s just a corn cob but it smokes like a dream the bowl is the perfect size and shape and it even looks good. What more can you ask for? Take my word for and don’t just buy one buy two, because you’ll find you reach for the Country Gentlemen twice as much as any other pipe in your rotation

  2. Lucas Strough

    I can’t say much which has not already been covered in these reviews but, for me, this is the perfect smoking pipe. It smokes well, cool and clean, loads easily, is easy to clean, is nice and light for clenching and perfectly fills my palm. It has a big bowl for nice, long smokes and it works well with or without a 6mm filter inserted. It doesn’t ghost and works well with ribbon cut or flake tobacco. Best of all, it’s priced incredibly reasonably for my limited budget and if I ever lose or break it, I can happily and easily replace it with another for a low price. I like it so much I just ordered another in the black Night Rider finish.

    If you are brand new to pipe smoking, the Country Gentleman is hard to beat for a first ever pipe. If you have been at it for awhile or if you normally smoke briars, you will thank yourself for picking up this affordable, durable, handsome and top-notch cob. Also, if you need something to smoke in it, the Missouri Meerschaum tobacco of the same name smokes extremely well in this pipe if you’re in search of a nice and mild natural-tasting tobacco.

  3. Grady Bergen

    Love this pipe. I just wish they would offer it in the light smooth finish and not just the dark.

  4. Mark Beckert (verified owner)

    Terrific pipe! That big bowl is perfect for when I want a nice long relaxing smoke. 5 stars!

  5. b-morello (verified owner)

    First off I was very pleased to find this pipe for the cost. The pipe came pre scorched on the inside leaving no varnish to be burned off during the first smokes. I ordered the country gentelman tobbaco and it smoked well although i had a hard time getting it lit because of the winter cold and wind possibly the tobbaco was a little damp. It smoked for 40 – 50 min, the country gentelman has a generous bowl size. I may need to order more pipes since I only have one. It looks and feels as if the pipe will last for many years to come and with the hard wood insert at the bottom I have no doubt that it will. The pipe is easily clentched between my teeth so it is light and allows for a hands free smoke.

  6. dburkhalter92

    This is a really nice utility pipe! You can comfortably hold it in your teeth yet It has a nice generous size Bowl. Need to get some work done? If you don’t have a nose warmer or you’re giving your nose warmer a rest, this is the next best thing. Are you looking for a nice relaxing Smoke on the porch? This pipe will do that too, sip it slowly and you can drag a whole hour out of this pipe

  7. the_collies

    My favorite MM. love how it looks, how well it fits in my hand, how light it is and the excellent smoke I have every time I use it. The bigger bowl gives me an hour of smoking pleasure. It gets a lot of compliments with the stained bowl and the bent bit making it appropriate at any social occasion from a family get together to a more formal affair where others are smoking. Has thrown a great smoke since day one. My go to for a long, relaxing smoke.

  8. jad.henson

    My girlfriend bough this pipe about four years back, and it was the first pipe I ever smoked. Fastfoward four years, and to this day it is still my favorite pipe in my collection, amongst estate and new briar pipes. My bent country gentleman smokes cool, never gargles, and is all around a real pleasur. Would recommend, especially for new smokers.

  9. Owner of 8 MMs (verified owner)

    Best pipe ever made. I have six of them so far. I like the straight and bent stem versions. I hardly every smoke my expensive briar pipes, which include Stanwells and Savinellis, because the MM Country Gentleman provides a much better smoke every time. Never gurgles. Stays cool. Tastes good. I have really come to learn that I prefer 6mm filtered pipes. I don’t think it steals any flavor, and in fact, I think it keeps nasty flavor from getting to your mouth. I hated to do it to MM, but I left a much less glowing review of my Charles Towne Cobbler, which is cool looking but does not perform as well as the Country Gentleman, in my opinion. I have limited time to smoke, and I have decided I don’t have time to waste a smoking session on an expensive briar pipe, when my MM Country Gentleman provides a better, cooler, easier, better tasking smoke, every time. So my expensive pipes have become for display only–they look cool in the pipe rack. But if I want to actually have an enjoyable smoke, I grab a Country Gentleman. As I said in my other review, it might just be something about the design. MM, please give us a Country Gentleman with a nice acrylic bit (that takes 6mm filter) and silver ring. That would be the ultimate dream pipe.

  10. Torben Christensen

    Hallo USA i have fit my Gent country pibe with a great danish bit now its a danish Wiking pibe and its now gets 5 more stars to you from Denmark

  11. Torben Christensen

    Good pibe but to soft and small bits and its not a No hands pibe come om with a Italian bits i hobe at my 4 news pibe have mistet Better bits have en nice Day Torben Denmark

  12. Ronald Ambrosino

    Definitely a “5 star” pipe indeed ! I have two Missouri Meerschaums , one being the country gentleman and the other is the little devil acorn ! I love them both. They have a good draw and look great. They smoke just fine and if I’m sitting outside enjoying a nice cool night on the back porch I’ll smoke the larger country gent pipe , and if I want a shorter timed smoke I’ll smoke the devil acorn pipe. Im looking at others to buy as well. Missouri Meerschaum Company started making pipes just after the civil war here in the USA, and I surely hope they’ll be making them for a long time to come ! Thank You MM for a great line of products !

  13. Eric Imken

    This one has got to be my favorite corn cob, and one of my favorite pipes period. The size, weight, and how it smokes are all great.

    If you could only own one corn cob, this is the one to get.

  14. Nate

    One of my Favorite Pipes

    I love this pipe. It has a great coloring, and just feels right in the hand. I coupled mine with a churchwarden stem from Walker Briar Works. The combination delivers a cool smoke that lasts 30-40 minutes. It’s perfect for winding down after a long day.

  15. Robert

    Great daily smoker

    I purchased a country gentleman because I lost my legend. First impression is how well this pipe smoked compared to my legend. I first loved how the pipe looked, then really appreciated the quality of smoke this pipe offered. I purchased two more of these a week later and added them to my rotation. The quality of all three is nearly identical and all smoke superb! I recommend this as an everyday pipe that is user friendly! Great job Missouri Meerschaum! Wonderful pice point!

  16. Sal

    Fantastic Pipe

    Got this in a seven day seconds bag and it’s been the best pipe I’ve ever owned

  17. David

    The perfect cobs

    I now have two bent bit versions of these excellent pipes in my rotation, and they are far and away my favorites.

    The fit and finish are excellent, the larger bowl size is particularly nice when you just want to load it up, kick back, and enjoy a nice, long smoke.

  18. T man

    An amazing pipe . And American made !

    So , about 5 days ago I purchased a country gentleman because I wanted to start smoking a corn cob , and when I got it in the mail I was amazed ! It looked 10 times better than in the photo and smokes like a dream . I will defiantly be getting others at some point , but glad to have one , in fact this pipe even makes tobaccos I don’t like more tolerable . Witch says a lot to me . Wonderful pipe I hope to get many years out of this one .

  19. Complete Customer

    Another outstanding MM!!!

    Charles towne, Diplomat, and now Country Gent! These are the best pipes to be had, once a forever stem is set in them (like the Charles already has) and are equaled only by the better quality Turkish Meerschaums, no kidding.
    I’ll be back for more!


    A GREAT Pipe!

    This was one of my first pipes, I LOVE it!! Nice finish, great hand-hold, smokes great!

    I prefer Churchwardens tho.

    I took a CW stem off of a POSSIBLE Mr. Brown ai had and taped it to my MM Gentleman bowl.
    It looks AWESOME, and smokes the same.

    MM, you guys should look into making a CW version, 18″, of this pipe!

  21. Joel

    Love this one.

    Wasn’t going to eat this one, then it came in a pack of 7 day seconds and I loved it. Hoping to buy 3 more! Also can’t wait to buy an acorn pipe. And the next bulldog! Love Missouri Meerschaum. Thanks, folks!

  22. Kin

    The name of the pipe says it all

    This pipe is elegant and it gets the job done.
    Big and strong with a great feel to it. It makes a great pipe for new smokers and an even better one for those who want a pipe to smoke on the go

  23. J

    Great Pipe

    I really enjoy smoking this pipe. Its easy to keep lit and with the bigger bowl it allows for a decent burn time. For the price the quality is unbeatable. I highly recommend picking up a MM pipe, especially this one.

  24. WillieT

    Hands Down The Best!

    Without sounding like a braggart, I have many pipes briar and they are beautiful and smoke well. I have many cob pipes and I am very fond of all that are MM which are beautiful as well however, the pipe I find myself reaching for the most is my MM Country Gentleman bent stem. It is quite possibly the perfect pipe in my collection. Do not be fooled into thinking that in order to be a ‘real’ pipe smoker you have to spend a small/large fortune for your pipe. This pipe is the real deal and then some. For the cost of less than a tin of good tobacco, this should be a simple equation. You will end up with an heirloom in the future and an amazing workhorse in the now.

  25. Aquipjoe

    New to pipe smoking

    I am new to pipe smoking. This was my first pipe and I find It is my go to especially if I want to just kick back and relax. I have had no issue with it so far and I am looking to get more pipes from MM. I am hooked. Thanks for making a great time honored American made classic

  26. Reb

    Great Pipes

    I have 8 MM CG pipes – 4 straight and 4 bent…they smoke as well as any pipe I’ve owned, including some fairly expensive pipes. Great company, makes me proud to be from MO….

  27. Garry (verified owner)

    Top Notch

    The MMC people have it down to a science.

  28. Desert Piper

    Pipe Dream

    Been smoking pipe for about 40 years now and MM is my favorite brand HANDS DOWN with the Country Gentleman as my Pipe Dream. I have some expensive briars and Meershaums in my collection, but they don’t bring me to that special quiet place like CG from MM. I highly recommend with prejudice, any Cob from Missouri Meerschaum. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK FELLAS!! You have a fan and customer for Life!!!

  29. Farriserrick


    This is by far my favorite pipe I find I smoke this pipe more than any of my other pipes

  30. Cosmos (verified owner)

    Great pipe

    I bought this as my first pipe, and boy is it a great one. It’s a bit on the heavy side for clenching, but it feels great, smokes great, looks great, and is far less expensive than briars. I’ll be ordering more MM’s for sure!

  31. Pellerin

    Great Pipe

    Compliments to Missouri Meerschaum for a quality product and outstanding customer support. Anytime I have had a question within a short time I get an email response. This is the 2nd pipe I have bought with MM and planning to buy more. The quiet and relaxation when I smoke out on the patio just cant be beat. All compliments to “my brand”. Peace be with all

  32. Mark (verified owner)


    This was my first pipe I bought from mm and I have to say I was and still am with this pipe I’ve had it now about two months and let me tell you when I say I use it I mean I use it and it’s holding up berry well I’m already getting up my next order of pipes good job mm

  33. Losersintuition

    Nearly impossible to find a better pipe for the price.

    The pipe itself is a wonderful classic shape coupled with a real nice smokability. There is just something about a nice cob that satisfies like none other. The bit already has some teeth marks in it, but if you are going to nit pick over something like that… I’m certain that at around a buck for a new bit I’ll survive. Great customer service with fast shipping to boot. Love the pipe and will be a repeat customer for sure.

  34. Pocestnik

    Love it!

    I find myself reaching for the Country Gentleman over many of my MUCH more expensive briars when I want a long, relaxing smoke. For lunting I’ll turn to a lighter MM or briar, but for sitting & smoking, I love this pipe.

  35. Terry

    My first and still my favorite

    First of all , MM is to be commended for their commitment to quality and excellent customer service.

    The Country Gentleman is a beautiful piece (I have a bent stem) and is a fine example of what can be created from such a humble beginning as a corn cob. Truly Americana personified.

    This pipe has a barrel shape that makes it a great fit in your hand. More importantly is that it makes the bowl much thicker in the midsection and is only warm to the touch. I now have five MM Cobs and this is my rock solid favorite. One of my others is a Cobbit Wiazard and, well, it’s in a league of its own but not , for me, a daily smoker.

    Make the Country Gentleman the foundation of your collection, you’ll love it from the first smoke. By the way, I have made the switch from paper to balsa filters. They absorb far more and give you 2 or 3 more bowls than the paper filters. Enjoy!

  36. Joel

    Great first pipe or addition to your collection

    This pipe is so smooth, as a novice pipe smoker I planned to use it to lead to a pricier briar. I have barely touched my more expensive briar as I continue to use my country gentleman. Just a relaxing and cooler smoke in my opinion.

  37. Brian


    I ordered this pipe on a Thursday and got it a day ahead of schedule. I was pleasantly surprised at how fast it got to me. Way to go Meerschaum. This pipe is amazing, I absolutely love it. I will recommend this to to my friends and to any one.

  38. Cor

    Excellent smoke!

    Love, love, love this pipe. I have the bent-bit version and it is one of the best smokers out there. Takes any tobacco I throw at it, never ghosts, and is just easy to enjoy.

  39. Gerry

    Pipe or bludgeon? You decide!

    The first thing I noticed about this pipe was how big ad heavy the bowl is. It feels like you could really clobber someone with this thing! Basically it’s bigger, slightly different shaped version of the bowl on my beloved Charlestowne Cobbler. This one didn’t smoke quite as well out of the box, but godawful humidity and/or tobacco type may have been responsible. Great pipe for the money, but it deserves a better quality stem so I took off a star. I barely had it in my mouth before it had teeth marks on it. Still highly recommended though.

  40. BrianZ

    Two thumbs up!

    I purchased my first country gentleman straight stem pipe, and all I can say is, It is a phenomenal smoke! Stays cool, no moisture build-up like briar or pipes of other materials, cleans easily. Has a solid feel. And looks Great! I think these pipes will be my only go to pipes for now on. Now on to my straight stem Diplomat fifth avenue pipe!

  41. Brian

    Great pipe

    I ordered the country gentleman straight and bent stem pipes a couple of weeks ago. First I called Missouri Meerschaum and talk to a lady (sorry I can’t remember her name) and she was so super friendly and helpful great to deal with. I have never smoked a corn cob before now and can tell you unless something changes I like the country gentleman better than a lot of my high end briar pipes. I had to rate these 5 stars because there wasn’t 6 to choose from. Only my opinion but great pipes.

  42. Brian

    Great Pipe.

    I ordered the country gentleman a few days ago. For the price I was really expecting a cheap piece of nothing, well I was wrong. I have smoked this pipe several times now and it just keeps getting better and better. To be honest I have some briars of serious money and I like this corn cob almost better than the briar. Super great pipe and a pleasure to smile.

  43. Marco

    First Corncob experience

    Normally i smoke briar pipes. This is the first time ever smoked a cob. And it’s really great! Very cool and dry smoke,the taste it’s excellent. Even much better than the briar ones iv’e smoke. My first cob but not the last. Order quick some nother ones!
    Gr from the Netherlands,the country of origin of Henry Tibbe the founder of Misouri Meerschaum Company.

  44. Clayton

    My #1 Pipe at the moment

    I personally feel that this the best pipe that MM produces. I have >40 cobs from MM and this is the best. This is my favorite pipe of any others and I am seriously considering getting a few more so I can smoke it more often. I changed the bit with the bit that came with a General I have and it is outstanding. I think every pipe smoker should have one of these. Best attributes in my opinion: It looks great, It smokes great, the bowl diameter is perfect, it has almost no ghosting – you can switch tobaccos as often as you would like, and it is easy to hold and set down. Great Pipe – If you ever watch anyone doing videos online regarding cobs, almost always they have one of these in the background, their hand, or their mouth.

  45. Tater Wagon

    Buy this pipe!

    I ordered my country gentleman a couple of months ago as a jumping off point into pipe smoking. I couldn’t be more pleased with it! It provides a long cool smoke that is a consolation at the end of a bad day, and an aid for happy reflection after a good one. It’s a little heavy to be clenched in the teeth for very long, so it may be better suited to be kept at home for use while reading or sitting on the porch. A fellow would do well to invest in a Dagner poker or one of the outlaw pipes to take on the go. After a month of use, my cob has developed a crack around the shank, but it hasn’t affected the pipe’s functionality at all and I feel that it adds character. I look forward to many years of enjoyment from this great pipe!

  46. Michael

    Great pipe

    I have the straight stem and the bent stem and they both smoke fantastic. I love the look of this pipe and it feels good in your hand. Nice big bowl for a relaxing long smoke. Buy it, you won’t regret it.

  47. NYaxeMan

    Big handsome pipe

    Very handsome and robust pipe. Touch too big to really be held clenched in your jaw, but otherwise a great all around pipe. Nice shape, well made, and an easy draw.

  48. Gabriel Greek

    Excellent product

    Excellent product. First time corn cob pipe smoker. Truly amazed!
    Thank you very much!

  49. Gabriel Greek

    Excellent product

    Excellent service! First time smoking a corn cob pipe and I am truly amazed!

    Thank you very much

  50. TBrodeur85

    Favorite camping cob

    This is by far my favorite pipe to take on those long camping trips. I love sitting by the warm fires at night and smoke the night away with a fine country gentleman or light it up while strolling leisurely down river on a canoe trip. It’s also my companion on hunting expeditions throughout the country. No matter what I’m doing outdoors this pipe always seems right at home.

  51. English luxury

    Great pipe!

    I got it in the grab bag! The first pipe I was drawn to I saved it for last as I pulled the pipes out one by one filled with excitement as I got legend after legend finally I got to it! Packed it with sutliff sunset rum and began smoking one of the most evenly burning bowls ever! This pipe was worth the $42 after s&h I payed for the whole grab bag! Definitely made my day!

  52. Ryan

    Great pipe!

    This was my second MM Cob, first being a Legend (short lived…gave up pipes at the time), and I love it! My particular CG is dedicated to the light aromatic’s that I smoke – Trout Stream and 1Q, mostly Trout Stream. A very well-built pipe, filled and smoothed and nicely stained to look quite nice. I like to add a “diplomat” stem to it as I find not only do they look better, but they are a bit wider and more comfortable to clench.

    Just another great MM pipe, at a great price. Hardwood plug means it will last a lot longer than solid cob! The stamp on the bottom (vs sticker) is much more attractive, as well. I recommend this pipe highly!

  53. Jeff (verified owner)

    Cobs forever/Forever cobs

    MM you guys are the BEST! I have order & received 4 pipes. and the craftsmanship in my pipes I received was outstanding. All 4 pipes smoke better that’s right I said BETTER then some of the $180 &$260 pipes I have owned. did not have to do no break in crap just pack em up & flame a Ironworker I have put all 4 of these pipes through HELL & back no handling with kid gloves here & they look & smoke like no other. My legend & country gentlemen smoke outstanding at 30storys in the air hanging & banging iron. thank you MM. Cowboys in the sky. Jeff

  54. Englishpiper

    holy mackerel!!

    what a pipe, if big foot smoked a pipe this would be it.
    the pictures do not do the size justice, this is a huge pipe.
    haven’t smoked it yet but I’m sure it will deliver top quality smokes like my other cobs.
    This pipe should have been called cross-country gentleman, as given the size you could probably hike cross country from the east coast to the west on one pipe full!

    All in all a great pipe that if it smokes as half as good as it looks it will be a well loved keeper and will Give many happy smokes.

  55. irishjedi

    Great smoker, great price

    Just received my first CG (and cob in general) and absolutely love it. Loaded it up with Blackwoods Flake and had a cool enjoyable smoke the whole bowl. Highly recommended!

  56. Dr Svend Salha A.K.A Dr Buddha Boobs

    Hard to beat

    Truly a gentleman’s and lady’s pipe. I highly recommend purchasing one with a Mark Twain.

  57. Antonio Norberto

    A genuine American smoker.Perfect

    I do not speak English, I only speak Spanish, I apologize, I use a translator.
    A year and a half ago, I smoke alone in corn cob pipes.
    Natural Virginias and Burley.
    I smoke in pipe more than 44 years ago.
    Unbeatable pipes of his.
    The pleasure is unique, nothing equal.
    Perfect smoked.Fresh, tasty and do not change them for any.
    Marvelous and sweet, smoking in them.
    Greetings from Argentina.
    Tony-Blender from TABACOS S.N.

  58. Leo

    All time Favorite

    The Country Gent is my all time favorite COB and often my favorite pipe – period! I use it with its original bent stem or substitute a Freehand bit and just get lost enjoying a bowl of billowing blessing! It is perfect size bowl for a leisurely excursion or meditation. I try to give myself 45 min to an hour to enjoy her to the bottom. Great design, pleasant to look at and hand feel. Just love this pipe.

  59. Rick

    Very Nice Pipe

    Looks good, feels good and smokes very easy. Happy I chose this pipe.

  60. Alfred (verified owner)

    Super Pfeife

    Bin total begeistert. Sehr gute Pfeife. Grüsse aus Bayern. Alfred

  61. Gerald

    Favorite pipe

    This one is my favorite.

  62. Pacific_Pipesmoker

    Great Pipe

    This is my favorite pipe to end the day with. good size bowl keeps lit. full flavor and cool smoke. Love this pipe. Anyone would be proud to have this in their collection.

  63. Londyn (verified owner)

    *Thumbs Up*

    Totally worth the money! Great product.

  64. CaptMike (verified owner)

    Great pipes :-)

    Been a customer for many years and just bought 2 of the Country Gentleman pipes – straight and bent. Great pipes – just what I was looking for.

  65. Jeffrey/JD

    Forgot to mention…

    Get a Danish bit or five.(I have a straight Gent but with a bent Danish bit) You wont be sorry.

  66. Jeffrey/JD

    Love them all but this Gent takes the cake

    I own nine pipes…all Missouri Meerschaums with more on the way. Mini,Pony,four Legends,Washington,General and a Country Gent. They all have there own traits that make them a joy to smoke but my Gent is my baby. So much so i have another on the way to dedicate to my English tabaccos. One sexy looking pipe that smokes like a dream. I must be lucky as none of my pipes have loose stems.I can’t wait to own the entire lineup of MM pipes.Get one and you won’t regret it. Smoke well my friends.

  67. Stephen (verified owner)

    A corn cob that handles like a first rate briar

    I have been smoking Missouri Meerschaum pipes for almost 45 years. I have smoked their lower end pipes and I have smoked their higher end pipes, but I never had a Country Gentleman. I just received my first Country Gentleman pipe today and I cannot believe how if feels in my hand. This pipe fits my hand as well as any high end briar. I have had briar pipes made by some very well known carvers and very few of those hand made pipes felt as comfortable in my hand as my new Country Gentleman. The Country Gentleman feels as comfortable as a pair of old slippers. I have not fired it up yet, so I will not give my impressions of its ability to handle tobacco, but I have yet to find a Missouri Meerschaum pipe that did not make my beloved Va/Pers sing.

  68. J D (verified owner)

    This is one of my best corn cobb pipes.

    I really like this pipe. I would have given it 5 stars all the way across, but after a few weeks the tip gets really loose and I have to keep it taped with black tape. All of my corn cob pipes have this issue. I smoked one of these pipes for so long that the bottom finely fell out. It was a great pipe, so I ordered two more.

  69. evans


    Customer for life.

  70. H.L. (verified owner)

    My everyday pipe

    As a pipe smoker for nearly two years, I had 13 briar pipes, and 27(maybe more…) Corn Cob Pipes.
    Now, I only use the Cob Pipe in everyday…especially the Country Gentleman.
    Good pipes, great smoke, nice feel!

    I will buy some more!

  71. Sunday

    What, are you kidding me?

    I can not find the right words to describe these pipes, because words like; smokability, coolnessative, quality-enorminity and smoke justificators are apparently not in our language. I own 3 of these along with a legend, a Great Dane, and 2 hardwoods, but these are my “I simply love” pipes. Keep up the good work!

  72. Brian

    One of my favorite smokers

    I have had an MM of one type or another for decades and own a collection of high end briar pipes as well. I still prefer to smoke the cobs most of the time for the cool flavorful smoking experience they provide. I have had one CG for over 4 years that I use regularly and I am nowhere close to burning through it. It is still providing an incredible smoking experience each time I use it. I would highly recommend trying one.

  73. Schreck


    Love the larger bowl. I put an after mart stem on it, fitted for these pipes. Heads turn, even the Dunhill heads. Tobacco tastes better smoked in a cob.

  74. fatboy

    good pipe

    My wife bought this one for my birthday and I love it. The large size bowl is great for a comfortable sized smoke, and it just fits well in a man’s large hand. These are great American made pipes. Cobs require little break in time and dry out fast so you can smoke them again soon.

  75. NickDinTN

    Awesome pipe!

    Bought the CG and a Legend. I was amazed at how the CG dwarfs the Legend; huge bowl! Both smoke excellent but the Gent is my favorite. It’s dark color just appeals to me. There will be no other pipe but a MM in my house, I love these! Beautiful, cool smoking, brings out the best in your tobacco, and an unbeatable price. Can’t wait to get the freehand too. Can’t wait to get at least a hundred more MM ‘s lol…love them.

  76. Leon

    My going out pipe

    I only have a small stable of pipes but this is my favourite by far, I have 3 cobs and one briar. I will never buy a briar again after smoking these. Fantastic!!!

  77. db

    Best value in pipe smoking today

    I have a nice collection of several dozen well-seasoned briars which I dearly love, but they often sit unused, passed over in favor of my cobs. For cool, dry, sweet smoking, the corn cob pipe has no equal, and the king in this realm is the Country Gentleman. Its generous dimensions, handsome appearance and attractive cost, combined with the aforementioned superior smoking qualities, make it the best pipe value in the world today. While I’m at it, here’s a little tip for MM filter pipe smokers: try the Savinelli 6mm Balsa System filters in your cob. I believe you’ll be amazed.

  78. SmokingMoose

    Not the prettiest but smokes great.

    I have several pipes and I have to say the Corn Cob ranks right up there with the best smoking if not the very best smoking pipe. It is a great value for the money, in fact I just bought 3 more as to always have a fresh pipe handy. This is my everyday, go to pipe.

  79. Chef Triva

    Great Pipe

    I have over a dozen MM’s, mostly legends straight and bent and love them all. The CG is great. Love the large bowl and longer cool smoke.

  80. Karl

    A Prince of Cobs

    I got one of these in my grab bag and I wanted to review it separately. This thing smokes wonderfully, feels great in the hand, and looks good too. It well deserves it’s reputation as a classic cob.

  81. matthew (verified owner)

    my new favorite

    I have many MM pipes and I like them so much, I took all of my briers out of rotation. I just received my country gentleman and I love it. the bowel is bigger than it looks in the picture. the walls are thick and it just burns like a little brick oven. I like to smoke slow, which is a problem in most pipes because they just go out and I have to keep relighting. this pipe just made my day and I can’t wait to smoke it again. it’s also the best looking and feeling of all the MM’s I have.

  82. Ruffinogold

    Best of all !

    The Country Gentleman was the first Cob I ever bought [ a straight one ] . The barrel shape is super comfortable to hold and the coloring just screamed for me to buy it as well ! I’ve had mine for over 6 years and it is still looking dignified and smokes like a dream !

  83. Tater

    Great Pipe

    My wife bought this pipe for me for my birthday. she had told me she got it off ebay so i thought great another crappy chinese pipe. but after looking around i had found that it was the CG. i knew that the missouri pipe were respectable but never tried them !! Love this pipe for the large bowl and the smoke is good. Thank You MM.

  84. Danger031

    Great pipe

    I really enjoy this pipe. I have the Missouri Pride, the Washington, and the Patriot too, but I think this pipe has the biggest bowl of all of the MM pipes I own. It has a great feel in my hand and I like the bent stem I purchased it with. I usually get around a 45 minute or longer smoke with this pipe (depending on the blend I am smoking). I just really like the bowl shape and feel. Another great pipe from Missouri Meerschaum!

  85. CigarDanTn (verified owner)

    Excellent Choice

    Been smoking Missouri Meerschaum’s for a long time. I have ordered this pipe alone and in a gift box of two. It is by far my favorite Missouri Meerschaum of all of them. However I try to stay open minded and try at least one new style every few months. I have never been dissatisfied by any of these awesome pipes. Yeah, you can find more expensive ways to enjoy, but why would you want to when you can sit back and relax and enjoy an American Made treasure the way they use to back when things were much simpler. Yes I am an old guy, 63 to be exact. And I think this will be my favorite for many years to come; I hope!

  86. Jerry B-P Riggs

    Rugged and stylish looking at the same time: it’s easy on the eye and on the tongue.

    When I was first introduced to the Missouri Meerschaums, all bought at the tobacco aisle of the local supermarket, I had the impression that all of them were either of a creamy yellow/white to pale golden hue, which it took a deal of breaking in to deepen into a darker shade…much as the meerschaums for which the cob pipes were named. And the older the cob and the more you smoked it, the more it grew into being your favorite. So it was that when, in a tobacconist’s shop, I first laid eyes on a Country Gent with its rugged broken in look, it instantly became a favorite of mine, even before I ever smoked it. Then, as I began to break it in, for whatever reason…its size or shape or whatever…it smoked from the very first time I lit it right down to the bottom of the bowl without having to be relit, and as sweet and as easy and cool as any pipe I had ever had before. What a pipe! And I’d thought Missouri Meerschaum had come out with something new, but actually it was at least a hundred years old, though it had gone under a different model name back then. Also I discovered that it was the pipe which had kept explorer Richard Byrd company during his five month solitary stay in a shack in Antarctica in the mid-1930s. Alone in the middle of nowhere with your favorite Missouri Meerschaum pipe…isn’t that every man’s dream?

  87. PL

    Fantastic pipe! Great first Cob.

    This is by far and away, my favorite MM model. The Country Gentleman holds a fairly large amount of tobacco, and for me personally runs around 40 minutes to an hour smoke-wise. It is a fairly large bowl, and easily overshadows the Legend/Pride/Washington in size. One thing to note, the CG DOES NOT have a hard-wood plug, which is a very nice feature included in the Diplomat and some of the other Cobs MM produces. This is a filtered pipe, but I find most of MM’s ‘filtered’ pipes have an excellent draw without the filters.

    Like all Cobs there is a bit of a ‘break-in’ time that comes with burning through the insert at the bottom of the bowl. You get a ‘woody’ sort of taste as it burns, not like saw-dust, but close. Once broken in however, it offers a fantastic smoke, especially for such a low price. I’d highly recommend this as a first cob, since it has a larger bowl, and most new pipe smokers who just want to sit back, will really appreciate the increased size. A fantastic offering from MM, every cob smoker should have at least ONE CG!

  88. CJ

    My Favorite MM

    I own several MM pipes and this is my favorite off them all. A generous bowl and stylish in appearance….plus it smokes great!!!

  89. Tall Jackie Shakes

    A town and country smoking pipe

    A smooth smoking pipe. Stylish in the town and in the country. My favorite blend and mixture tasting smoking pipe.

  90. Anonymous

  91. Phil

    Great smoking pipe

    This is a great looking pipe with a large bowl.

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