Missouri Pride Corn Cob Pipe


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The Missouri Pride Corn Cob Pipe from Missouri Meerschaum is a natural corn cob pipe at its simplest and finest.

It has an all-natural, medium-sized bowl in a classic 5th Avenue shape.

The Missouri Pride is filtered and comes with a black bit.

Due to the nature of the corn cobs themselves, you may notice some chipping on the top edge of your pipe. This is perfectly normal and won’t in any way affect the way your pipe smokes. The chips only add to the charm and character of your corn cob pipe. Enjoy!

See Product Description below for more details.


Available in Straight or Bent Bit

5th Avenue Bowl Shape Only

6 mm Filter

Approximate Dimensions

Straight Length:   6 in / 152.4 mm

Bent Length:   5.75 in / 146.05 mm

Bowl Height:   1.75 in / 44.45 mm

Chamber Diameter:   .75 in / 19.05 mm

Chamber Depth:   1.25 in / 31.75 mm

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34 reviews for Missouri Pride Corn Cob Pipe

  1. Mysterious Stranger (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic pipe, one of my favorites – right up there with the Washington corn cob pipe. I really like the look of the unfinished pipes – very traditional, and completely functional. I’ve received many compliments on this pipe when I smoke it in public!

    I’ve had this pipe for about a year and have smoked it regularly – to the point where I’ve worn shiny the rough patches just from holding it! It still smokes great. The walls are thick enough that you don’t need to worry about the bowl getting too hot. My one recommendation would be to pick up a Danish filter from the accessories section on this site – it’s much harder plastic and holds up better if you’re a clencher like me.

    This is one of the pipe styles I hand out to friends who are interested in the hobby. If you’re considering trying out corn cob pipes, then I strongly recommend you pick up a Missouri Pride pipe!

  2. intoy2014

    I picked up the pipe hobby after finding two of my dad’s Kaywoodies while going through some of his belongings and fell in love with pipes. Then I remembered having a little corncob pipe as a boy, and the Missouri Pride is the closest thing to the toy I remember. I picked up the bent stem version at my local tobacco shop, and love it. It smokes great, and I have great pleasure using good, ol’ codger blends in such as Sir Walter Raleigh. It is such a pleasure to enjoy this piece of Americana!

  3. searambler

    I’ve been smoking a pipe off and on for 40 years. Mostly on the coast; cold waters and wind blown nights. So many great pipes over the years. From hand rubbed briars to an aluminum pipe I once had designed by a Boeing engineer.

    My grandfather used to smoke a corn cob pipe. I never did.. all those years. I was in Buda, Texas and ran into a shop who sold these Meerschaum pipes. I picked up a couple and have rediscovered pipe smoking. Maybe I think of my granddad lookin over his fields havin a half-pipe after dinner or maybe it’s just the great taste. Cool smoke and stays lit if you know how to pack it. The taste is authentic to the tobacco you’re into. I’m corn cob guy now.

    Some might look twice at me in the city but I don’t care. I just crack a smile… it’s the real.

  4. LynxCoat (verified owner)

    Gives a nice cool smoke, burned through it due to naivety, smoking it hot, and being new. Overall a fantastic pipe for new smokers.

  5. ckline

    As a pipe smoker for over 50 years, I’ve got a bunch of high-end briars like many out there. But, there’s nothing like a cob for trying out new tobacco, and there’s nothing like a cob for a cool smoke. No bite, good draw. The cob I have had for ages burned through, my bad, not the pipe. Looking over my dusty rack of pipes I haven’t used recently, I figured what-the-heck, let’s go back to a corn cob pipe for a try. And, what a revelation: Got a Missouri Pride from the local shop, but also ordered a couple from the factory. OMG, what an amazing smoke! I’ve pretty much switched over the MM’s, and I love the rougher exterior of this basic pipe. It’s my garage and outdoors pipe, filled with my trusty, old-guy Carter Hall. LOVE IT! MM, keep making these, I’ll be buying a bunch to keep on hand!

  6. Nicholas P Vigliucci (verified owner)

    Great pipe, cool smoking, light weight,
    Incredible pipe, I own very expensive pipes, yet these are my favorite pipes.
    Please never stop making these.!
    Durable, travel great.
    Love them!

  7. Daniel Vilhjalmsson (verified owner)

    What can I say? I had my doubts and I still prefer briars but this pipe is much more durable and better than I thought. I’m a pipe smoker for 18 years and I bought my first cob about two years ago. That was the Missouri Pride. I’m not saying that it provides the best smoke – though it’s definitely cool, much cooler than a Dagner Poker – but for this price it’s just simply not possible to beat it. It’s reliable, provides a cool, dry smoke with all the taste. It’s better than many poorly made briar, hardwood or even real meershaums. And I never thought that I will use it regularly but still when I’m in the mood of having a stress-relieving good smoke after a long week or simply a long day, I fetch the trusty Pride. I thought that I will burn it through quite fast because I smoke all kinds of tobacco, even shag in it and I’m usually stressful when I’m smoking this particular pipe, so I smoke very fast and very hot, but I can’t feel it at all – the surface of the cob is cold, the smoke is cool. I assume the reason is that it has natural, “breathing” finish. I can see a good layer of cake on the side of the chamber walls and I burnt the end of the shank in the chamber but nothing else. I think it will last for some more years to come. I have already bought another Pride for replacement and I have a Legend on its way because I would like to see if the finish really makes a big difference in smoking experience and I like the stained, smooth aesthetics more. That’s one of the reasons I took off one star, it’s not the most beautiful pipe out there, but some may like the absolutely natural, authentic appearance. The other reason is the stem, the black stem is a little bit sensitive but it’s not a big deal, I ordered the slightly harder amber stems – they are almost for free. I can recommend it, if you like medium sized pipes (around group 3) and if you don’t care about how your pipe look like, or if you actually like the appearance. It’s a true utilitarian smoking instrument, with a very good value for price.

  8. Ian Jones

    This was the pipe I started with. You can’t go wrong with this one.

  9. ericseng124 (verified owner)

    New pipe smoker here. My research lead me to Missouri Meerschaum and this pipe as my first pipe. I’ve got about 6 smokes in it and it’s excellent. It’s a great quality pipe, very affordable price and smokes cool and smooth. I definitely recommend it.

  10. David (verified owner)

    The cob pipe you would make if you grew corn

    I just got the bent and straight bit versions of this pipe last week to add to my growing collection of MM pipes.

    They both smoke as well as my two Country Gents and my three Legends.

    I love the rough finish of the bowls as it gives the pipe a cool homemade look, as well as the fact they accept filters.

    Amazing that MM only charges $5.19 per each for these very well-made pipes.

  11. Fatpiper


    Coolest smoking pipe i own! Superbly done!

  12. Adam

    1st pipe!

    This is my 1st tobacco pipe! I bought it from a shop in Colorado. Smokes great! I really like the American heritage of a corn cobb pipe! Smokes really good, I guess. Being new, I dont really know. I’ve been smoking put of it for about a month now. I clean it qil a rum dipped pie cleaner. Tastes really good with a byjou nights blend!

  13. waikikirod


    Man this is a solid pipe! Not a cheap hillbilly pipe! Awesome!

  14. legato


    i liked the first one of these i bought so much i quickly bought another. i am only a couple months into pipe smoking but, overall, MM has me thinking I might just be a ‘cob guy’ …i smoke both of mine daily, they are holding up great. this model is also, somehow, easier for me to keep cool than my country gentleman, too. :)

  15. Joshua (verified owner)

    The name sums it up pretty well

    I’m new to pipe smoking so I dont know alot like some of the guys on here. But what i do know is this is an excellent value & looks damn good too.

  16. M6AEYDS

    My 2nd ever pipe, still a go-to everyday

    Brought one of these so I could rest my main pipe. Got to say I could smoke one of these everyday and feel no hardship. Simple, cheap and a very nice look and feel.

    At this price buy 10 and if you lose or break one who cares?

  17. Wendell

    Smoking pip

    My Daughter bought me this Pip 8 Mouths ago and I love It … the only thing now is I need a new bit for it the bit has gone bad on it

  18. ILoveScotch

    Probably the best value pipe, period.

    I bought a Missouri Pride since I use my two Legends (which smoke incredibly well) for non-aromatics only, and I didn’t want aromatic tobacco “ghosting” those pipes.

    It’s essentially the same pipe, but not filled and lacquered. The raw cob is nice, much smoother feeling than the four Eatons I also own. I love the rugged simplicity of the Pride, and of course it smokes well, like all Missouri Meerschaum pioes do.

    The only reason I took a star off is because the hole in the cob for the stem was drilled off center and therefore the stem sits along the left edge of the bowl, which sometimes affects the even-ness of the burn slightly. Other than that, fantastic pipe.

    Interestingly, mine came with a straight Danish filter bit instead of the standard filter bit. Works fine.

  19. Ryan

    Can’t go wrong!

    Missouri Pride pipe… What you get is a no-nonsense corn cob pipe that is just a cob with a wooden stem and a plastic bit. No filler, no finish, just a shaped, RAW corn cob. We’re talking a pipe that cost less than a pouch of OTC tobacco! I love cobs, and I only buy MM cobs.

    I can’t give anything but 5 stars all across the board. Fantastic value, and fantastic smoking pipes. Perfect for those of us who might want to take a pipe outdoors where they get dropped, banged around, and smoked bowl after bowl with no rest. This is THE pipe that made me take the chance on a 10 pipe grab bag of seconds that should arrive…tomorrow!

  20. Rick

    Simple Awesome Pipe

    Have only smoked a few bowls from this pipe so far, but I am very happy with it. Light, easy to hold in mouth and smokes easy.
    Was not sure how I would feel about the rough cob feel, but I like it. Very simple pipe, but awesome.

  21. Lacey (verified owner)

    Definitely one of the best pipes I’ve ever owned.

    I ordered this particular model since it’s the ‘Pride’ of the whole collection here on Missouri Meerschaum. I’m a bit of a heavy smoker, so I tend to look for the cheapest way to get everything I want out of an item. I was told a cob smoked great, and was light. Since I’m a clencher I don’t really want to put a lot of money in a pipe I know I’ll either marr too badly to sell, or chew the bits off. I wanted something for traveling, since I stress smoke in my car, and this is a perfect fit. Light, stays lit in high winds, and even with me aggressively puffing at it: doesn’t smoke hot. I will say the bit is on the thin side, and I’ll be replacing it in the coming months, but the bowl and shank are flawless. The naked finish is really nice in the hand, unlike the cobs I had held in my brick and mortar shop. I also removed the filter and the only negative is that I’ll occasionally pull bits of charred tobacco in my mouth which is no flaw in the pipe itself. My tobaccos are much more flavorful and enjoyable in this pipe, and it delivers a stronger hit of nicotine than any of my other pipes. I will definitely be back for other models, and when I burn this baby out, I’ll order another Pride so I can keep proselytizing my present company about the wonders of Missouri Meerschaum.

  22. William

    My first Corncobb

    I suppose I was a bit of a pipe snob – I simply would not believe that a corncob pipe was as good as a fine briar. The only reason I got one was a 3 pack deal on a site – we wanted one for a snowman, my son wanted one as a toy, I figured I might as well try one.

    Imagine my surprise! The pipe was cool in the hand, the smoke was dry and cool, more flavorful than almost any other pipe I had. Actually, this pipe has outperformed all but a few pipes in my collection.

    It was my intro, but not my final one! I now have several MM pipes – recommend them highly. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced – if you want a fine smoke, it’ll be hard to beat.

  23. Phil

    Great Pipe

    This is a great smoking pipe that is light to hold in your teeth. It is a great size and natural cob is very attractive as well. This is a great pipe for the golf bag, tackle box, or back porch.

  24. WallStreet

    For the Price it is definitely the place to start!

    I was and still am a cigar smoker but recently a friend of mine introduced me to pipes, and I like them. The first pipe I ever smoked was a Missouri Pride corn cob pipe and it was a good experience, so good in fact that I went to a local smoke shop and bought one it cost about double what it does on the site and I don’t regret it. It seems that this pipe is a good starting point for pipe smoking due to cost, weight and size. I have tried other pipes some were good and some were not so good but all were quite expensive, except the Missouri Pride corn cob.
    I believe that this is a very good pipe for beginners looking for a quick introduction to pipe smoking.

  25. BobN

    Quickest burnout ever

    Thought I’d try the “naked” cob. I guess I smoke too hot, because I burned a dime-size hole in the side of the bowl in two smokes. During the first bowl, I smelled a wood-burning sort of smell, but the pipe looked fine afterwards. Charred a bit heavily is all. The second bowl, I was scraping paint, perhaps I drew too aggressively on the pipe. When the pipe went out, I was surprised to see a huge hole in the side. This pipe is pig fodder now. Oh well, at least I only threw away 4 bucks, not 400! I’ll stick to the plaster of paris-lined bowls.

  26. japster

    not bad at all

    great pipe out of my mm cobs this is the largest love it smokes nice

  27. Alex A. (verified owner)

    Best everyday pipe ever!

    I have many different pipes in many different materials, some cheap, some expensive and very fancy. However, nothing beats Missouri Pride as an everyday pipe. It smokes really cool and dry. It is perfect for casual short to medium length smokes or when all you want to care about is the taste of tobacco. Easy, simple and absolutely efficient.

  28. UncleBuccs

    New to smoking a pipe? Start here…

    I wanted to try smoking a pipe for the 1st time, and read it was recommended to begin with a cob, due to it’s low cost and simplicity. I chose the ‘Missouri Pride’ based on the reviews made below, as well as ‘The Legend’. Both are fine pipes, but the ‘Missouri Pride’ is my favorite. The bowl doesn’t get as hot in the hand, the smoke is cooler, and the tobacco seems to stay lit with ease. I’m here writing this review because I’ve returned to order a few more!!!

  29. matthew (verified owner)

    suprisingly nice

    I really like the plaster of paris finish on most of the pipes, but this naked pipe smokes nice. i’m guessing that it allows air to come through the walls of the pipe because it stays lit so easily. its really nice being so lightweight too. if you get one of each pipe, you’ll find a perfect time to smoke each.

  30. Mike

    Best there is for under 5 bucks!

    I’ve been buying these for a few years now and they are pretty much my “go to” pipe. The taste is great, they smoke great and are so lite that you can almost forget you’ve got one in your mouth if you get involved doing something.

    The only flaw I’ve found is that once in a while I’ll get one that doesn’t fit to good and needs a bit of adjusting. But with a bit of Elmers glue and a days drying time you’ll be shittin in high cotton again! Besides, you can’t buy perfection, especially not for $3.99!

    Happy Trails,


  31. Danger031 (verified owner)

    My favorite corncob pipe

    This has to be my favorite of all the MM pipes I own. I just like how cool the bowl stays while smoking and the feel of the unfinished bowl in my hand. When I want a nice easy pipe to smoke I reach for this baby. I love all my other pipes too, but this one just smokes so well it’s hard not to just keep coming back to it. The price couldn’t be better on these pipes either. I purchased mine in a straight stem and just love it.

  32. Jerry B-P Riggs

    An ideal last pipe at the end of the day.

    When I am near the end of my day of work, and have smoked my three fills or so with any of the other various sized Missouri Meerschaums from the General down to the Legend, and I have time to relax with just one more pipe, it is almost invariably my Missouri Pride pipe. That is when its subtle coolness is the most appreciated. All my Missouri Meerschaums are cool smokers, and at any other time of the day I would be hard pressed to say just how much cooler the Pride smokes from all the rest. But that at the end of the day, it’s this pipe I tend to gravitate to for that reason, bears witness that it is the coolest of them all. With or without the filter it will not bite.

  33. PL

    A FANTASTIC Cob, great starter pipe

    Along with the Country Gentleman the Missouri Pride is one of my favorite cobs. Why? Because of the ‘naked’ finish. MM uses some sort of plaster coating on most of their cobs. An ‘naked’ cob smokes differently for some reason. I’m not sure why, but my Missouri Pride smokes cooler then ANY of my cobs, and that is saying something! This particular pipe is rather cheap, and as such doesn’t have a hard-wood plug. Also, it is a filtered pipe, so be aware of that. I generally am happy to get 20-30 minutes smoke time out of this small pipe, and its good for the daily commute due to its light-weight and great clenching characteristics. I would also recommend a danish bit with this pipe, if you are something of a clencher.

    Great pipe for a great price! Probably what I would reccomend second for introducing someone to Cobs. (The first being a CG)

  34. SmokeEaterBrick

    Great Pipe

    -I received my order in which I selected several different cob pipes, the Missouri Pride being among them.
    -The Missouri Pride is by far my favorite pipe of the store. It has a rough cut feel to the outside of the bowl, doesn’t seem to get as hot and is the perfect weight.
    -I took the filter out and it smoked excellently.
    -This is now my favorite Cob pipe.

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