The Emerald Corn Cob Pipe


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The Emerald Corn Cob Pipe from Missouri Meerschaum maintains a deserved reference to Ireland, known affectionately as the Emerald Isle.

The Emerald Corn Cob Pipe has a tall, billiard-style bowl with a hardwood plug and a green-and-cream-colored label on the bottom. The bent acrylic stem is green with a white swirl, and the stem is capped with an antique brass band.

The combination of colors on this Missouri Meerschaum pipe are reminiscent of an Irish meadow, Irish cream liqueur, and a pot o’ gold!

Due to the nature of the corn cobs themselves, you may notice some chipping on the top edge of your pipe. This is perfectly normal and won’t in any way affect the way your pipe smokes. The chips only add to the charm and character of your corn cob pipe. Enjoy!



Available in Bent Bit


Approximate Dimensions

Bent Length:   5.5 in / 139.70 mm

Bowl Height: 2 in / 50.8 mm

Chamber Diameter: .75 in / 19.05 mm

Chamber Depth: 1.375 in / 34.925 mm

Note: Due to the unique nature of a corncob and acrylic stems there will be some variations between the pipe received compared to the one photographed.

24 reviews for The Emerald Corn Cob Pipe

  1. Jonathan Schneider (verified owner)

    Great pipe. I’ve smoked it everyday since I got it. Really like it.

  2. pickart (verified owner)

    My new favorite cob! The acrylic stem is perfect for this pipe. MM should offer acrylic stems for ALL of their pipes!

    One note: the draw hold at the bit is a little too small to push a pipe cleaner into. This is because the slit at the mouthpiece is very narrow and partially covers the hole. I used a small pin-vice drill to carefully widen the slit at the draw hole (no need to go deep) and now a pipe cleaner slides right through.

  3. Torben Christensen

    When can i buy this pibe again Asks

    Torben Denmark

    • Phil Morgan

      Torben, we are waiting on stems from Italy. They are to ship by the end of this month.

  4. Old Cuss in western MO

    Received a bent Emerald for Father’s Day from Youngest Son. I think it’s an unusually attractive cob. It smokes every bit as DRY and Cool as my other MM corn cobs. This latest edition brings my collection of MM cobs to Eleven.

  5. dbl-bbl

    Great Looking & Sweet Smoking Pipe

    I’ve been smoking pipes for over 40 years. I just love ’em. For the most part briars & few meerschaums have been my go to pipes … always with a straight shank. A few years ago I opted to give a MM cob a try. All I can say is WOW. Had I known 40 yrs ago how good these smoke … I could have saved a wad of money over the years … as I have a huge collection of briars & a handful of meers. Regardless, now I collect MM cobs and oftentimes prefer these to my many other pipes. If I were to recommend a pipe to a new convert today I’d certainly point that person toward an MM cob. I really like the looks & smoke from the new Emerald Pipe … I’d like to see MM come out with more offerings with an acrylic bit as fancy as on my Emerald. They look great and feel great in the mouth. As such, I hope someone from MM will read this review and consider the suggestion. Thanks MM … I’m a customer for life.

  6. Dreadpipes

    My new favorite!

    Pleasantly surprised with the comfort and weight of this pipe. It smokes great and the bit shape is so comfortable, making it so easy to clench. It has a nice size bowl and feels great holding it too. Definitely a cool looking pipe, just beautiful. My new favorite even above my more expensive pipes!

  7. SCOTT (verified owner)

    A “Smoking” art!

    Ordered this piece of art from Singapore and the express shipping took a short 9 days to arrive from the U.S. A special thanks to the staff for being attentive to pack it nicely in a box with foam bits to protect the shipment. Needless to say, Missouri meerschaum produces one of the best corncob pipes. Perfect contour of the bowl makes it pleasant to hold, angled at the right position and produces a very cool smoke. Would definitely purchase again and recommend others!

  8. Robert

    Beautiful pipe!

    This pipe exceeded my expectations when I opened the box. The fit and finish is above all my other Missouri Meerschaum pipes. This pipe has such an elegant color coordination that I placed the pipe on display! If your having any hesitation on purchasing this, don’t. Just buy one and take pride in its beauty! Great pipe Missouri Meerschaum! Please continue to make special edition pipes with this elegance!

  9. Pipeweed Dan

    By far better than briar!

    I chose the Emerald over the Charlestown cobbler for its unique brass band and green stem. I chose between the 2 for the true bent shape and use of acrylic stems. For many years I smoked briars and 2 prized Turkish block meerschaums. Always kept a missouri meerschaum legend straight as my “truck” pipe…….the one I would pick up and pack while workin and not give 2 short and curlys about messin up or gettin it dirty and jacked. A decade of beating the brakes off that pipe and it still served without fail or frustration. Every briar I have ever owned, and they were legion, gave me lip. From stems that would dry out and crack, bowls that would never stop tasting like burnt wood, moisture buildup halfway through a smoke that would never go away……the the problems were endless. My hand carved meers were golden…..never an issue…….except the price and lack toughness. I decided to look at the cobs more closely, finding out they offer all the major benefits of meerschaum in much more affordable way. I looked back at my experience with my truck pipe…….and had nothing ill to say about it. Bought the emerald right then and there and packed up the briars. When it arrived I did a quick “break in”…….cleaned the stem, soaked a cleaner in shine and ran it through the shank, turned the bowl upside down and placed a lit match in the bowl to burn off the liquor and char the wood just a touch. 3 bowls later its smokin just right and has become my favorite pipe 2nd only to an altinok meerschaum I have been working to color for years. So happy with the MM cobs that I even bought 2 new stems for the legend so I can keep smokin it for years to come. The Emerald may be a “hillbilly pipe” as many have called it, but the way I see it if good old fashioned workin boys have been trusting these pipes for a century and a half…..theres a reason. To Missouri Meerschaum, I say keep doin what you do. To everyone considering this pipe, I say you have nothing to lose and a lifelong friend to make with this pipe. No regrets whatsoever. When I see the 7 day seconds bag back in stock I’ll probably grab one without hesitation.

  10. Jonny

    Wonderful pipe!

    I love this pipe! It’s my favorite corn cob now. It clenches really well and feels great in the hand. I have the bent version, and it’s the perfect angle for me It’s very ergonomic. And th colors are really clean and pretty.

  11. Jeffrey

    Nice pipe!

    I wanted a Corn Cob that was respectful and I found it. This Emerald is smoking perfect right out of the gate with Cult, Blood Red Moon breaking it in. Finally got to travel to MM for this past weekend 150 Year Anniversary and glad I was able to go. Great history to a great Company.

  12. Arizona Cobber

    Great Cob with one caveat

    First a little history about myself. I’m 73 years old and I have been smoking a pipe along time. I’ve had a few hiatuses along the way. Bought my first pipe in 1968. A Kaywoddie. Burnt the crap out of my mouth, only because I didn’t know how to smoke a pipe..Then I spent $45 on a Dunhill pipe. What a dream pipe. $45 on a pipe was unheard of in 1968. So over the years all I smoked was briar pipes. Who in their right mind would smoke a pipe made out of a corn cob. About 5 years ago, after previously throwing out all my briars (never heard of estate pipes) I returned to pipe smoking. I decided to try a cob. Wow! What a difference. I really love smoking a cob, especially the unfinished Morgan. This is the first time I’ve smoked a bowl in the Emerald. I’m sure it’s going to be as great as the Morgan’s after about 5 or 6 bowls. The one caveat is, it’s almost impossible to put the thinnest pipe cleaner in the stem to swab out moisture during a smoke. Other than that, I’m sure it will turn out to be just as good or better than the Morgan’s. Oh and it’s absolutely beautiful and comfortable holding in the mouth.

  13. Joshua P.

    Absolutely Stunning!

    This Pipe Is Absolutely Beautiful! As I opended my box I was I was absolutely breath taken! I have numerous Missouri Meerscaum Pipes, This one is my favorite so far! If you don’t have one buy one now!

  14. Kameel Elian

    Beautiful cob

    The best part of this car is easily the stem. I love the pearl white shank the bold is shaped very nicely and I like the color will patina very beautifully overtime the one problem ahead with it wise the way the stem was faded into the plug I had to get an X-Acto blade and shave it out some to get them proper drawl on the pipe. For the price I would prefer to not have to fix the car myself to get a good snow however kudos and thanks to Missouri meerschaum forgiven us something new

  15. JonasTheShrubber

    Get yer high class hillbilly on

    I’m a hillbilly at heart and my go to is the MM ozark mountain cherry pipe. Iffuns I gotta get all fancied up, I grab my dress bibs, chippewa loggers and this MM emerald. Good to go. Smokes well, nice sized bowl, feels good in the hand. No snobs allowed.

  16. Brisio

    The PeterCob!

    Just broke in this wonderful pipe. My only cobs so far have been a couple of legends, so I was expecting a good fresh smoke and a nice pipe. What I got instead was, for half the price of an industrial briar, a premium quality pipe, good to clench, to hold and to feel. Very smooth and pleasant look, even better in your hand than it appears in the photos, and light to clench and hold in your mouth.
    I started smoking it with some cheap Kentucky blend, but this guy deserves the best leaf to be packed with, cause it’s really worth it!

  17. Shawn

    The Peterson of Cobs

    Beautiful look, cool smoke, and great feel in the hand or clench. This pipe packed with good tobacco and and a Irish Whiskey is like finding a four leaf clover every time.

  18. JungleCogs (verified owner)

    This cob may be MM’s finest work to date…

    As fine as MM’s other premium acrylic stemmed models are (I own a few), this time they really outdid their prior efforts; this is a masterpiece. I bought it for the premium acrylic stem and the novelty of its unique look.

    What I expected was a standard Country Gentleman with a decent stem (finally); what I received was a work of art. The green swirl is elegant (not your taste – get the acrylic amber stem model), but it was the almost perfect finish of the bowl that is so remarkable.

    I looked for some flaw (all cobs have a few) and finally found one tiny pit that didn’t take the plaster. Not the usual product with some acceptable cracks, a few ‘plasterless’ pits and an occasional edge chip… this was as close to perfect as I could have ever imagined.

    When first offered, I figured the price was a bit high (even with the superior stem); but, upon receipt, it is so much more and well worth the price. Even better, it smokes like a dream. I think it smokes cooler than any of my others. Maybe it does – maybe not. It’s hard to say… I like it so much; I may have lost my perspective.

  19. Sureshot

    Wait for it……..Now!

    I purchased one. Smoked it the first day of arrival. While getting close to the end of the smoke I grabbed my phone and immediately ordered a second.

  20. Turtle

    Great Pipe

    This is not just a beautiful pipe. It smokes just as well as any of my briar pipes. This pipe, along with the Diplomat are my favorite corncob pipes.

  21. Gregory (verified owner)

    My new favorite cob

    This pipe is awesome! It is my new favorite cob. It is worth the price of admission for the stem alone! The stem is beautiful, perfect width and thickness, and draws great. I chose the straight stem. The bowl is sized perfectly, fitting 2 coins for a nice long smoke. Seriously, this cob smokes better than quite a few much more expensive briars that I own. You need this pipe.

  22. Kevin (verified owner)

    Love it

    I’m new to pipe smoking and have acquired quite a few of MM pipes and this pipe is just lovely.

  23. Slick Jelly

    Best cob I’ve ever smoked

    Just got this today, and wow. It’s a lot more stunning in person. It has a decently deep bow chamber, and the egg shape fits perfectly in the hand. Not only is the acrylic stem absolutely beautiful, it’s nice and wide making clenching this pipe very comfortable.

  24. Tom Horn

    ‘Tis a Wee Slice O’ Heaven… No Blarney

    The Emerald smokes as cool and refreshing as the mist ‘bove the dewy shamrocks, beside a trickling rill, in a shady Irish glen. Ah, perhaps a wee bit of the blarney; but ‘tis a fine smoking, handsome devil, ta be sure.

    Great feel/ergonomics in the hand. Love the nice wide stem/very comfortable. The thick walls will keep hot Virginias from burning your fingers. Since it’s a Missouri Meerschaum, you don’t taste nothing but pure tobacco goodness. You don’t have to be Irish, a Notre Dame Fan, nor wait ‘till St. Paddy’s Day to appreciate The Emerald. This handsome cob is an instant favorite you’ll find yourself reaching for, again and again (better pick up several).

    May the smoke from your Emerald be the sweet breath of angels, and provide peaceful respite from your cares and woes.

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