Natural Morgan Corn Cob Pipe


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The Natural Morgan Corn Cob Pipe from Missouri Meerschaum is a member of our family of nose-warmer-style pipes and is a true delight to smoke!

Designed for a hands-free smoking experience, its short round bowl holds just the right amount of tobacco for tackling projects or spending a day on the patio.

This pipe is unfiltered with a genuine hardwood insert in the bottom of the bowl and comes with an amber bit.

Due to the nature of the corn cobs themselves, you may notice some chipping on the top edge of your pipe. This is perfectly normal and won’t in any way affect the way your pipe smokes. The chips only add to the charm and character of your corn cob pipe. Enjoy!

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Straight Bit

Short Round Bowl


Approximate Dimensions

Length:   4.75 in / 120.65 mm

Bowl Height:   1.5 in / 38.1 mm

Chamber Diameter:   .75 in / 19.05 mm

Chamber Depth:   1 in / 25.4 mm

Additional information

Bit Color


23 reviews for Natural Morgan Corn Cob Pipe

  1. tom nau (verified owner)

    This is my perfect pipe. I like shorter smokes and the Morgan gives me just what I like, about a 30 minute smoke. I also like a good open draw and the Morgan has that as well. I really don’t even have to puff on it, just a little movement with my tongue and the flavor and smoke smoothly seep into my mouth. Didn’t care for the short stem so I put one of the longer MM stems on it and now it’s, yes, the perfect size for me. Also the pipe being a corn cob is very nostalgic for me. I grew up in Iowa{that’s where the tall corn grows} and I worked in the corn fields all through my teen aged years AND my Dad was the sales manager for the Mcallister Seed Corn Company where I often worked on weekends and in the summers. The natural finish on this pipe brings back some great memories everytime I hold it. The price, a little over 6 bucks is very Affordable. Oh did I mention it’s got thick walls and won’t get hot in your hand. Sooo yes the MM Morgan is my PERFECT PIPE. It beats all my other expensive pipes hands down. Be good to yourself and get a MM Morgan Corn Cob pipe. COB POWER!!!
    Thomas N

  2. baughn337

    Wow, wasn’t expecting how great the Morgan is. Fantastic little pipe. The cheapest pipe offered with a wood plug and worth every penny.

  3. Christopher Grafing

    Recieved for free with my order made during IPSD – just WOW!
    What an impressive little pipe… out of over a dozen other pipes in my collection, this little fella is one of the most flavorful and satisfying smokes I’ve had. Who would’ve thought that the one pipe that I got for free would end up being my favorite one to use?
    Awesome little clencher that smokes surprisingly cool. Just epic.

  4. kartrcr38

    I am new to pipe smoking, however I am an enthusiast of collecting corn cob pipes. My pipe collection stems from the Simpsons episodes were Homer gets a free corncob pipe with Marge’s pregnancy test (Google it). Anyway the Morgan is by far my favorite in my collection easy to pack a short enjoyable smoke from this pipe! Buy a few of these just to have on rotation.

  5. joe


    Great little pipe. Feel really good in the mouth.

  6. Pipeweed Dan

    Fantastic little cob

    Wanted a simple, unfinished bowl. Chose the Morgan for its size, shape and unfiltered stem. I switch between the nose warmer and slim straight stems. Both work wonderfully, the pipe never gets beyond warm and always smokes cool and dry. At under $6 this pipe is definately worth it.

  7. Logan

    Craftsman’s Delight

    When picking out my first pipe in my little shop in Springfield, MO I remember seeing this pipe and thinking, “Well I can start with this and move to bigger bowls later if I enjoy smoking pipes.”

    Here I sit, a few years in and many bowls later I love coming back to this pipe. It was a constant companion in my woodshop as I could smoke hands-free without it weighing down my jaw and if I ever dropped it or scraped it on something, it only came away looking better.

    Learning to smoke on a nose warmer really bit my tongue, but after I learned to smoke for the taste and not the picturesque clouds, everything fell in place.

    I’ve since gotten a nice polished Morgan I take to the shop to try new blends and another unfinished to rotate.

    An absolute knock-out.

  8. Erik

    My new friend!

    I’ve been waiting far too long… Just got me one and smoking it as I am writing, pure enjoyment!

  9. Olkofri

    My most smoked cob

    I got this one over a year ago, along with an Eaton and a couple of hardwoods. I never smoke those last two named, but I’ve smoked the Eaton, as well as another two cobs I previously had. I don’t really like nosewarmers, so I ordered regular stems for both Morgan and Eaton: now they’re mini-churchwardens! I must say that of all my cobs, the Morgan is the one that gets smoked the most. I have time for short smokes only, so this lil’ one fits the bil. Its apple shape is very comfy in the hand, and its wider bowl it’s easy to pack and tamp. Two thumbs up!

  10. Geoff

    Great value

    I love my collection of briars but…… cobs are.. Inexpensive but far from cheap, great value for money spent. Simplicity and functionality at its best. Fun to modify! I like cutting off 1/2 inch of shank of the Morgan and fitting them with a long slim bit. Some of the best bowls I’ve had have been in this pipe. Already have one bowl under my belt in the Morgan today. It just happens to be cob Tuesday today so I’ll be smoking some of my other MM cobs once I’m done my chores. They all smoke great. I smoke aromatics a lot and in a briar I’ll use a pipe cleaner half way through to swab up some moisture but in a cob I do not swab… because you don’t have to. The cob smokes cool and dry every time. Low maintenance as well, no need to manage cake buildup. replacement stems are less than a dollar so no need to worry about teeth marks. I could go on and on but I won’t because I have cobs calling my name! get a Morgan and thank me later.

  11. Rich B

    These are great giveaways!

    Several were purchased along with the pipe nails and “slim no-filter bits”. This provides an inexpensive opportunity to increase the length of the pipe to 6″ as compared to a “nose-warmer” and provides a spare bit

  12. Dutch

    Great little pipe

    This is a great little pipe. It might be small but for me it’s still a 45 minute smoke without a single relight. Was hoping it would be a 20-25 minute pipe though. Smokes cool and looks awesome. Great value for money. 10/10 would buy again. Thanks MM.

  13. JD


    Long time pipe smoker. This inexpensive pipe is my favorite. Very enjoyable smoke.

  14. Wish

    Always pick this up first at home

    I have a host of briars but this beats them all, just love the cool smoke and taste from this little marvel. Bravo!

  15. Michael


    This is hands down my favorite pipe. I have the polished one as well and they both smoke amazing. They’re the perfect size for my drive to and from work. For a small pipe these smoke so cool. Great feel in the hand. Great job on this pipe, someday I will have one for everyday of the week, only 3 more to go!

  16. Mike C

    My favorite pipe

    I have a bunch of MM Cobs and The Morgan is my favorite. It’s the perfect size for my ride to work and back and if feels fantastic in the hand. Smokes very cool and it’s cheap enough that I don’t have to worry about dropping it or burning it though. Love it.

  17. Louis

    my custom bulldog

    When I ordered the Morgan ,I also ordered a full sized bent bit and voila , my perfect bulldog. And the unfinished bowl smokes sooo cool!

  18. Jeff

    This pipe gets the bulk of my smoking.

    I started out as a big pipe guy beginning with the General, then moving into the Diplomat 5th Avenue, then settling on the Legend Rob Roy as what I thought was the best pipe. Then, I received a free Morgan Nosewarmer in natural finish as a freebie promo from a store, and I was hocked. I never thought I’d have such a small pipe but now, that is all I want to look at. I also have a Marcus that is pretty amazing as well. Right now those 2 pipes give me all the variety that I need.

  19. Tom Horn (verified owner)

    One Smoke, and Already a Favorite

    I bought 3 of these, and the first time I smoked from it I could tell the Morgan is destined to be a favorite. Virginias, and Va/pers go together with the Morgan, like sweet corn, and butter. I’m particularly fond of one that came with an abundance of red corn chaff embedded in its sides. I call her, ‘Red.’ I can tell already, that we are going to have a long, and serious relationship together. She reminds me of the harvest I spent working at a grain elevator, and I had that chaff in every orifice of my body by the end of each day.

    Word of caution: Easy to singe an eyebrow while lighting this little nose warmer (they call me One-eyebrow Tom, now).

  20. Jeffrey/JD (verified owner)

    How can this be?

    I hear a longer pipe smokes cooler. Well I call shenanigans. A natural finished Morgan shatters that rule to peaces. The smoke in this gem is simply amazing. Cool looking to boot. I want 1 or 5 more of these. Can’t go wrong with a purchase of this nosewarmer, smoke well my friends.

  21. Jon

    Superb Little Smoker

    I own a Peterson made of briar and a traditional meerschaum, both of which are full-size and large pipes. I spent three figures on each of those. I bought two of these little guys in the natural finish at fraction of the cost and they beat traditional briar and meerschaum (for me anyways) in all areas. The Morgan smokes much cooler, I won’t have an aneurysm if I drop it, and it brings out the true taste of the tobacco itself. I used to smoke aromatics heavily until I started smoking cobs. Now I find that a simple black cavendish leaves a more lovely note on the palate than my heavily cased Blackberry blend. Buy one for every day of the week you won’t regret it.

  22. Dennis

    Just Perfect

    I purchased six of the natural bowled version of this pipe,very well made,excellent smoker ,easy draw.I find these perfect for smoking my heavy duty plug and rope baccy. Small yes but a giant of a cob Well done MM.These little critters have never let me down pure smoking enjoyment.Don’t miss the boat get you some.

  23. Thomas (verified owner)

    Perfect for me

    After watching a few reviews of this small cob on you tube, I got two of them. These all my smallest cobs and I’m glad to say they smoke pretty cool considering their size. The draw was also very good. Great for a quick smoke or if you live in the far north like me when winter is pretty cold! Yet to buy a MM that I haven’t liked. Keep up the good work.

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