Missouri Meerschaum 150th Anniversary Crumble Cake Tobacco


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Missouri Meerschaum 150th Anniversary Crumble Cake Tobacco is a blend of select Virginias and Burleys from around the world to which some mellow, Virginia-based, black Cavendish is added. A subtle amount of smooth vanilla is added before pressing, but it’s so slight that non-aromatic fans may enjoy it, too.

Grab your favorite Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipe, load up, light up, and puff away to join us in celebrating our 150th anniversary!

Made in the USA!

1.75 oz tin

86 in stock


1.75 oz tin

Made In USA

13 reviews for Missouri Meerschaum 150th Anniversary Crumble Cake Tobacco

  1. jjeffries (verified owner)

    Just cracked my tin and another tobacco I wish I could buy in bulk. If I could get this in bulk it would be my all day smoke, its a nice cool smoke the flavor is very nice. My wife like the room note as well so I am allowed to smoke this in the livingroom. As a fairly new pipe smoker who has tried alot of different types looking for that one tobacco that just fits. This one is one that fits me, so please consider keeping this one around and selling in a little larger sizes.

  2. e.a.stein3 (verified owner)

    I expected a generic-quality shag cut in the tin. Oh, how surprised I was! This is definitely a recommended smoke.

  3. gavinjames52 (verified owner)

    I recently ordered two tins of this while buying a Charles Towne Cobbler. I’m not a huge fan of aromatics but finally cracked into one of the tins a couple of days ago and was very pleasantly surprised. This one I will keep around as long as it is available (ordered two more about an hour ago). It is one of handful of tobaccos that my Wife actually likes!

    Finally; I can smoke a pipe of great tobacco AND watch some tv with the better half at the same time!

  4. John Muir (verified owner)

    I knew I would love this tobacco as soon as I popped the tin. Mellow, cool smoke with just enough sweetness to make this an instant hit. What an excellent tobacco!

  5. Benedictine (verified owner)

    In school I couldn’t be bothered with study hall, and although I was always the first to leave often within minutes I would always go. Because Father Basil OSB would light his pipe in the hallway of the school just outside study hall, almost as a treat for being there, I confess I started second hand pipe smoking before I began actually pipe smoking, this tobacco brought me right back there, but with only the good memories. Very happy I purchased this while it was available.

    I find the smoke smooth and flavourful, the aroma is more than wife friendly. Reminds me of over ripe fruit, particularly figs, I’m going to have to save some for the winter months since this should be lit indoors to share the love

  6. Allan De la Garza (verified owner)

    Love this tobacco, the room note and taste are very well… will buy again!

  7. Jason M Homer (verified owner)

    I’m new to pipe smoking and have only tried about five different tobaccos thus far. Most have been from Meerschaum. This is by far my favorite and I could probably smoke this blend the rest of my life. This and Country Gentleman. Taste and room note are very nice. My wife even likes this one; my four year old daughter too!

  8. Steve Tyson (verified owner)

    A wonderful surprise smoke, Will definitely buy again. Long burning and smooth, wonderful taste.

  9. Erich Rankin

    Purchased from P&C, just had a bowl and was extremely pleased. Thank you and please keep making this! I personally will buy tin after tin. 150 anniversary is a must try.

  10. J Bell (verified owner)

    Excellent quality smokes very well and cool.

    A lovely tobacco, i would describe as being quite mild, and a good all time smoker. Thanks.

  11. Sean

    Very good

    Very good and love the smell of the tobacco itself. Very good after a month in a jar

  12. Deacon John

    A gourmet blend of fine tobaccos!

    Not a very strong room aroma, but is long burning with no bite. If Dunhill was still around it would give Dunhill a run for the quality and pleasurable smoke. I hope it stays around for a while!

  13. Bertrand (verified owner)

    Like old wine

    That tabacco make me think about old wine.
    Not too strong, not too much aromatic, but something related with paste time.
    Some vanilla note, yes, but also some whisky note.
    Not a real aromatic tabacco, but close to.
    A tabacco made for autumn in a forest.

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