Pony Express Corn Cob Pipe


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The Pony Express Corn Cob Pipe from Missouri Meerschaum is a non-filtered straight pipe with a short, amber bit and a slim, barrel-shaped bowl with a small amount of color in the coating that gives the pipe a soft, yellow appearance.

This pipe is perfect for a 10-minute smoke break.

Due to the nature of the corn cobs themselves, you may notice some chipping on the top edge of your pipe. This is perfectly normal and won’t in any way affect the way your pipe smokes. The chips only add to the charm and character of your corn cob pipe. Enjoy!

See Product Description below for more details.


Straight Bit Only

Slim, Barrel-Shaped Bowl


Approximate Dimensions

     Length:   5 in / 127 mm

     Bowl Height:   1.75 in / 44.45 mm

     Chamber Diameter:   .625 in / 15.875 mm

     Chamber Depth:   1.25 in / 31.75 mm

17 reviews for Pony Express Corn Cob Pipe

  1. chuckster4747

    I love the Pony Express. I usually smoke churchwardens, some with 15″ or 16″ stems which make it hard to carry around especially when you ride a motorcycle. So I picked this up at My local tobacco shop. And I couldn’t be happier. It’s the perfect size to just toss in my pocket along with my tobacco pouch and away I go. Now if I stop off someplace and I want a quick smoke. I have the perfect little pipe for it.

  2. baughn337

    Perfect small pipe! Enjoy it for quick smokes. Nice and light too.

  3. Antonio Mazza (verified owner)

    Small but mighty! I ordered three of these beauties and love them immensely. Just the right size for a short wither smoke or a brief sojourn during a busy day.

  4. CobbyTheElf

    I bought one of these from a local shop. Outstanding little smoker. Whomever named this model nailed too. When I smoke it I always feel like a shotgun messenger on a stagecoach through the badlands.

  5. the_collies (verified owner)

    Fantastic lil pipe. Love how it fits in my hand, well made and wonderful for taking out for a on a road trip; a walk, while working or a quick break. Fits nicely in a coat or shirt pocket. Great for a shorter smoke of 10 to 15 minutes during a hectic day. Nice, cool and great tasting smoke every-time with no ghosting. A++++++

  6. Ace2057

    My new favorite pipe

    I have never wrote a review before but this pipe was so amazing I thought I have to. A little background I have been smoking MM pipes from day one. and have smoked many types of pipes over the year. I normally smoke a large pipe 1 hour type pipes well I got this little one bc I work on boats and I wanted something that sat well and something I could put in a pocket. And this little 15 minute pipe has become my favorite pipe it smokes amazing nice and cool and I can clinch in for the 15m smoke and have my hands free. I could go on for pages about how amazing this pipe is I love the small bit. Everyone should try this pipe out even if you like larger pipes

  7. Woody

    Narrow chamber not a problem

    If your fingers wont fit, just screw a bit of folded flake into the bowl for a good 45 minute smoke

  8. Mouse

    Quality not too small

    Great pipe for fifteen minute smoke. Terrific quality.

  9. leroy jenkins


    I ordered 3. I will be ordering more. Cool dry smoke every time, minimal relights. This pipe smokes as well as the other MM cobs I have. Smaller size makes it easy to clench and it fits in my pocket. Great truck pipe. Keep them clean and they’ll last for years or just order some more! My days of searching for “the greatest smoking briar” are over. This pipe, at the MM low end I might add, smokes cooler and dryer than any briar I own (several). Don’t even get me started on how well my diplomat smokes.

  10. William

    Outstanding product

    In the past I have had a collection of around 150 pipes; briars and meerschaums. Missouri Meerschaums beat them all. These pipes are not only a good value for the money, they are a downright good pipes, with all the qualities that a pipe should have.

    My Pony Express is a great little pipe. I like the height, compared to the bore. It lets me pack it, light it and smoke it, with very little tamping. I can smoke it slow and cool and it doesn’t get soggy. It’s light enough to hold in your mouth for long periods of time without tiring the jaw. It’s a nice, sweet smoker.

    Doing business with MM is also a pleasure. They are obviously concerned with keeping customers happy. They know how to treat a fellow. Ordering, receiving and smoking MM pipes is not just something that happens; it’s an occasion. The fact that their pipes are priced so that everyone can have a nice pipe collection is another plus. I have not found any negatives with the company or their pipes.

  11. Dale


    I find this pipe a wonderful pipe for a short smoke when time is short and one must get back to work. As a homesteader I have lots to do so this is my day pipe and the Mark Twain is my evening pipe.

  12. J.D.

    Perfect little learner.

    I am new to the pipe smokers guild so take it for what it’s worth. I have recently purchased a bent legend and a pony express from a local cigarette store. I must say that even though the tabacco I can readily obtain is lacking to say the least (have “the good stuff”on order from P&C) , I really love my new friends especially my pony. It makes the smoke enjoyable due to duration of my work breaks and I love how it fits my more than average sized hand. MM has converted a cigarette smoker and have life long customer. No briars for this Ozark hillbilly.

  13. Triva (verified owner)

    Love it!

    Perfect for short smokes especially since the weather is getting colder and I’m not spending as much time outside. Good for the commute from the train station to home.

  14. matthew

    i find it being a favorite

    I was surprised by this pipe because I usually prefer the larger pipes like the country gentleman. however, I usually don’t have an hour to spend smoking, so I find myself reaching for this fun little pipe more often than not. it smokes nicely and just takes a pinch to fill it. takes the time of a cigarette break but so much better. if those cigarette smokers only knew what they could have instead!

  15. Michael (verified owner)

    Great Pipe & Price

    Do not let price fool you…. I have a grand collection of briar pipes.. that now sit most bemused over my continued use of my MM pipes. I picked this one up a few weeks ago and just love it. The break in period only take a bowl or two and wow… does this let the flavor of the tobacco come forward. So for those of you who are English Tobacco Briar Only smokes.. I say… order a few of the different MM pipes…. go hide out in the backyard and after a few smokes I promise you will be hooked on these pipes.

  16. AK47


    Great litte pipe “Pony Express” I plan on keeping it in my tackle box for those late nights out catfishing!!!

  17. Jerry B-P Riggs

    My first and favorable impression of pipe smoking and cob pipes especially.

    I’d always wondered what it was pipe smokers enjoyed that the rest of us were missing. You’d look at them with their favorite pipe clenched between their teeth and it seemed they were calmer and more thoughtful. Any wonder that the pipe smoker has been a subject of interest to so many artists, and so ubiquitous a presence in depictions of hearth, home, grandpas with their grandkids, a day of fishing or an evening by the campfire, and so much more.
    Well, I decided I’d try it for myself, and just in case it didn’t work out, I chose a pipe that wouldn’t cost very much. So I bought a Missouri Meerschaum Pony Express and a pouch of burley tobacco. Turned out to be the best investment I ever made. Eventually I graduated to many, and much more expensive, briar pipes. But none of them could equal my original enjoyment in the simple indulgence of that corn cob pipe, for cool smoking, good flavor, and an easy draw, not to mention affordability. I have racks of briars now that I have not used for many a year, and a whole passel of corn cob pipes of all sizes which are in regular use, lying at my elbow beside where I sit, waiting their turn…and amid them there lies that little Pony Express pipe that started it all

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