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The Wizard Cobbit Corn Cob Pipe from Missouri Meerschaum is the largest in our Cobbit Collection of churchwarden style pipes. It features a unique, deep bowl that will hold enough leaf for a long, relaxing, and thoughtful smoke befitting a wizard.

Like all pipes in the Cobbit Collection, the bowl has a dark stain added to the coating, a genuine, hardwood insert in the bottom, and an acrylic bit.

The Wizard is a pipe designed to be smoked while sitting by the fire and contemplating the magic in your life!

See Product Description below for more details.

Due to the nature of the corn cobs themselves, you may notice some chipping on the top edge of your pipe. This is perfectly normal and won’t in any way affect the way your pipe smokes. The chips only add to the charm and character of your corn cob pipe. Enjoy!

Out of stock


Bent only


  Approximate Dimensions

     Length:   10 in / 279.4 mm

     Bowl Height:   2.875 in / 73.03 mm

     Chamber Diameter:   .825 in / 20.955 mm

     Chamber Depth:   2 in / 50.8 mm

32 reviews for Wizard Cobbit Corn Cob Pipe

  1. paramedic3219

    Also, I just ordered the newly released MMC Elite Tempation pipe. I’ll be circling the mail box like a buzzard until it shows up! 🤣

  2. paramedic3219

    I have to be honest. I have this pipe and 5 other MM’s. This smokes very similar to my Savinelli Clark’s Favorite. I love it. A few years back when I expanded from cigars to pipes, I didn’t know anything about cobs. I’d seen some in convenience stores for just a few bucks. I really thought that they were just a cheap gimmick to either save money, or for people who just liked the sorta primitive look. After I bought this first one, it was on. I was so wrong. They are now about 25 percent of my collection. The first tobacco I tried in my long stem MM, was Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fired. What a combination! I do have some beautiful briars, but MM has earned their spot right next to them in the rack! I’m probably preaching to the wrong group here, you all know what I’m saying. One last thing I’ve noticed about my MM’s, is the perfect stem fit. I like most all the MM’s, but favor the mini churchwardens if you will. Great job folks, keep up the good work!!!

  3. The TCA sucks! (verified owner)

    I’ve got two of these pipes, and they are completely bad@$$! This is the perfect campfire pipe. The bowl feels great in the hand, the churchwarden stem is awesome, and it provides a long, satisfying smoke.

  4. Chad Bloomfield

    I lived within 20 minutes of their factory for 22 years and actually drove past there for 7 years for work, but never heard of them until I bought a bottle of whiskey with one of their pipes attached. Loved it. Went to their factory today and bought this pipe. Love it. Long smoke, nice heavy feel. Still breaking it in, but I know this will be my new regular pipe. (I own 3 other MM pipes, too. Can’t go wrong with any of them.)

  5. Steve Wallace

    It may be just me but it’s too big. It’s a nice ornamental pipe. The pipe depth, when packed as per a normal pipe load is too deep. The smoke tends to be wet and certainly there’s resinous burbling. The stem material is nice but doesn’t allow for a filter. The bowl is heavy. It can be held comfortably for a time but I tend to want to hold it. It burns hotter than my Missouri Pride. Maybe because of the depth and overall size. The middle of the bowl heats up quite a bit. Have to set it down. It certainly is a job to finish a full bowl and at times not the most pleasant at times. I really enjoy my meerschaum billiard churchwarden so i’ll probably try the cobbit Shire next.

  6. Michael (verified owner)

    Great Pipe

    A wonderful Pipe for a looong and enjoyable smoke. Feels really great in the Hand and looks just fantastic. Top notch Quality, fast delivery (3 days to Texas) and fabulous smoking qualities. Can’t be happier. Thank you Missouri Meerschaum, won’t be my last order!

  7. Mikk (verified owner)

    A Wizard is never late.

    So, cuz of the inept Hungarian tax /postal service, for my pipe, it took 1 month to get here. But as you say A Wizzard(pipe) is never late. ;) I have to say it is awesome. Great smoke. Huge bowl. I hope it’ll last long.

  8. RocketCityWalt

    My favorite Pipe.

    Smokes cool and feels great in the hand. A real joy!

  9. Kevin (verified owner)

    It’s HUUGE!!

    I opened the box, pulled it out, and the wife said…”you got to be kidding me?” I just laughed and said “nope”. She just shook her head. I love it. It’s a very large, nice looking pipe. Will have to wait some for it to warm up before I fire it up, but I’m sure it’s going to be fantastic.

  10. Klaatu

    Sweet pipe

    So glad I purchased this work of art. It smokes like a dream!

  11. Klaatu

    Outstanding pipe

    I love this pipe! It was shipped immediately and arrived safe and sound. I can see this becoming my favorite.

  12. Rs2518


    Ok so I’m probably gonna sound like I work for MM within review but this pipe is a diamond in the rough. It’s amazing it really is. EVERYTHING smoked better in this pipe. EVERYTHING tastes better in this pipe. I bought this pipe purely because I wanted to try a church warden and by measurement it was the longest one. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a “good one” so I figured I’d try this bad boy. When I received it I was like what the hell is this thing. I had no idea how big the bowl was and honestly I thought it looked a little rediculous especially compared to my 200$ briars. Now let me tell you I packed this thing and smoked it and was in heaven. No joke. It really is that good of a pipe. I don’t know if it’s the cone shape, the super deep bowl, the long stem or the fact it’s made of a cob. No idea. All I know is it’s amazing. I never write reviews but I actually came on here to order 7 more and figured I owed it to MM to write how good of a job they did with this one. It really is perfect. The only negatives are that in all honesty I probably will never smoke another pipe and have probably 1500 invested in quality briars and the other is that if you love clenching your pipes then this isn’t for you. But if you want the most amazing smoke of your life for about an hour and your willing to hold it you will not regret this purchase. Trust me. Fantastic job MM.

  13. Gandalf


    A superb pipe of remarkable quality. Most excellent for pipe weed.

  14. Chairman1771 (verified owner)


    The pictures on web site don’t do this pipe justice… It’s perfect for those long raining days sitting out on the porch reading a book…

  15. Ukie


    Always wanted this awesome pipe

  16. TerryB

    Amazing, stunning work of art!

    Wizard is a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship that is a pleasure to smoke. After a couple of bowls you get the true taste of the tobacco, it seasons very quickly.

    The bowl is ginormous, holds enough for at least an hour long smoke. Takes me a couple of “kick starts” but once it gets hooked up it chugs along like a locomotive and gives a very smooth, satisfying time of relaxation. I’ve been enjoying a Jamaican Rum from Stag Tobacconist here in Phoenix and it is awesome.

    Get yourself one for your collection, truly a great pipe at a great price.

  17. Joshua (verified owner)


    What can I say other than this pipe kicks major ass. I’ve had it for a few weeks now & it has easily become my favorite pipe. Delivers a cool long smoke, plus it’s just an amazing looking pipe. I’m new to pipe smoking but I can’t see paying a ton of money for a pipe. I’m not into an expensive pipe, I can’t afford it & these cobb pipes fit my price range. That being said they are by no means cheaply made! All I can say is they are damn good pipes at a damn good price. They have made me a lifelong customer for sure!

  18. Ironworker Jeff (verified owner)

    awesome pipe

    wow this pipe is just awesome. Look here if you are wanting to slow down and kick back after a hard weeks work then this pipe is the one to grab and fill with your favorite leaf. But be warn the wizard will take your mind,body & soul to that place of comfort & relaxation that you are seeking. May the Cob Gods always bless your leaf & the cobs you smoke your leaf in.

  19. Eroc

    Wizard cobbit pipe

    Just got it, awesome weight and size…get it, you will not be disappointed

  20. BigSip

    Beautiful pipe! Smokes amazingly well!

    My wife got me this sweet smoker for Valentines Day. It looks great, smokes great, and you can’t beat the price! I recommend this pipe for veterans and new pipe smokers alike.

  21. Jonathan

    Long time comin’…

    This is a late review as I have had this pipe almost a year now. It still smokes just as good as the day I got it. As others have said, it’s bowl is huge so be ready for that. I smoke rather slow and I get a little better than an hour out of it. It is also a gorgeous piece of workmanship. I use it as my “Saturday night pipe” and it is perfect.
    As always, excellent service from MM when I ordered too.

  22. Eric (verified owner)

    Awesome pipe even better customer service!

    I recently ordered my wizard cobbit pipe and after about 4 bowls I noticed a small crack in the shank. I contacted MM via email and attached a picture. They are sending me a new one with no questions asked. I am gonna be a lifetime customer! Thanks again Marilyn for helping me out.

  23. Jeffrey/ Ozarkhillbilly71

    Love the look and feel of this pipe.

    This incredible pipe is one I bring out when I want a longer smoke than my Generals. Absolutely cool smoking and cool looking to boot. Be prepared and have a long pipe cleaner as it does take to gurgle a bit here and there. It doesn’t bother me a bit as I think it’s all apart of the smoking experience of any churchwardens I’ve had. A pleasure for sure.

  24. John (verified owner)

    A Cool long smoking warden

    Well MM did it again, They found a way to take the enjoyment of smoking flake to another leval. Wow I loaded this pipe up with some PSLNF, grabed a glass of water and lemon. Then sat back and enjoyed this bowl for an hour. I thought the Elf and the Shire were long smokes at 45min each the wizzard beat them out. Good smoke, good feel, good looking this pipe would be approved by Merlin and Gandalf.

  25. Benzeel (verified owner)

    Cool pipe!

    I really like this pipe! Looks cool and smokes great as do all MM corn cob pipes. Stem fits well but seems a little cheap. It would be great if it came with an amber colored stem. A filtered stem would be nice too. All in all another great pipe from this great American company!

  26. Justin (verified owner)

    Rustic Dignity

    This pipe is the second largest pipe that I have ever seen; only the MacArthur Classic is bigger. This pipe will provide almost an hour’s worth of smoking. I just put in some Burley mixture that I had and started smoking. Most corn cob pipes do not need a break-in period. The feel and the look of the bowl remind me a lot of the Country Gentleman style. However, the bowl is much more narrow and deep. While smoking there was very little wood taste that one associates with a new cob. In fact, the aroma of the smoke seemed to have more of the wood essence than the taste of the smoke itself. The bowl seems to big and far away for clinching in the teeth. I just held it in one hand or the other. The walls of the pipe are pretty think and only get hot towards the end. Also, the stem seems a little loose, but it tightened while the smoke was in progress. The smoke stays cool throughout and the ash just falls out with a good knock. The Wizard really does capture the dignity of a sage and the rustic feel of smoking in the woods.

  27. Jason (verified owner)

    My new favorite pipe.

    The Wizard is an awesome pipe. Very easy to smoke and the size of the bowl/stem is perfect. I only smoke MM pipes and this is my new favorite. Smoking out of a large churchwarden adds a feeling of relaxation and quiet dignity to the experience. I currently own three MM pipes (large, medium, and small size) and the Wizard is tough to beat for relaxing around the grill or hanging out in my garage. All the MM pipes I’ve had were a great smokers, but the “high end” cobs are in a class by themselves. If anyone out there enjoys the $6 MM cob they bought at their local tobacco store; give one of the $15 to $20 MM cobs a try. You will not be disappointed.

  28. George (verified owner)

    Excellent Churchwarden!

    With a long Vulcanite stem, a large (yet not outrageous like MacArthur), the cool smoking effect from the corn cob, and a good price, this is effectively the best Churchwarden. As I have ordered the other Cobbits, I will try those out too sometimes. Great job, MM!

  29. Thomas (verified owner)

    Well worth the wait!

    I always wondered why MM didn’t make a churchwarden but now that the wait is over it was well worth it. This pipe is in a word, Epic. Great job MM, THANKS!

  30. Brandon

    Fantastic pipe!

    This is truly a great pipe for those who enjoy churchwardens. Gandalf would be proud. The cob feels of good, solid quality and fits nicely in hand. The stem is also of good quality and a quick email response from Marilyn let me know that the Wizard churchwarden bit will fit any of their filtered pipes!
    I look forward to ordering another pipe from the Cobbit line.

  31. GCeaser (verified owner)

    Just what I needed

    I picked up one of these as soon as it was available. I have many briar churchwardens and enjoy them, but this pipe is already moving into my top 3 churchwardens. Great construction, nice large bowl and it smokes “like a champ”. I’ve already placed another order so I can gift one to my son who is new to the pipe smoking game. Don’t wait, BUY ONE!!!

  32. Stephen (verified owner)

    This is a great pipe

    First, this pipe is huge, and I love huge pipes. It feels solid and I hope it will last for years. I love the lucite stem. ( The stem is actually vulcanite.) It feels much better than the standard stems that are used on lesser cobs. The pipe is very well made and I can see no flaws in it at all. I may have to order the other pipes in the Cobbit series.

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