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The Legend Corn Cob Pipe from Missouri Meerschaum is the most popular pipe for the price in our series of mid-sized, filtered pipes, with a medium-sized bowl and coating that gives it a soft yellow color.

Available in three bowl shapes: 5th Avenue, Rob Roy, and Flat.

Each bowl shape comes with an amber-colored bent or straight bit as shown. (Bent bit not available with Flat bowl.)

Due to the nature of the corn cobs themselves, you may notice some chipping on the top edge of your pipe. This is perfectly normal and won’t in any way affect the way your pipe smokes. The chips only add to the charm and character of your corn cob pipe. Enjoy!

See Product Description below for more details.


Available with a Bent or Straight Bit as Shown with Bowl Shapes

Bowl Shapes: 5th Avenue, Rob Roy, or Flat

6 mm Filter

Approximate Dimensions

Straight Length:  6 in / 152.4 mm

Bent Length:  5.75 in / 146.05 mm

Bowl Height:  1.75 in / 44.45 mm

Chamber Diameter:  .75 in / 19.05 mm

Chamber Depth:  1.25 in / 31.75 mm

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60 reviews for Legend Corn Cob Pipe

  1. Jonathan Houser

    Awesome pipe, a true legend.

    I’ve traded out all my pipes for filtered cobs, the Legend being one of them. Can’t beat them for the money and smoking experience. I’m using the 6mm charcoal filters and never get tongue bite. The filters clean up the smoke and make it more enjoyable for me.

  2. nick4tseven

    I found a rob roy with a straight piece at a shop in my town, and its a great smoke.
    Has a great tactile feel in hand.
    The shape in perfect.
    Gives me a nice, sweet 20 minute+ smoke on my current blend.
    When it gets a bit hot, you feel it in hand, not uncomfortably, but in a way thats a subtly warning to take things easy, thanks to the responsiveness of the material.
    Wonderful for a beginner like myself.

    Smokes nice and dry, the bit cleans easy, and it takes filters if you like them.

    Missouri DOES have THE BEST

  3. Richard Baker (verified owner)

    Prefer the straight bit Legend 5th Avenue which is one tough indestructible pipe. Smokes well and have been using these for many a year. Regardless of which tobacco smoked it gives me a pleasurable experience, plus their Customer Service is top-notch.

  4. Daníel Vilhjálmsson (verified owner)

    The MM Legend straight, “Flat” is my third corn cob pipe. And this has the best smoking capabilities so far. I have a Dagner poker and a (or actually two) Missouri Pride, and the latter is an excellent smoker but none are as good as the Legend. This pipe is even lighter than the Pride, and it provides a really dry, cool smoke. I was really surprised and impressed by the first few puffs, this is really a high-end quality pipe at an unbeatable price. My biggest issue with the Pride has always been its aesthetics, but the slightly coloured and (almost) smooth-surfaced Legend with the amber stem looks good and it’s a good feeling in the hand. And that amber stem is much harder, stronger than the black one, so I’m really happy about it. The flat bottom of the bowl makes it a stable sitter, it’s really easy to handle this pipe. After my previous experience with the Dagner Poker I thought that the Legend will heat up the same way because it’s also filled with plaster of paris but in the end, during the smoke it remained as cool as the Pride. So far, one of my best pipes in my collection – this is on par with my Dunhills, and those cost 100 times more… Don’t go further if you want a cheap, yet well-engineered, good quality pipe without spending the price of a long weekend vacation on it. I was really sceptical about corn cobs some years ago and I started to like the Pride but Legend convinced me finally. The name is not a coincidence and I’m pretty sure that some more will come soon to my collection.
    MM, please never change anything on this pipe, it’s not possible make a better smoking instrument out of a corn cob than this. 5/5, obviously.

  5. CobbyTheElf

    I bought a 5th Ave. bent in a local shop, and its hard to say anything that hasn’t already been covered many times before. This pipe is fantastic. Just bigger than the Mizzou and that family of barrel-bowled pipes (Pony Express, Huck Finn, etc.), the Legend offers a slightly longer smoke time. The larger diameter of the the stem means more draw (the only reason it bit me, I was used to the Mizzou’s draw). The cob itself offers a unique enhancement to the smoke flavour as well, for all these reasons, I will not stop suggesting MM pipes to everyone I know that smokes. I eagerly await a time when I can add a third cob.

  6. yuichi suto (verified owner)

    Functionality, value for money, weight, idyllic, simple and beautiful style. What more is there to say? English blends, Vir/Per blends, single blends… No matter what you love, the Legend Corn Cob will always be a legend. It’s definitely a pipe, a beautiful tool that smoothly exhales the smoke you desire.

  7. Pipeweed Dan

    Truly deserving of its name

    I have had this pipe for more than a decade, and beat the brakes off it for most of that time. It’s been dropped, thrown, bashed, left out in winter…….even smoked it in a storm once. This pipe just takes it! I originally bought this as a “truck pipe”…….due to its price I would smoke and beat it til the bowl collapsed. Have yet to see that day come. This thing got used, abused and neglected for years…….hell, I went 7 without even cleaning the damn thing, and it’s still on my rack as one of best and most reliable pipes ever! It has witnessed many a pipe……briar, knock off cobs and even a few lesser meerschaums come and go, yet it remains. I have no doubt that in another 10 years I’ll still get a smooth, dry, enjoyable 45 minute smoke from this pipe. It’s not just “A” legend……..its literally “THE LEGEND”!

  8. Dan

    Excellent in Every Way

    The Rob Roy combined with a Forever Stem provides one of the best smoking experiences among the plethora of pipes in my rotation. MM’s quality and smokability are simply outstanding! I absolutely love all of my cobs from MM. I frequently choose them over my briars.

  9. Seabhac

    Excellent Value!

    Thank you MM for AWESOME VALUE! Smokes cool & dry; available everywhere, high quality, incredible value. Please never change. I can rarely afford a real meershaum. Reader: DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER! This pipe and MM in general is AWESOME!

  10. Cobby McPipe

    Best pipe made by anyone, anywhere, ever.

    I’ve been a pipe smoker for 20 years. I bought my first cob (the Legend) on a whim from a Walgreens a few months back. I now have around 15 Missouri Meerschaum legends and a Country Gentleman that have become my “rotation”. I haven’t touched any of my briars since. The Legend is the best pipe made by anyone anywhere. Once you smoke one, you won’t be happy with anything else.

  11. cobbsmoker

    The Legendary “Legend Corn Cob Pipe”

    First and foremost, “Happy 150th Anniversary”. I bought my first corn cob pipe aboard ship after joining the Navy in 1975 and I’ve been smoking them ever since and thought it time I leave a review. I have smoked a variety of Missouri Meerschaum pipes over the years and enjoyed them all, but the Legend is my hands down favorite cob. It just works for me, always a cool, dry, sweet smoke, They are light and easy to clench and with minimum care last for years and one of the best values in pipe smoking today.

    I also feel honored to have been able to smoke Missouri Meerschaum cobs for the past 42 of those 150 years of Missouri Meerschaum. If you’re a new smoker contemplating trying a cob you will not be disappointed and I highly recommend them. As a side note, I’ve had briar pipes come and go over the years, but my cobs are forever.

  12. Mr Peppers

    3 years and smokin’

    Have had the same one about 3 years. Original amber bit. The heat from smoking warped the bit and this evening was able to bend it back and make the tenon fit snugly in the shank with some hot water. I’m glad I was able to salvage the beautiful now dark amber almost black bit. Corn cobs can be and are excellent high mileage pipes that only get better with age!

  13. Buckeye Codger

    Fantastic value

    I have a modest pipe collection of briar, Missouri Meerschaum cobs and hardwood pipes. As much as I enjoy smoking my briars, I find myself reaching for my cob pipes, especially one of my three Legend cobs on a regular basis. They’re just great values, smoke well and remind meof simpler times. Thank you Missouri Meerschaum and congratulations on 150 years of quality.

  14. Piper

    Corn cobs

    Corn cob pipes makes every blend taste like
    It should! And the legend is a true fun smoker
    Everybody needs a corn cob in his collection.

  15. Ricky


    I got a straight ad bent bit ended up i kept the bent and my old man (i rent some land from him) got the straight one and we now smoke together each night. Super clean smoking even if used unfiltered will be ordering more cobs and sold all my briars

  16. steve_z1

    Cobs are less fussy!

    Cobs are just less fussy! Period! I think too many get hung up on the price of cobs and think “they can’t be as good as briars!” Well, they are and better!

  17. Mike G

    A classic

    Honestly, this is my go to pipe. Its an amazing smoker, beautiful and the price is unbeatable

  18. Thomas


    Bought this on a whim as my $$$ briarwood pipes all need an overhaul or repairs. I had one of these decades ago and forgot. Feels good in the hand and smokes nice and smooth. You cannot beat it for the price!

  19. whiskysipper

    fantastic pipe

    when is pipe smokers start out we are always told don’t buy cheap.
    Missouri meerschaum is the exception the rule.
    fantastic pipes for the coin, perfect for the times when we want no frills and a good smoke.
    I still have my very first cob when I started ten years ago, was my very first pipe and still smokes as good now as it did then.


  20. Joshua (verified owner)

    New to pipe smoking

    This pipe is cheap but smoked oh so well. I’m just starting out pipe smoking but this pipe was all I asked for & more.

  21. Favorite

    My favorite pipe

    I bought my first one at 18yo i will always have one of these as my “go to” pipe

  22. Tom (verified owner)

    My first corncob pipe.

    Wayyy back in 1997…
    In a galaxy far far away…
    My first pipe was a straight bit legend.
    It also became 1 of my favorites.
    It still is to this day.
    I also highly recomend the bent bit legend.

  23. BigBaby (verified owner)

    The Best Ever

    This pipe makes the tobacco taste even better than I thought possible. It’s so good I’d pay double for it if I had too. However, please don’t raise the price. LOL

  24. Rebel smoker

    My go to pipe

    I had a friend pick one up for me and this pipe smoked so good I went and bought another one. This smokes better than my briar pipe!!!!

  25. Blazinweedies

    I love my Rob Roy!

    I did not get it online. Found it at a local store and now I can’t find any! Since I picked it up after leaving it for a few years… It’s smokes even better!! Such wonderful aroma!

  26. Jerry

    Great smoke

    Awsome pipe. When my cigar gets short i put it in pipe to finish it down to the end

  27. hinterland smoker

    great smoking experience

    I smoked briars exclusively until recently. My first cob experience was with a Legend a few days ago. I’ve smoked it almost exclusively since. Cool dry smoke every time. Wow!! I have 3 other MM pipes on the way! Can’t wait.

  28. Scott

    My first pipe

    I read a lot of good comments about The Legend and wanted to try it. The shipping was quick and customer service is great. This was my first pipe purchase ever and I do not regret it. I will only purchase from Missouri Meerschaum for all of my pipes. Thank you for a great pipe.

  29. Ryan

    Available everywhere!

    I bought one of these years ago, when I first tried pipe smoking. They are available in many drug stores, gas stations and smoke shops around my area, for about the same price. You get a solid good smoking pipe for very little money, and if you lose a pipe or need a pipe while traveling, they are easy to find.

    The classic MM cob, for good reason. I don’t have one anymore, but I expect my grab bag of seconds will have at least one!

  30. WV Cobb Smoker

    Appropriately Named

    This is a pipe that every pipe Smoker should own. This is a regular smoker, and a pipe that I have gifted several times. If one needs an example of MM’s legendary quality and consistency, they need to look no further than this pipe. I shall smoke this legendary and classic pipe as long as they make it.

  31. Robert

    Rob Roy pipe bent filter

    I’ve been smoking a pipe for 53 years & at 71 I still favor my corn cob pipes so I ordered the Rob Roy & it’s a nice smoke still just as my others are but a guy like it when he can get a new one now & then. My grandmother smoke a corn cob I remember in Kentucky were I grew up she lived in Wallins Creek Ky in Harlen County were they call it Bloody Harlen. I’ve smoke lots of expensive Briar pipes from all over the world but their is nothing like a good old Corn Cob pipe it’s a cool smoke every time & I got some that are 25 years old & more that I still smoke but tonight I get to treat myself to a new corn cob & it smokes just as good the first time as the last. No break in just a nice smoke right out of the box.

  32. Robert (verified owner)

    Rob Roy pipe bent filter

    I’ve been smoking a pipe for 53 years & at 71 I still favor my corn cob pipes so I ordered the Rob Roy & it’s a nice smoke still just as my others are but a guy like it when he can get a new one now & then. My grandmother smoke a corn cob I remember in Kentucky were I grew up she lived in Wallins Creek Ky in Harlen County were they call it Bloody Harlen. I’ve smoke lots of expensive Briar pipes from all over the world but their is nothing like a good old Corn Cob pipe it’s a cool smoke every time & I got some that are 25 years old & more that I still smoke but tonight I get to treat myself to a new corn cob & it smokes just as good the first time as the last. No break in just a nice smoke right out of the box.

  33. Sparky


    This is it, the workhorse pipe that delivers more smoking experience for the money than anything else out there. Reliable, cheap, and durable. Not many reasons not to own at least one.

  34. Dr Svend Salha A.K.A Dr Buddha Boobs

    A wonderful introduction into the world of Corn Cobs.

    I call mine the tester, it’s versatile and easy to smoke.

  35. Rick

    First Pipe, Favorite Pipe

    This pipe smokes very well. This was my first pipe and is my favorite pipe. The more I use it the better it smokes. Love MM pipes.

  36. steven (verified owner)

    first time user

    this is my first pipe at mm and will not be my last

  37. Tom Horn

    Takes a Tokin’, and Keeps on Smokin’

    5th Avenue, bent ‘Legend’: As relaxing and enjoyable as a Missouri Boat Ride. No, not the one the Outlaw Josey Wales would be providing you. Perhaps, one on a stern paddle-wheel steamer, on a Sunday afternoon excursion down the Mississippi. While your thoroughbred briars are leisurely resting in their stalls, awaiting their rotation, these Missouri Clydesdales will be haulin’ the load, day in, day out. It don’t care how often you smoke it, it’s ready. This is an American icon for good reason. Smokes cool and comfortable every time. One of the most comfortable pipe bits out there. The amber bent bit, and teeth go together like, “peas ‘n’ carrots, as Forest Gump would say. As relaxing and pleasurable as watching your brother-in-law white-wash your picket fence.

  38. Pacific_Pipesmoker

    This was my first Missouri Meerschaum

    This was my first Missouri Meerschaum pipe, and it will not be my last. I enjoy this pipe I have been smoking Briars forever and thought of buying this just for camping. Nope I am now a solid fan of Missouri Meerschaums and don’t think I will go back to Briars I get a great quality of smoke from this pipe and all the others I own. Great to own an American made pipe of great quality.

  39. Andrei (verified owner)

    Great pipe!

    Very good pipe for flake with 5th Avenue bowl. Medium and straight chamber. Good of pipe weight and good balance with straight stem. Great pipe, great quality, great price. This is Legend Corn Cob Pipe! I changed original amber stem by Danish amber straight stem with 6mm charcoal filter, it is great!

  40. Paul

    Great Pipe

    I smoked a pipe for years when I was young, then I gave up smoking totally. About 5 years ago I started smoking again, cigars and cigarettes. About 2 months ago I started back on pipes. I picked up a few estate pipes and restored them to smokable condition and started enjoying a pipe once again. Last week I was in my local Wallgreens and saw a MM Legend sitting behind the counter. For the price I thought what the heck, I’ll give it a try. I haven’t picked up one of my briars since. I have a Country Gentleman and a legend stem on order along with some straight Danish stems for my legend (I don’t really like the amber standard plastic stems). This is an amazing pipe for the money. I’ll be buying more of them in the future. If you’re reading these MM, please start making straight Legend stems.

  41. Kenneth (verified owner)

    Love it

    Great pipe…actually smoking it now with the rob Roy style bowl….really one of my favorites

  42. JD

    Great smoking rotation pipes.

    I currently have four Legends.I really can’t say any more than whats been said already about these here pipes. All I own are Missouri Meerschaums for a reason, eight with four more on the way, because all of them are awesome. I love the Legends because they smoke great, look great and are a pleasure to smoke in rotation to rest my Country Gent and General.(favorites) Can’t wait to own all of them. Good smoking my friends.

  43. Jason

    Great introduction to MM cobs.

    This was my first MM cob pipe and it’s still going strong. A good mid size pipe to throw in the saddle bag of your bike before hitting the road.

  44. Bill (verified owner)


    I’ve had many of these over the years and never had one burn out or go bad in any way on me. Most have been lost or given away to a friend in need, and a malicious ex of ten years who liked to “misplace” my stuff and claim no knowledge about it (even after asking “How come my pipe/pocketknife/book I was reading/favorite cup, accidentally fell into the bottom of the trash while I was at work?”).
    Replacing these in case you need to is no hardship like replacing a +$30.00 pipe is, so you don’t have to treat them as fragile treasures.
    It’s a solid pipe.

  45. Dimi

    Still learning it!

    Howdy everybody!

    I picked one up the local store because I like smoking but just had to quit cigarettes and cigars. I was drawn to this pipe by the attractive price and the fact I couldn’t believe this thing is made out of a corn cob, but it is and it’s actually working fine. However, I have to admit I am so new to pipe smoking it is embarrassing.

    I was wondering if any of you gentlemen here could spare a moment and give me some pointers, a few beginners tips, how to avoid common mistakes, etc.

    Here’s my Qs:

    1. Is there a proper way to “break in” a new CC pipe and what is it?

    2. How/how much do you fill the bowl, how much fire does it need to get it started, is it OK to relight -say- every 2-3 minutes?

    3. How/how often do you clean it and how/with what?

    4. I will need to (eventually) replace the amber bit. Will either the Danish of the Regular (bent) bit fit mine?

    5. How often does the Medico filter needs replacement. After about 5 uses, mine is already burned on the side closer to the bowl. Is this normal? What are the pros/cons of using the pipe with the filter removed?

    Thank you so much for your time and your feedback!

  46. Thomas (verified owner)

    Nice Medium sized pipe

    A legend was my first pipe years ago, and since I added alot of briars and bigger MM cobs to my colection. When you just don’t have time to relax with a Freehand or Country gentleman a Legend is the cob I reach for. Always a cool smoking experience. I do put the Danish stems on all my filtered cobs for more comfort. Thanks MM!

  47. Tian-Hsin

    A real good company! It should be recommended to every smoking guys.

    I’m most appreciated by its light weight. Hanging it in my jaw is so easy. Cool, dry and smooth, is the excellent smoking experience. It should be recommended to every smoking guys.

  48. woodgoblin


    So far I have two of these. Both have the 5th Avenue bowl. One straight stem; the other bent. In my opinion the bent stem is sexier. I got both from the local tobacconist. Both of them came with loose fitting stems. A wrap or two of Scotch tape around the tenon tightened things up. These pipes are workhorses. I use them all day long. Would I buy another one? You betcha! I’m sold on cobs.

  49. benzeel

    Freaking amazing pipe!

    I just bought a Legend at a local Rite Aid. After the first time smoking it I am now hooked on corn cob pipes! It smokes great! Love the way it looks and it holds a nice amount of tobacco. It also seems I don’t have to light it as often as some of my other pipes. I am now a fan of MM corn cob pipes for life! I’m going to order a lot of the other styles. It’s also nice that something is still made in this great country of ours! May MM Co. last forever!

  50. Rich

    Great taste and value!

    While not an avid smoker(a cigarette at a bar or a cigarillo or hookah session at home every now and then) I enjoy various forms of tobacco moderately. This inexpensive pipe I saw at my local Walgreens peaked my interest and my girlfriend got it for me with some Golden Burley. What an experience! Smooth and woody/natural flavors, no bite, a very clean and dry smoke that knocks cigarettes and cigars out of the question. The satisfaction is on par with the hookah and is much less maintenance, space, and process. There’s a reason this pipe has stood the test of time. It has to be one of the most enjoyable forms of tobacco use. This is a very high quality piece at a great value for an American product. Looking forward to trying some more from this fine Company.

  51. Damnsmoker

    An outstanding pipe

    Let me start by saying I am no expert, or pipe snob, but this is a great pipe. I picked one up at my local tobacconist since hearing so much about them. This is one good product and one that any beginning piper should buy. Cobs are easy to break in, inexpensive to replace if broken, and will last years. This pipe gives me the coolest, sweetest smoke of all my pipes and I love it. I can smoke a bowl, wait an hour and smoke another, and this pipe will keep the pace without having to rest like a briar would. Buy one guys, you will love it. Hoorah for AMerican products!

  52. NickDinTN

    Great cob!!

    Bought the Legend and a Country Gent when I ordered my tobaccos. Both pipes are excellent. The Legend has a good bowl size and is light and comfortable to hold in your mouth while working or just requiring your hands free. Missouri Meerschaums provide a cool and flavorful smoke at unbeatable prices. I plan on buying some Forever Stems, not a big fan of the cheap acrylic stems that come with the Legend. Everyone should have a MM in their collection. Support a legendary American business and reward your wallet and tastebuds!

  53. Triva

    Great pipes

    I own straight and bent Legends. These pipes are the best bang for the buck. They’re perfect for the pool deck, the boat, mowing the lawn (one for the front yard, one for the back yard, and one for relaxing after putting the mower away and admiring your work with an ice cold beer), morning pipe with good coffee, or evening smoke with a good single malt. I have converted friends who were briar only snobs into trying corn cobs. One bowl of their favorite tobacco and they became believers and now regularly smoke them. They’ve apologized for doubting me and their snide comments. My collection consists of 18 briars of varying styles and finishes and 18 cobs, including straight and bent Legends, Diplomat, MacArthurs, and even a couple of miniatures. They’re all in regular rotation.

  54. MLG


    just got mine a few days ago… im in love with it!!!

  55. matthew

    great pipe, great value

    this was my first of many cob pipes. there’s not much risk in trying one for six dollars, so I did. now I wish I would have found out about these a long time ago. like before I spent too much money on pipes that didn’t smoke nearly as well.

  56. Ruffinogold

    ” The ” Corn Cob Pipe

    When I think of a Corn Cob pipe , I think MM Legend ! I’m not sure how many I own , at least half a dozen , as I take these out and about in the woods / fishing as well as sitting on the porch . The amber color stem and the yellowed bowl are ” The ” Benchmark look of a Cob pipe . I smoke all my cobs with filters [ Washington , Legend and Country Gentleman ] . Try them with and without the filters

  57. Didier

    always great !

    I own several legend that I use from 4 years (I smoke in a clean pipe everyday) absolutely like my briar pipes.
    I went to a pipemaker and ordered ebonite stems, because my teeth go quickly into the plastic stems…
    This pipe is a must have for every pipe smoker !

  58. PL

    Another fantastic MM offering

    My first cob was a ‘Legend’ and it is a fantastic smoke. Had it for around a year and a half, so to everyone who says that cob’s don’t last, I’m calling you out. Proper care and a Cob can last years. The Legend is the same size as the Missouri Pride and Washington Pipes, which means a shorter smoke at around 15-20 minutes. I easily get twice that with my CG and other large sizes. However, the price is hard to beat, and the pipe has the excellent smoking qualities MM is renowned for. This pipe is filtered, and does NOT have a hardwood plug. In summary, this is a fantastic pipe and a great way to see if Cobs are right for you.

  59. puddin


    I have tried many other devices to smoke my special blend. But by far your pipe gives the bang for the buck. It is the only pipe that lets yhe natural flavor come out.

  60. AJ


    First of all, I’m a huge fan of various briars (Danish, Italian, Israeli, London..) and the beautiful natural taste you get from some of the restored broken in estates. Not to mention the coolness from an antique meerschaum is unlike anything else.

    However, during my time in Snob Land where I looked at cob smokers as just a cheap thrill I was unwilling to try one until I finally just said “all right…I’ll do it.” I cannot describe accurately the immediate experience I had from the first puff in my Legend. The smoke was cool, it naturally added a sweetness to my favorite tobacco, and that week I gave my briar to one of my best friends and sold my antique meerschaum….I AM CONVERTED!! It was absolutely amazing!! I’m not a proud owner of several MM’s and I’ll stay with them until the end of time as I keep trying new ones. You can never go wrong with these!!

    Thanks, MM, for a great product and providing such exceptional customer service!

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