Mark Twain Corn Cob Pipe


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The Mark Twain Corn Cob Pipe from Missouri Meerschaum features a Dublin-style bowl and is one of our series of large, premium pipes. As such, it holds enough tobacco for a smoke long enough to take the cares of the day away. This pipe has a genuine hardwood insert in the bottom of the bowl.

The Mark Twain Cob is part of our Hannibal Collection, which also includes the Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer, each sold separately.

Due to the nature of the corn cobs themselves, you may notice some chipping on the top edge of your pipe. This is perfectly normal and won’t in any way affect the way your pipe smokes. The chips only add to the charm and character of your corn cob pipe. Enjoy!

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Available in Both Straight and Bent Bits

Dublin-Style Bowl

6 mm Filter

Approximate Dimensions

Length:   5.75 in / 146.05 mm

Bowl Height:   2.125 in / 53.975 mm

Chamber Diameter:   .75 in / 19.05 mm

Chamber Depth:   1.625 in / 41.275 mm

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25 reviews for Mark Twain Corn Cob Pipe

  1. Joe Scully

    Excellent pipe and nice smoking one and if I have to discard some pipes but I doubt that will happen I rather keep this pipe with me. This one is one of the top 5 favorite corn cob pipes. Thanks

  2. Mark Beckert

    These pipes are my favorites for work. After lunch or on a break, the Twain’s smaller bowls provide a nice quick smoke that I look forward to every day. The shape of the bowls make for a snug grip and their thickness provides a cool touch. Great pipes! I love mine!

  3. jdcook13 (verified owner)

    I have several MM pipes including Charlestown & Emerald and they smoke great. However, I think the Mark Twain is the best cob I have ever smoked, probably one of the best pipes. I have two bent Mark Twains with forever stems & they’re amazing! If you are new to pipe smoking or want an inexpensive pipe that smokes as well as any briar this is the ONE!

  4. Zach

    I absolutely love the Mark Twain cob. I’ve smoked thousands of bowls through them, they just gain patina and keep on going. NO pipe has more character.

  5. iBurley

    I will say that my particular Mark Twain is hands-down the best example of drilling and shank placement of any of the cobs that I’ve tried. The bottom of the bowl is dead flat with no gaps on either side of it and the airway is perfectly centered and stretches across the entire bottom of the chamber. That said, it’s just not my favorite pipe. The tobacco chamber itself is also tapered just as the sides of the Dublin-shaped bowl are. This means that the bottom of the chamber is much more narrow than the top of the chamber, which makes it extremely easy to pack the very bottom of the bowl too tightly. My other issue that the sort of craggy edge around the rim of the bowl ends up really chewing through whatever cloth you decide to use to try and clean the rim.

  6. Appalachian Cobber


    The Mark Twain is an excellent pipe. The Dublin style bowl is well-shaped, fits nicely in the hand, and has thick walls. It’s holds a nice amount of tobacco and burns though Burleys and Virginias very well. This is my favorite shape. If you’re looking for a daily smoker, I highly recommend this one. My favorite Twain has been smoked often, and other than a nice, dark patina (as is natural) it smokes fabulously. You won’t be disappointed.

  7. Vincent (verified owner)

    Twain cob

    I have a large number of briar pipes some pretty expensive ones at that. I decided to try a corn cob Mark Twain and I am glad I did. It smokes just as good as any high price briar and you can’t beat the price, sturdy enough and easy to hang or hold. Using a savinelli balsa filter with it. Pack it with some of their country gentlemen tobacco it’s great.

  8. Pipeweed Dan

    A quality full size pipe

    Having owned the Marcus I decided to get it’s big brother for the longer burn time. Love it. Put a more attractive Danish stem on it and started smoking. Very thick walls keep it cool and it can go for an hour on its first smoke. Nice weight, very attractive conical shape and I love the lighter unstained finish. Hard to believe these pipes are so often overlooked by smokers.

  9. David

    Nice large chamber cob.

    Got one of these in a seconds grab bag. Stuck a bent danish bit in it and am loving it. The bowl is quite large but not crazy big like The General. The dublin style bowl fits great in the hand. This pipe has me thinking about buying a freehand due to its similar shape.

  10. John Folk (verified owner)

    Smokes great

    It smokes wonderfully without a single flaw. I was surprised with how much abuse it could handle, and it smokes quite cool. I can’t see myself smoking any other cob than a genuine Missouri Meerschaum.

  11. drjones013

    A Benchmark Pipe

    I’ve smoked pipes for well over a decade and MM had always been a pipe supplier I’ve been ‘aware’ of but hadn’t tried until I snapped a tenon while cleaning; that led me to the purchase of a Great Dane Spool in hardwood and MM in general.

    The Mark Twain is approximately the same chamber as the Great Dane and, for a first corn cob, convinced me to buy 2, then 7 more– they easily replaced the other pipes I had based on their ergonomics and balance; the weight of a corn cob compared to briar is usually lighter and lends itself to being ‘hung’ in the mouth versus constantly set down. Several years afterwards I now find myself smoking only corn cobs due to their durability and cool smoke. The Mark Twain’s bowl diameter accommodates my fingers while loading the pipe and the depth gives me the length of time to meander versus setting a timeframe in my head. I smoke out of the Mark Twain at home and Rob Roys at work; the Rob Roy has a similar diameter but less chamber depth.

    The feel of a Mark Twain in the hand is incredibly comfortable; the conical shape lends itself to being grasped and waved about while talking or gripped for warmth during a cold day. The thick walls give a sense of strength and, having dropped several of these pipes from about a yard or so onto concrete, can safely say the pipe can deal with the occasional accident or abuse. I prefer Savinelli balsa filters in mine because, as the occasional inhaler, I really don’t like the taste of ash in my mouth. Medico filters usually require replacement after two bowls whereas balsa filters seem to tolerate a few more; this is likely because the balsa is able to dry out easier without cellophane wrapped around it. A bent bit for the Mark Twain is, for me, an absolute necessity as it allows the pipe to comfortably dangle from the mouth; clenchers may find the straight is better for the opposite reason.

    The joy, however, of smoking a Mark Twain comes in the gradual ‘patina’ that builds over smoking bowl after bowl– your Mark Twain will change from a pale yellow to white into an amber and ochre beauty. No other pipe, including other MMs, have given me quite the same visual satisfaction of hours spent together; I have a few Rob Roys that are beginning to change color but they’re a bit shorter and haven’t been smoked as long. I left a particularly favorite Mark Twain in the rain and found it unsmokeable afterwards– while it was financially easy to replace (at less than a 1/10th of what I would have spent on a briar) I still find myself comparing its dark hues to other Mark Twain’s I own and miss it from time to time.

  12. Kin

    Great for new pipe smokers

    As a 4 day old smoker ( 05/03/19) this pipe is great for learning and getting the pipe smoking learning curve out the way. I ordered this pipe along with the Missouri pride and country gentlemen. Missouri pride blew out the first time I smoked it due to my naive pipe smoking experience and it’s natural bottom finish. This pipe, Mark Twain has a wooden plug at the bottom so it can take a little more heat. Which is helping me not blow out this one along with the country gentlemen.

  13. Clifton (verified owner)


    This was the second pipe I bought myself and the third I’ve owned. All were MM pipes. I was attracted to the large bowl. Was amazed at how thick the walls were and how cool it smoked. Got a lot of heft to it, which is comforting in the hand. A substantial pipe to erase the cares of the day. The only thing I can think to complain of is the top edge feels sharp in the hand. A light champher or a round-over and this pipe would be perfect.

  14. Bob C

    Great smoke every time!

    I am new to pipes and have a few briars. Picked up the Twain and I loved it so much I purchased more MM pipes. They are great quality, price, and affordable enough to buy for parties to introduce friends to pipe smoking.

  15. Adrian (verified owner)

    What a deal!

    In this day and age, it’s a rarity when you feel like you got what you paid for. It’s been forever and a day since I can say I got more than what I paid for. That’s exactly how I feel about this pipe.

    Having recently got into pipe smoking (after spending years with Cigars), I journeyed out into the world of pipes with high expectations.

    I live by the get what you paid for mantra. After spending upwards of $500 on single briarwood pipes of various make and models it boggles my mind that every single one of the Mark Twains’ I’ve ordered here equals them in smoking quality. In some cases it exceeds them.

    This should be 10 stars in Value. Thanks MM.

  16. RSteve

    Buy One and You’ll Want More

    I have many high grade pipes, having collected them over 50 years. About a year ago, while traveling, I lost my tobacco pouch and two fine pipes. I dropped in at a local cigar shop, where they had a tiny selection of pipe tobacco and a few Missouri Meerschaum cobs. I bought two cobs and some tobacco. It was a revelation. The cobs, after a short break-in, smoked cool and light. I began a search for a cob with a larger bowl and was thrilled to find the Mark Twain. I now have four. It’s a great pipe!

  17. Fc

    Great smoke

    I haven’t had this pipe for that long but I love it and it smokes great. I love the shape and weight of it and it fits perfectly in the hand. Like all my other MMs, this pipe is simply perfect.

  18. Ironworker Jeff (verified owner)

    cool smoking

    WOW gosh guys this pipe is one you wont put down once you start puffing. I mean look here it has thick walls, deep bowl & smokes very cool & dry. I love this pipe the shape of it is so cool plus the feel of it fits the hand like a well made glove, if you are looking for a darn good cob you wont go wrong with this one for sure. Cobs for ever,For ever cobs. cowboys in the sky

  19. Marytwain


    This pipe is amazing , as you can probably tell , I don’t smoke tobacco , I use this pipe for Maryjane (hence why I call it marytwain) and it is phenomenal no complaints here

  20. Wildcrow

    Wonderful as always

    I got mine when they were first released and there was an issue with the stem being very loose in the shank. I believe that has been rectified, but my 4 star on quality must stay until I buy a new one. By the looks of it, I’ve got this pipe for the rest of my life.
    I live and work on my small farm, so cobs are my sunlight smokers (due to the ease of replacement). However, be fooled not – they ARE NOT throw away pipes. If treated like any other pipe, it can handle tons of tobacco for many years. The Twain lives up to Missouri Meerschaum’s legacy. The conical bowl allows a weakening ember to engage all the tobacco in the chamber as you smoke at fast or slow pace.
    I’d like to see the pipe offered off the shelf with the sturdier Freehand Vulcanite Stem, but that’s a reach.
    This pipe is old world quality at an old world price point.

  21. Dr Svend Salha A.K.A Dr Buddha Boobs

    Yes, yes, a billion times yes.

    The Twain is MM’s crowning glory! Enough said.

  22. Antonio Norberto

    A genuine American smoker.Perfect

    I do not speak English, I only speak Spanish, I apologize, I use a translator.
    A year and a half ago, I smoke alone in corn cob pipes.
    Natural Virginias and Burley.
    I smoke in pipe more than 44 years ago.
    Unbeatable pipes of his.
    The pleasure is unique, nothing equal.
    Perfect smoked.Fresh, tasty and do not change them for any.
    Marvelous and sweet, smoking in them.
    Greetings from Argentina.
    Tony-Blender from TABACOS S.N.

  23. Louis (verified owner)


    Every time I use this pipe, I’m impressed by how much I enjoy this pipe. And the bent bit is so comfortable. It’s just a great smoker! All of your pipes smoke so well and they are so affordable with a price point from 3 to 30 something. I’m a fan.

  24. Diego (verified owner)


    I love the way, with the straight bit looks much better

  25. Dennis


    Another Outstanding and Excellent pipe from MM.The pipe is a fantastic smoker allowing me to taste the nuances of my favorite tobacco that I just don’t seem to pick up im my high end briars. Excellent workmanship a great value American made you can’t ask for anything more. try one for yourself you will not be disappointed Thanks MM for giving us these great cobs.

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