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The Shire Cobbit Corn Cob Pipe from Missouri Meerschaum is one of two mid-sized pipes in the Cobbit Collection of our churchwarden style pipes.

It has an acorn-shaped bowl that’s not only pleasing to behold, but pleasing when held in the palm of your hand. Like all pipes in the Cobbit Collection, the bowl has a dark stain added to the coating, a genuine, hardwood insert in the bottom, a wide nickel band on the shank, and an Italian acrylic bit.

The Shire is not flashy, just dependable and trustworthy, always there to help ease the cares of the day with a bowl of your favorite leaf.

The Shire is one of 3 Cobbit Collection churchwarden style pipes included in Missouri Meerschaum’s 3-Pipe Cobbit Collection Gift Set.

See the Product Description below for more details.

Due to the nature of the corn cobs themselves, you may notice some chipping on the top edge of your pipe. This is perfectly normal and won’t in any way affect the way your pipe smokes. The chips only add to the charm and character of your corn cob pipe. Enjoy!

14 in stock


Bent Only


Approximate Dimensions

Length:   7.5 in / 190.5 mm

Bowl Height:   1.875 in / 47.625 mm

Chamber Diameter:   .75 in/19.05 mm

Chamber Depth:   1.25 in/31.75 mm

23 reviews for Shire Cobbit Corn Cob Pipe

  1. Patrick Caddigan (verified owner)

    Not much of a smoker, but the odd occasion I do this one does the job great. Awesome prop as well.

  2. doug_morgan05 (verified owner)

    I could say a lot about this pipe. But to keep it short and simple, I’ll say this is the best pipe I’ve ever smoked. It is perfect.

  3. dburkhalter92

    Between this thing in the country gentlemen I’m all set, this pipe is definitely for when you’re sitting on the porch or at the end of the day not for when you are working hard
    This thing provides cool smoke with a nice comfortable draw, but in hindsight I wish I would have gone with the elf so that I could have set it down from time to time due to this thing having a pointed bottom

  4. Michael Minner

    Corn has never been so good

    This pipe was one of the first I ever bought specifically for myself. I am from Missouri and floored to find out about these pipes made in my backyard. Picked this up along with a grab bag of cobs. It is by far my favorite pipe in my collection now. I just dug back into my stash after 2 years and immediately prepared a bowl with some old tobacco.

    AMAZING smoke still after sitting unused for 2 years. Now i remember why I spent so much time in this hobby.

    My only regret is that they’re out of stock while writing this! I want to buy another!

  5. Robert

    Beautiful design

    I bought this pipe as I am exploring the niche of pipe smoking. It’s my sixth Missouri Meerschaum pipe and I’m glad to say that the quality is consistent! First off, I was having a hard time deciding between this and the dwarf. I wanted a smaller bowl for shorter smoke times, and ultimately chose this pipe due to its bowl design. This bowl fits wonderful in my hands! It has a very natural feel and is lightweight. I like the silver looking wide band. It adds a little class to this pipe. I really like this pipe and would love to see Missouri Meerschaum offer more special edition pipes that incorporate different color bits and stains. I would buy many more for simple color choices! Overall, in my heirarchy of MM pipes, this pipe sits above my Hardwood, Legend, and Country Gentlemans, but below my Emerald. I’m debating purchasing the wizard next based on its reviews! Great job with this design and great job at answering my questions! If you are debating buying this pipe, do it and don’t look back! You will not be disappointed!

  6. Pipeweed Dan

    Thoughtfully designed and masterfully crafted

    This pipe is worthy of the fame of Hobbits. As I lit my first bowl while sitting in my favorite chair, my mind was transported to a green hill under a tall tree on a sunny day. For fans of the shire, this is unique pipe that will be both nostalgic and treasured. For the common smoker, or non lord of the rings fan, this pipe will be equally enjoyable. The longer acrylic stem, thick walled bowl and acorn shape come together to create the perfect pipe for a long, thoughtful smoke. Always dry. Always cool. Never gets hot in the hand. Feels just right in the clench. Little beauty even burns for an hour! I can find no flaws in its design of assembly. Of all the numerous pipes I own…..briars, cobs and meerschaum alike…..this is the only one i dare call perfect. MM has outdone themselves with this beautiful and enjoyable pipe!

  7. Rob

    Nice Pipe

    This little pipe has quickly become a favorite in my rotation. Quick & easy to break-in and very comfortable in hand. Smokes nice and cool as well.

  8. Rob

    Excellent Pipe!

    Very Cool smoking pipe. One of the easiest to keep lit I have.

  9. Pellerin

    My new favorite pipe

    Another great pipe from MM. I am still less than one year into pipe smoking and until I bought the Shire, my Country Gentleman was my favorite. I like the length of the pipe. I can comfortably rest my elbow on my chair and smoke. I like that I can get the smoke further away from my face if that is what I want at the time. Great pipe

  10. J

    Excellent too

    I had gotten this and another cobbit pipe and both are great. Paired it with the Great Dane. Good choices for a newbie pipe smoker.

  11. Farriserrick


    This pipe makes me fill like I’m in the shire I smoke this pipe second to my country gentleman

  12. Bent1

    My favorite pipe

    Love this bugger. Cool, flavorful smoke, easy to clench or hold. Priced right, no worries if ya drop it. It does quite well with vapor blends. Liked it so much, I bought a second for Latakia blends.

  13. Kyle

    A Journey to Middle Earth

    Nice weight, heft, and quality for a shorter churchwarden. Well-made, the price is right, and it just feels good in your hand. I believe they smoked Peter Stokkebye Nougat on the set of Lord of the Rings, and I just smoked a bit of that same pipe-weed myself. Excellent.

  14. CDA

    Favorite Pipe

    My first churchwarden, will not be my last. If I don’t get another cobbit for Christmas, I’m buying one for myself for New Years. Looks cool, smokes even cooler. Eventually I’ll own several, so I can smoke one of these long guys every day.

  15. Brad (verified owner)

    I love it when expectations are exceded

    MM hit a home run with this pipe. I’m amazed that they can produce such masterful craftsmanship from a simple and nominal corn cob. There’s a certain dignity in this pipe that eschews it’s utilitarian material of build. There’s heft and balance without being unwieldy. The shape in hand is also of the outmost in comfort. It’s classified as medium in size but get ready to tuck in for a sixty minute plus burn with the right tobacco and cadence. Smokes cool and soft even when pushed, but rewards an unhurried approached just as well as any briar below a c-note. Eagerly anticipating its Dwarf sibling once off of backorder. Easily and eagerly recommended.

  16. Clayton

    One of the best pipes ever made

    Once again, I received mine in a bag of seconds. I think there was 1tiny chip on the rim and that is the only blemish. I look at this pipe and see the care that was taken in making this. I really love the feel in my hand with acorn shape and with the church warden style bit it is really a fun pipe. I was shocked by 2 things with this pipe: 1) how light it is, even with the shire / elf long bit it easily hangs and is virtually hands free 2) How cool the smoke is, it stays lit and virtually no heat. I enjoy a tobacco that can sometimes have a little bite and with this, it was pretty much eliminated. I think because of how cool the smoke is. I can see this pipe in the coming weeks being my favorite pipe ever. I would pick this up over any of my high dollar briar pipes any day. Another quick thing – it is a longer church warden style pipe but does not feel like you have a huge tree trunk hanging out of your mouth. It gives you all that you love about a church warden but is not over the top. I love this pipe.

  17. Clay

    Cant be beat

    The pipe that all other pipes will be measured by and found wanting.I only have i year of pipe smoking under my belt and this is hands down the best money ive spent in it.If i had know i was going to enjoy smoking so much i truly wish i had bought at least 5 more.A great smoking cob.If your thinking of buying a pipe for a gift or a starter pipe this is it.Thinking about it now im gonna start replacing what few briars i have with these.Your not gonna regret getting the shire.

  18. Johnsteam86

    You get more than expected

    I at first thought this would be a light pipe since it was made of cob. Well I was surprisingly wrong. This pipe is well made and smokes oh so well. I mean I’ll probably add another 8 to 12 to my collection just to have a full week of these at the ready.

  19. Sparky


    I agree with the other reviews; great, cool smoke. Love this thing. One of my favorite pipes.

  20. Kathleen (verified owner)

    Great Product – My Husband Really likes Cobs!


    I recently bought a “Cobbit Shire” and a “Diplomat” pipe for my husband. He loves them! I’m working on buying him a couple of Peterson pipes to go along with these. He really likes to smoke a bowl every day. Just one. But, he smokes truly sublime aromatics, mostly. So, I get a benefit too – I get to smell the wonderful tobaccos he smokes. No criticisms for these pipes at all – better than anticipated in every way!

  21. John (verified owner)

    Another Hit for MM

    If you want a smaller Curchwardem Here it is it smokes cool. The bowl is fairly large, it also sit in the hand nice and comfortable. Did I say you can clench it. This pipe has given me some enjoyable 45 min smokes. This pipe will handle whatever tabacco you want to smoke. Ithe bowl is slightly larger than the Country Gentleman. this will give you an idea about the bowl.

  22. B

    Awesome Pipe

    This pipe smokes exceptionally well, has a very nice draw like all corn cobs i’ve smoked. I really like the shape of the bowl it fits so nicely in the hand and looks really nice. The stem is a little loose but does not hamper the “smokeability” at all. Overall awesome pipe, large bowl, great finish, and great quality.

  23. Fredrik King

    Land of the Shire

    Well, my pair of Shire Cobbit corncob churchwardens arrived testerday. The Shire, not surprizingly, offers a great smoke, and of course is attractive to boot. I suppose the stem could be sturdier, but I’m fairly certain we’ll see a Forever Stem soon for the Cobbits family. But as it is now, the Shire is still a fine pipe–and this is from someone who smokes cobs with some reluctance and for rotation purposes. Rotation with these pipes has turned out to be a lot easier! The extented stem provides a cool smoke, and the Shire is one other thing that must be needed in the pipe industry: a short churchwarden. Clenching is slightly cumbersome because of the smaller button, but if you grip it a little bast the button, clentching becomes much easier.
    I’m thinking about a Dward Cobbit now–I understand it’s a smaller pipe, making it ideal to smoke while working either at a desk or in a workshop or garage. I’m sure it will smoke just as well as a Shire, and probably clentch better. But I’m sure, depending on how long these pipes last (rim burn is already started, even with a Zippo equiped with a pipe chimney), but that’s to be expected on a cob.
    All in all, a terrific pipe.

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