Eaton Corn Cob Pipe


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Due to its simple design and low price, the Eaton Corn Cob Pipe from Missouri Meerschaum is ideal for a quick smoke, for trying new tobaccos, and for party favors.

The Eaton has a smaller, barrel-shaped bowl that is all natural. It has a long, slim, non-filtered stem with a short amber bit.

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Available Only as Straight Bit

Slim, Barrel-Shaped Bowl


Approximate Dimensions

Length:   5 in / 127 mm

Bowl Height:   1.75 in / 44.5 mm

Chamber Diameter:   .625 in / 15.88 mm

Chamber Depth:   1.25 in / 31.75 mm

30 reviews for Eaton Corn Cob Pipe

  1. Roberto Dohnert (verified owner)

    Great smoking pipe. With the natural bowl it provides a nice dry smoke.

  2. qmangillett (verified owner)

    I bought 3 of these to aid in my transition from cigars to pipes. I can already say even though I am very new to pipes I made the right decision. I fully enjoy smoking pipe tobacco over cigars. The taste, the aroma, and not getting looked at sideways by my other half cause I smell like a stogie. This pipe worked out great and if your new to pipes like me make sure to buy a couple so you can properly rotate and not smoke from the same one day after day. At less then $5 a piece it’s a no brainer.

  3. Thomas Yorke (verified owner)

    With so much to do and little time to spare I’ve found that this little pipe has become my ” go to.” It’s perfect size for my commutes provides a wonderful “English breakfast,”on the way to work and a cool comfortable aromatic drive home. I do have larger MM cobs for the times when I find an adequate time for longer smokes but the Eaton is my work horse. Thanks MM for this product and the opportunity to express my pleasure with this product.

  4. The TCA sucks! (verified owner)

    For a $4 pipe, this baby smokes like a dream come true. Cobs always seem to smoke nice, and these are no exception. They have an easy draw and they are small, so they are perfect for a quick 15-minute smoke. I own a bunch of these; I even keep one in my truck so that every time I go surfing, I can have a quick “warm-up” puff when I get back to my truck after getting out of the cold ocean and stripping out of my clammy wetsuit.

  5. Matthew

    Excellent pipe for 3.99

    I bought one of these at a local smoke shop and it’s one of my best tasting pipes. It’s starting to crack a bit but what can you expect from a pipe that costs less than 5 dollars? Even so, if it becomes an issue it’s easily replaceable. For what you’re paying this is a very enjoyable pipe for a quick smoke and if you take care of it, it will last a long time. The only reason mine started cracking is because it was my first pipe so I was smoking it hot. If you use the breathe method while smoking it you will get many many bowls out of this wonderful little pipe! Would recommend!

  6. Clem

    I need 1 yesterday!!!

    Can’t wait to try it.

  7. ALAN



  8. JohnRGP

    The Eaton pipe is awesome!

    I ordered this pipe because of the inexpensive price and thinking I would use it to try a tobacco that would cause a serious ghost. But after receiving the pipe then smoking it I realized that this is a great pipe. What is best is that because of the low price you can buy lots of these and dedicate them to different tobaccos while still getting a high quality smoking pipe. It is light and comfortable to clench. I sanded it down just a little to make it feel more comfortable in my hand. It is perfect for a 20 to 30 minute smoke.

  9. Tye

    Nearly Perfect

    This pipe has become my go-to commuting pipe. In the morning and at the end of my work day I just pack some straight Virginia in here, light it up, and I’m gone. It usually lasts me for most, if not all of my 30-minute drive and makes the Denver traffic seems not so bad. I love that it’s so light I could just about forget it’s there if it wasn’t constantly providing me with an excellent smoke!
    The only reason I took off a star is because the bottom is soft. I don’t know what’s in there, but I hope it’s less likely to burn out than it feels like it will. I just don’t want to burn the bottom out and lose this little guy!

  10. Jared

    Great value, beautiful pipe.

    Love this. Fantastic value for the price. Lightweight (good sized smaller bowl) and easy to hold in your teeth for a quick, small smoke break. Affordable enough to replace if and when you need to (not that you’ll need to~~this cob is a tank). Do yourself a favor and buy 5.

  11. Crob

    dynamite comes in small packages

    Was so impressed by the one I got in my seconds bag that I had to give what made the cut a try too. Found it to be an exceptional pipe, even when comparing it to an Italian briar. The break in was fantastic, I found the flavor of the tobacco to be true on the first draw. I have smoked it several times a day with a few days to rest and have yet to have a wet smoke. I typically so smoke filtered pipes but wouldn’t dream of adding one to this nice cool smoker.

  12. Pellerin

    Great intro to pipe smoking

    I always had a desire to try pipe smoking and after reading blogs and opinions of experienced pipe smokers the most often suggested pipe was this one. Marilyn with MM patiently and promptly returned my emails with answers to my questions. Now that I know for certain I am enjoying pipe smoking I will be buying more pipes from MM. Its been a fun experience. Buy this one for starters and I’m confident you will enjoy as well. Peace be with all of you

  13. Rich B

    Makes for a Great Gift or Give-away

    Several of these were purchased with the slim “no-filter” bits and pipe nails. Combined with a couple ounces of a utilitarian aromatic, they promise to be of great utility in filling Christmas Stocking so at work. The thought of full priced commercial cigarettes is horrible.

  14. TbayPiper

    Exactly what I needed!

    This came across border swiftly. Fit and finish thru me.. the rough bowl adds a touch of rustication to it. I expect to wawr it smooth over time.. but it will have my own “Free hand” touch then.. buy it again!!

  15. Xenomorph

    Perpetually enjoyable

    Always delivers an enjoyable tobacco experience. Great for park bench meditations.

  16. Gerry

    Pleasantly surprised

    A friend brought me a souvenir version of this pipe (with “Rabbit Hash Kentucky” stamped on the side). I was not familiar with cobs and figured it was a novelty. For the heck of it, I bought a pouch of Capt. Black and smoked a bowl. I was amazed at how well this little pipe performed. As a matter of fact I went straight to the tobacco shop and bought some Dunhill 965 to smoke out of it. Very cool and sweet with no break-in. I’m not kidding when I say that this pipe, along with a Legend I bought shortly thereafter, smoke just as good or better than some $100-$200 briars I owned in the past. I can’t imagine any pipe offering more bang for the buck than this. I wish I had found out how great MM cobs were sooner! Btw the reason I took off a star from quality is that the pipe has a soft spot on the bottom of the bowl. It shouldn’t pose a problem any time soon though, and it’s not a deal breaker at this price point.

  17. Norwegian Pipes

    Great Pipe

    Bought this Pipe at a shop here in Norway. After toll & import taxes as well as the shop needing to make a profit, it cost me about 15 dollars. Still, to that price, WHAT A PIPE! It burns smooth, no re-lights needed, gives the smoke an almost sweet and mellow flavor. I usually smoke my pipes with a 9mm filter, this pipe has none, but still the smoke is nice and cool. The pipe is so amazingly light, and the tobacco burns nice and even in it. The draw is perfect. Lasts me for about 20 minutes with a fully packed bowl. Only problem is that a little piece at the top corner has fallen of the pipe after keeping it in my pocket, and that annoys me a bit, still that is purely aesthetics, it functions perfectly. For the price and quality of the smoke, my briar pipe will be laying cool for a while. I feel blessed by owning this cob piece. Thinking i will own many more cobs like this in my life. An old time pipe smoker once said on a forum that if he could do it all over again (his pipe smoking romance that is) he would only smoke cobs, and non-aromatics. I seem to agree with him.

  18. Antonio Norberto

    A genuine American smoker.Perfect

    I do not speak English, I only speak Spanish, I apologize, I use a translator.
    A year and a half ago, I smoke alone in corn cob pipes.
    Natural Virginias and Burley.
    I smoke in pipe more than 44 years ago.
    Unbeatable pipes of his.
    The pleasure is unique, nothing equal.
    Perfect smoked.Fresh, tasty and do not change them for any.
    Marvelous and sweet, smoking in them.
    Greetings from Argentina.
    Tony-Blender from TABACOS S.N.

  19. Georg

    Great little Smoker

    I had the Eaton in my Grab Bag and it was my first cob. I love it! It´s just a good size for a quick smoke and the neked look is awesome.

  20. J D

    This is my travel pipe

    I take this little pipe everywhere I go. Throw a little sunset rum in this pipe and watch the liberals come over to the smoking area just to complement me. When I smoked cigarettes, all I got was complaints. What a difference. I had a time trying to get a pipe cleaner down these little pipes, so I drilled them out and I like to smoke them even better now. I throw the filters away, as most people do, but this non filtered pipe seems to smoke a lot smoother then the others. I would encourage any pipe smoker to give this pipe a try.

  21. Northguy

    My favorite pipe

    This was the first corn cob I ever smoked, and I must admit, it’s a very cool smoke. I rarely have to re-light it, the charring light seems to be enough for a good 15 minute walk and smoke, or a much slower 20 minute sit and smoke. Got a lot of compliments on it too. I cleaned it out with spirits a couple of times, seemed like a waste of spirits, since this little pipe just needs a quick pass through with a pipe cleaner, which means super low maintenance. The only time I use another pipe is when I want to give this little Eaton a rest.

  22. Gigmaster

    Outstanding daily smoker…..

    The Eaton is the natural-finish version of the Pony Express, and smokes every bit as good, maybe even a little better. To me, it seems that the natural-finish pipes smoke just a tad cooler than the varnished ones, with a little more “airy” flavor. Maybe some air comes in through the open pores of the bowl? Either way, both pipes are perfect smokers. I get a good 10-15 minute smoke out of mine. Great for when you don’t have a lot of time to smoke, but still want a little pick-me-up. Light enough to hold in your mouth all day with no fatigue. You can’t go wrong with either the Eaton, or Pony Express. BTW, if your wanting one in a bent version, it’s the polished Mizzou. They used to make the natural-finish Missouri Pride in a bent, which is also the same bowl size, but now I think it’s only available in a straight stem.

  23. John

    fine natural corn cob pipe

    Very sadly, but there on that site, not given a pipes dimensions, nor also there is a photo of all of them, or with some referrence size item for understanding each pipe real size.
    i try to a bit clear that side. sorry for my bad english, it is not my native language…
    and so: Eaton:
    bowl inside diameter is ~ 15.5 milimetters, bowl depth ~35 mm
    full stem length is ~95mm, outside bowl height is ~45 mm, largest outside bowl diameter is ~31 mm.
    actually that pipe ( Eaton) looks like exactly the same model as a “Pony express”, but in natural finish. Eaton is natural, Pony express is plastered with Paris and polished – i put them side by side.
    Many folks says, eaton is too small and so on. for me it looks good – more large pipes have too large for me inside of bowl – as so too large smoking time and so on. i think, i be very ok with about a 15 minutes of smoking time…
    That natural model on feel looks not so god as a plasterd ( pony express), but as i readed, absorbing qualities of natural models is better than plastered. its remain to be seen for me…

  24. Yote

    Great Pipe

    I got this pipe back years ago as a free item with an order from Frenchy’s Pipes. Going to miss that guy. Wonderful pipe. Cool, easy to smoke, not constant tamping to keep it going. Working around the house, or fishing your not always messing with it. You can actually get a real good taste of different mixtures in it and not have to worry much about carry over flavors. I got several high end pipes and I find this one to be my go to on new mixtures. I continue to be surprised that It has held up as well has it has. The briar I got with this pipe has gave up the ghost. This one keeps working. Wished I had know about these pipes as a kid when I lived in St. Peters and could have got to see the factory.

  25. Phil

    One of the best

    This pipe provides a very cool and smooth smoke. It is also very light and easy to hold in your mouth, which makes it a great pipe for working in the garage or working on projects that keep your hands full. They are smaller, which means about a 10 to 15 minutes smoke, but I don’t mind. My choice for sitting around for a longer relaxing smoke is the Great Dane. I will be buying more Eatons.

  26. Triva (verified owner)

    Another great cob

    Just the right size for the commute from the train station to home after work with even an occasional traffic jam.

  27. Andy (verified owner)

    Unbelievable quality

    I’m a young pipe smoker who just picked up the hobby this month when I got back to college for my sophomore year, and the Eaton is my third buy already. I started with the Diplomat, also from Missouri Meerschaum, and was so excited with the quality of smoke and simply the happiness it brought me that I bought the Ozark Mountain Hardwood a few weeks later, which is also a great pipe. The Eaton was just delivered less than an hour ago after being shipped two days prior and it is already my favorite of the three.

    What a smoke! No relighting, a satisfying and controlled draw, and the perfect size for a quiet afternoon smoke right after the bulk of your responsibilities are taken care of. Missouri Meerschaum AGAIN delivers something of unsurpassed quality, and for a pittance. Three dollars? My friends, do yourself the favor and just order a handful of these, you won’t regret it. They’re truly fantastic.

  28. japster

    great cob

    I ordered 3 cobs the Eaton was the first one i tried and loved first natural cob smokes cooler than the mm washington i already had. i filled it with some caption black was great nice cool smoking good draw.

  29. Michael

    Here Here for the little Eaton

    Wow is the best way to sum this pipe up. I purchased this after deciding to go back to pipes after many years of cigars. I brought out all my briar pipes that I have collected over the past 30 years and polised them up… vulcanite is still a bear to clean… and got them all ready for some great smoking. I ordred several different types of tobacco and not wanting to ghost my briars, I ordered this little pipe to try the tobacco. Well… I can say… after several months of pipe smoking enjoyment, my briars are still nice and clean and in the pipe stands… and my little Eaton provides me with a great, cool and very flavorful smoke each and every day. I just love this pipe… this is a non filter so you really get the flavor of the tobacco, plus this pipe seems to lend a coolness to the smoking experience. So if you are a briar smoker or are about to either being or go back to pipes, I would highly recommend getting this pipe and several others from MM. Do not let the price fool you, these are wonderful pipes that will bring hours of smoking enjoyment. Pardon me for now.. but just talking about this has me grabbing a tin of Sutliff and my Eaton as I head for the front porch to watch the stars come out. Cheers.

  30. Muhammed Ali

    My Favorite Pipe

    This is my favorite pipe. Because it is so light, the Eaton is very easy to hold in your teeth and it is small enough to carry in one’s breast pocket. I want to own ten more of these.

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