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The Dagner Poker Cob from Missouri Meerschaum was designed by Jayson Dagner in the classic poker style. While the dimensions of the pipe are purposely compact for easy storage, such as in your shirt pocket, its bowl holds plenty of tobacco for a leisurely smoke.

A dark stain has been added to the finish of the bowl, and it has a hardwood insert in the bottom imprinted with a logo unique to this pipe. The shank is also hardwood and is fitted with a nickel band and acrylic stem.

The Dagner Poker Cob is the perfect pipe to be taken anywhere for a leisurely smoke or to be clenched in your teeth while working with both hands. And as with all poker-style pipes, it will sit quietly at rest while waiting for the next time you need its company.

Due to the nature of the corn cobs themselves, you may notice some chipping on the top edge of your pipe. This is perfectly normal and won’t in any way affect the way your pipe smokes. The chips only add to the charm and character of your corn cob pipe. Enjoy!

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Straight Bit


Approximate Dimensions

Length: 4.25 in / 107.95 mm

Bowl Height: 1.875 in / 47.625 mm

Chamber Diameter: .75 in / 19.05 mm

Chamber Depth: 1.5 in / 38.1 mm

29 reviews for Dagner Poker Corn Cob Pipe

  1. einfeeesh (verified owner)

    If you’re going to own one Missouri meer pipe the Dagner is it. Tough, comfortable, compact and will sit anywhere u put it. Plus it smokes flakes and ribbons and plugs and cakes like a beast!! I have three but I’m still on my first one I bought over a year ago. What are u waiting for??? Get it before it sells out for the tenth time this year.

  2. George

    I love mine! I usually use it while driving. I put a cap on it so ash doesn’t fly all over the place when the windows are rolled down.

  3. Gary Barnes

    Just received my first Dagner in the mail this week and had the first smoke with it. This is a great addition to my collection already. Feels great in the hand and smokes like a champ. I usually do not go for nose warmers but I am glad I got this one. I have already ordered another one before they go out of stock again like they always do. Great pipe MM please try to keep them in stock.

  4. Daníel Vilhjálmsson

    It’s an OK-ish pipe, I like the size, the acrylic stem (huge plus!), the stain and the whole look but it is not the best smoker for me. The Dagner Poker is somehow smoking really hot, which I have never experienced with Missouri Prides – those are actually my coolest smokers. None of my briars smoke this hot, I can compare it only to a clay in that regards for example. This is the reason why I don’t really use it, because I’m afraid that I will burn it out soon and also the hot smoke is not too pleasant, as the short way of smoke is not helping cooling it down either. And unfortunately it doesn’t matter what type of tobacco I smoke in it (English blends, Burleys, Virginias, etc.). I give it three stars because the craftmanship is excellent, the idea behind the shape is genious but the smoking capabilities are poor.

  5. yuichi suto (verified owner)

    I have been purchasing this pipe for almost 3 years now. In conclusion, it’s a “smoking machine” as Tom Eltang described it, exhaling cool, sweet smoke without causing any problems with smoking. The nickel band and cool black acrylic stem are sturdy and fully functional. The Dagner Poker will sit on your desk and stay out of the way. It keeps your Tobacco well-behaved and the fire doesn’t go out too quickly, so you can study, read, watch a movie or play a game in the comfort of your own home. Its short length and ease of handling make it ideal for gardening and outdoor activities. And please be careful about puffing and drawing when you smoke your Tobacco. We think it’s one of the best products from Missouri Meerschaum.

  6. Torben Christensen

    Hallo corn cobs are the best so i vaiting for 4 Mores have a nice Day from Denmark

  7. Torben Christensen

    Hey kan Torben from Denmark and i have 1 Dag er corn cobs pibes its the best pibes i ever hatte i am now vaiting for 4 more corn cobs pibes have All a nice Day top you from Denmark

  8. Jon


    If you are looking for a poker this is an awesome one to pickup. I’ve have been enjoying my Dagner poker.

  9. Jake Z

    Good sitter

    Another solid pipe from MM, and a cool collaboration with the Dagners. I really like how well this pipe will sit just about anywhere. My only issue is that the smoke gets pretty harsh towards the bottom, even after 20+ smokes. I wish I had a longer stem that fit, but I’ve had no luck.

  10. 10-Ring

    Exactly what I needed.

    Typical MM quality and performance. Absolutely nothing to complain about, except that the bit is extremely tight.(No biggie) The main thing is that wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, I can set this pipe down without a stand, or having to do some sort of balancing act.
    Great pipe. Great value. I plan to buy a few more of these.

  11. Ozarkhillbilly

    What would you expect from to great pipers?

    Beautiful pipe that smokes like a beast! Great to pocket for rides, walks and just sitting around. Load it, use the Jayson Dagner pipe cleaner trick to cap it, stuff it in your pocket and roll out. (Take pipe cleaner and roll it into a cinnamon roll shape)

  12. Bonez


    I happened to get one of these in a seconds bag that I ordered. I love this thing!! I will definitely place an order for another one soon. I wish I could get it not stained though so I could customize the color. So far the best choice for a cob in my opinion!

  13. Willie T.

    Don’t Buy This Pipe!

    …So I can get more! It seems like every time I make an attempt to purchase this gem, it is out of stock. The demand is awesome and so is this cob! Missouri Meerschaum is a hands down top notch company and their products are simply the best. This Dagner Poker Cob is a stellar combination of a shape that is being hijacked by hipsters and a timeless American legend. The design is a well balance between Dagner and MM and if you treat it well it has the potential (as all MM pipes do) to become an heirloom. If available, hurry and buy one to see what the fuss is about…just please leave me one.

  14. Mr. M

    The real mc coy

    this pipe feels good in your hand, and tucks away easy.i like the way it sits straight and doesnt wobble.

  15. Joel

    Flinched at the price compared to the other cobs, but what a great pipe!

    I have really enjoyed this pipe in my rotation. I was actually looking at the cobbit collection with the more church warden style stem. But I went in the opposite direction and picked up this elegant nose burner/poker style pipe. Great design and heck of a travel pipe

  16. Cornholio

    Powerhouse puffer

    Just got mine in the mail today. Love the fit and finish. Little details like the band and the acrylic bit are a plus. Smokes like a champ! Will add another to my arsenal very soon.

  17. Scott

    Received as a gift…very happy with it.

    I didn’t have any cobs in my rotation until now…never had an interest in cobs. I received the Dagner Poker cob from my son for doggy sitting while he was away on a week long fishing trip. What a great gift! I really like this cob. I definitely will be adding cobs to my rotation/collection.

  18. Tater Wagon

    Little pipe, big smoke!

    Mine just arrived in the mail today. Upon removing it from the box, I was surprised at how large the bowl was! I needed something compact to stuff in my pocket for hiking and camping, etc. and this little champ provides a long smoke like my country gentleman in a much smaller package. It clenches great and just looks plain ornery. I love everything about it!

  19. Nick D

    Fantastic .. but

    Loved everything about this pipe but the stem. My particular pipe had a loose fit (so loose it would come out when removing a standard pipe cleaner). Fit up with a Danish bit, added an “Aristocob bend” and is now sitting ahead of my savinelli’s in my rotation. Deep bowl. Smokes cool. Definitely my go to pipe …

  20. Michael (verified owner)

    Great pipe, great customer service

    This pipe is perfect! I love everything about it. The first one I got had a flaw that effected how it smoked. I sent an email to customer service letting them know. I did not ask for a refund or a replacement. Marilyn got back to me very quickly and before I knew it she had another one sent out to me. This one smokes like a champ and feels great in your hand. I think I found my new favorite pipe. Keep it up MM!

  21. Adam

    This is the one

    A short smoke pipe or two aside (for work) I’d love to let the rest of my cobs collect dust and have one of these beauties for every day of the week.
    Built like a 4′ tall Mike Tyson and smokes like Ali moved, this is the one I’ve been waiting for.

  22. Wow

    Love it

    Smokes great. Looks great. Little Dagner cob clone. What’s not to love! Good work.

  23. Joe

    Good pipe

    I only smoke pipes that will sit. I want to be able to set it down when I need my hand.

    I’ve been disappointed with cobs before, mostly because of the soft stems.

    This one sits like Buddha, smokes great, and the stem stands up to my clenching bite.

    Kinda pricy as cobs go, but still way cheap compared to any briar that smokes as well.

    I’m happy.


  24. Antonio Norberto

    A genuine American smoker.Perfect

    I do not speak English, I only speak Spanish, I apologize, I use a translator.
    A year and a half ago, I smoke alone in corn cob pipes.
    Natural Virginias and Burley.
    I smoke in pipe more than 44 years ago.
    Unbeatable pipes of his.
    The pleasure is unique, nothing equal.
    Perfect smoked.Fresh, tasty and do not change them for any.
    Marvelous and sweet, smoking in them.
    Greetings from Argentina.
    Tony-Blender from TABACOS S.N.

  25. Curtis (verified owner)

    Update of previous review

    The first pipe I received was not typical of the high quality standards of this company. I received a second Dagner Poker and it smokes wonderfully. Quality is on par with what one expects from this manufacturer. I’m looking forward to purchasing additional corn cobs in the near future.

  26. Kimberly

    One of my favorites!

    The Dagner Poker cob has become one my favorites! It has a generous bowl, lightweight but solid, compact, and sits on its own! What more could you ask for!

  27. matthew (verified owner)

    i’ve been waiting for something like this

    I love it. a poker that doesn’t cost $200. great little pipe with a great bit. I don’t smoke a pipe very often, but when I do, I always grab one of my cobs. this one is high quality and a great value. now how about a naked version?

  28. Stephen (verified owner)

    A great little pipe

    This pipe is perfect for those looking for a pipe you can just stuff into a pocket but still have a full sized pipe. I have had several Vest Pocket style pipes and they all suffer from the same problem… the bowl is just too small. That problem was solved by the Dagner Poker Cob. This pipe has a bowl just very slightly smaller than the Patriot Cob, yet the overall length means that it can fit into almost any pocket you might have. Yes, it will fit well into a vest pocket. The acrylic stem is a delight to clench and since the pipe is so short, one can clench this pipe all day due to the light weight. I cannot attest to the smoking qualities because I am still on my first bowl, but it is a Missouri Meerschaum, so I know it will smoke like a champion. The initial lighting is already as good as any of my other Missouri Meerschaum pipes, so this will perform just as well. I can see that the Dagner Poker will soon replace my beloved hardwood Country Gentleman pipes as my commute/work/sitting at home watching TV pipe. Missouri Meerschaum, you knocked it out of the ball park with the Dagner Poker.

  29. Tom Horn (verified owner)

    Bad A$$ Pipe!

    This Dagner Poker has more attitude than a prison guard behind Ray Bans, on an Arkansas chain gang. Have long desired a Dagner pipe, but by the time I have some extra $ in my pocket to buy one, they are always sold out. This one I didn’t have to dip into the rent $ to obtain, which will make the wife happy, and, “A happy wife, is a happy life.”

    Great Smoker, like all my Missouri Meerschaums. Did I mention that this pipe has got attitude? More attitude than a copperhead in the chicken coop. Thank you Mr. Dagner, & Missouri Meerschaum, for bringing us this beautiful bad boy. Better order yours today. I have a feeling the fine folks in Washington, MO., are going to have a tough time keeping up with demand.

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