Ozark Mountain Hardwood Pipe


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The Ozark Mountain Hardwood Pipe from Missouri Meerschaum is a popular option in our series of mid-sized pipes.

Available in 2 colors and shapes – Maple Oval straight and Cherry Rob Roy bent. Both pipes come with a filtered black bit.

The Ozark Mountain is a super value for a genuine hardwood pipe!

See Product Description below for more details.


Available in Bent or Straight Bit

Oval Bowl Shape for Maple and Rob Roy Shape for Cherry

6 mm Filter

Approximate Dimensions

Straight Length:   6 in / 152.4 mm

Bent Length:   5.75 in / 146.05 mm

Bowl Height:   1.75 in / 44.45 mm

Chamber Diameter:   .75 in / 19.05 mm

Chamber Depth:   1.25 in / 31.75 mm

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53 reviews for Ozark Mountain Hardwood Pipe

  1. c_reynolds2571

    One of 5 pipes I bought during my visit to the museum. I’m really glad I chose this one. Just seems to work great. I’m not a serious pipe smoker so I don’t go for expensive pipes, but I’d have been happy even if I’d paid 3 times as much. It looks great, feels great, and made here in my home state.

  2. Jonas Lennevald (verified owner)

    A pipe with excellent smoking qualities. Many bowls with different mixtures has been smoked in these pipes. I do prefer the bent version. And it smokes great. It takes a while to build cake, char the wooden stem that protrudes in to the bowl, but when done this pipe became my favourite pipe. Find it necessary to add what “rogermugs” wrote at pipesmagazine.com in his “Ode to a Missouri Meerschaum Ozark Hardwoods”:
    – “I own many pipes. Several briars, many cobs, a meerschaum, a meerschaum lined briar, and of course my assorted basket pipes….
    Well about five years ago I was away from home and stopped by a local B&M and picked up an MM Ozark hardwood. It was the cheapest pipe they had and I figured I’d only use it a few times anyhow. It’s been a while now and it is still by far my favorite pipe. Recently I ordered two more and love them the same. Though they have a different shape. Tapered at the top like the MM country gentlemen. That’s alright, though I prefer the other shape because then the top doesn’t get hot.
    My briars sometimes smoke better for a bowl here and here but this pipe consistently gives a great smoke. My guess ( and tell me if I’m full of it ) is that what makes the briars a good smoke is it’s porousness. But this may also be what makes them sour if smoked for more than one or two bowls a day or week. My hardwoods get a good cake after a bit and that adds to their porousness. But the wood doesn’t absorb the terrible. I love these pipes because they are cool, and can be smoked all day long (unless I overwhelm them with Latakia, in which case they can need a rest).
    I have more expensive pipes. But I have none better.
    I will hang on to my others. But I highly advise working these in to your rotation. They take a bit for the stem that extends in to the bowl to burn off and to build a good cake. But then they are fantastic.
    I only have one of the new maple hardwoods. It’s the spool. And so far I’m pleased. But doubt it will grow to the same level of appreciation I have for these old Ozarks.”

  3. CobbyTheElf

    Again, I purchased one from a local store. It’s fantastic. I use it for my, ahem, ‘special blend,’ and it works exceptionally well. Of my four MM pipes I think it’s my favorite. Based on earlier reviews I started by sanding the inside and burning a little ash and pre-smoked ‘product’ to season the bowl first, and I’ve had no problems with taste.

  4. Oldcrew

    I bought one of these pipes in 1978. I truly enjoyed it, but with a traveling job, changed to cigars for easier transport.
    Years into my retirement, I returned to pipe smoking, and have truly enjoyed a new hardwood pipe. It’s takes quite a few smokes, before it is broken in, but afterwards, OMG!
    I smoke this pipe all day, every day, Wonderful!
    I did buy a Legend corn cob, and use it for my flavored tobacco, but this Ozark Hardwood pipe smokes my Lane BCA so well, it’s my daily pipe.
    I still have that original Ozark hardwood pipe from ‘78 buried in a storage locker and can’t wait to dig it out, clean it up, and give it a try.

  5. Robert

    Good throw around pipe

    I bought this pipe to use in harsh weather conditions and take less than quality care of compared to my other Missouri Meerschaum pipes. First off, this pipe is a great pipe for its low price! It is good for a shorter smoke. Compared to my cobs, it smokes hotter and is my only Missouri Meerschaum that has ever given me tongue bite. I believe it was due to lack of experience. It’s a pipe I keep in my bag and gets banged around. I only use this pipe when I don’t want to expose my cobs to cold, rainy and snowy weather. It smokes decent, but nowhere as nice as my other MM cobs. If you have to choose between this or a cob, choose the cob. The quality of smoke is nicer with the cob. Please don’t let this review detract from its quality and finish. Missouri Meerschaum designed a nice pipe for a very low cost!

  6. New piper

    Flawless function

    I have had only three pipes since I’ve started pipe smoking last year. My first a briar, is having trouble. My second, an expensive knockoff, useless. My third, this one, has flawless function and I enjoy it. As this is now my favorite, I intend to try a cob next. Good pipes for a good price what else could I ask for?.

  7. Funkhouse

    Keep making them

    Good.. keep making them.

  8. Hoss

    Love my new pipe

    I’m a newbie to smoking pipes. In my first one was a corn cob from you guys, and I just picked up the hardwood one. And I must say it’s now my favorite smoker!! I didn’t have to keep re-lighting which was nice it was a steady smooth smoke. Looking to buy the wizard one soon to add to the collection. Keep up the great work everyone, You definitely have a loyal patron in me.

  9. Matt (verified owner)


    This is the best $7.00 pipe ever, great smoke it better than some $50 pipes!

  10. odd ball

    i have truely enjoyed this pipe

    good allround pipe great price

  11. Bucket Truck

    Excellent Value

    I have only been smoking pipes for a little less than a year now, but have tried many different tobaccos and currently own several higher end briars, MM Cobs, a meerschaum and the Cherry Hardwood. The Hardwood has become my go-to pipe. I carry it to work and smoke it all day long. I smoke aros, flakes, cakes, plugs and OTC tobaccos through it and it has performed perfectly every time. For less than $6, including sales tax, it cannot be beat.

  12. JonasTheShrubber

    My favorite piece(cherry bent)

    Simple, lightweight, durable, smokes well. Outstanding bang fer yer buck. My go to fishing piece and it goes great with my Greek fishermans hat. No snobs allowed.

  13. David

    Great pipe for a “quickie”

    The small size of the bowl is great when you are not in a situation that allows for a long smoke, such as when visiting friends and family and can’t smoke in their abodes, or when time is an issue.

    Though it is not a part of my regular rotation, I always keep it handy – as in loading it up and keeping it in my car when running errands and such – just in case.

    I highly recommend that you use a fine grit sandpaper to remove as much of the finish from the inside of the bowl that you can, as it will impact the flavor the first four or five times you smoke it.

    I used my Dremel tool for that purpose, and the adverse flavor was not much of a factor.

    As with all MM pipes, you can’t beat the price or the performance.

  14. Matt.Cat

    Beautiful piece to add to the rotation

    Great pipe for a short smoke. I’ve enjoyed every bowl from this pipe. The feel and draw adds a nice variety to the rotation, and it smokes just great with or without a filter.

  15. WS

    great quick smoker

    This is a great value, smoking pipe. I’ve smoked this bowl after bowl while drinking by the campfire which usually results in many hot smokes and the pipe hasn’t cracked yet. I had a little bit of pipe mud to fill in the gaps and to change the pipe dimension so the hole is in the bottom center and it makes for a great smoke.

    It’s one of my most reliable pipes for a fraction of briars I have. One great thing I learned about the straight pipe while hiking is: if it’s raining you can smoke it upside down to protect your tobacco from the rain. A nice smoke while hiking on a cloudy, drizzling day makes for a great day.

  16. Machew1980

    Good for a quick smoke.

    I picked up one of these for five bucks off a wall display at a hole in the wall tobacco store. Once you burn off the varnish on the inside and cake it up a little, it smokes pretty good. The shank sticks way out into the bowl at first too and hovers about a eighth inch off of the bottom, so there’s an unsmokable void for tobacco to hide in sometimes. I can burn a bowl through it in 15 to 20 minutes vs 30 to 45 on my full sized MM pipes. Good for when you’re on a time restraint. It got a little hot a couple times before I broke it in good. It’s lightweight, but sturdy and I’m pretty sure it’d take a beating. For $5 it really can’t be beat. I’ll smoke it till I can’t anymore, then gladly get another.

  17. Rick

    Great product

    Great pipe like the bent stem easy to clench perfect with Peter stokes sweet vanilla and stays lit with one light.

  18. KSchanaman

    Best Workin’ Man’s Pipe

    This pipe makes a great working man’s pipe. Whether I’m at the warehouse or out driving the big rig, this pipe makes the work day enjoyable when it wouldn’t ordinarily be so.

    Word of advice: lightly sand out the chamber, as the varnish will certainly add an off-flavor to your smoke. In my case, I didn’t do that and ended up with the off-flavor for my first twelve bowls. Finally subsided thereafter.

    Not a problem worth taking away a star. It is a well-crafted SIMPLE pipe that smokes beautifully.

  19. JohnnyReb

    Great learning pipe!! It survived a novice who put it through hell

    I bought the Cherry bent pipe as my first ever pipe. I had no clue about smoking a pipe other than fill the bowl and fire up the tobacco. I purchased the pipe along with a can of Prince Albert Tobacco and let her rip. You veterans are probably aware of what happened next….I learned VERY quickly it wasn’t all that simple! A few minuets later I already had tongue bite and the pipe was hotter than a firecracker. After reading and studying what I was doing wrong things still didnt go well. It seemed that no matter how I packed the bowl, how slow I smoked, ect, I always ended up with a burned raw feeling mouth. I wanted to give up but kept on smoking…and kept on having a raw mouth all the time. This went on for MONTHS and I got to where I pretty much had given up. About 2 months ago I began to really give it a try again…with the same results again. Pipe still burning hot as a firecracker, sore mouth, the whole thing. By now ive been fighting with this pipe for about a year now…but it at least had a nice cake build up and was holding up good. I began to think maybe I needed a new pipe with a larger bowl so it would burn cooler because these have a pretty small bowl. BUT FINALLY as of the past few weeks I finally got the hang of it!!!! I dont even know what im doing different but for some reason I can smoke the entire bowl with no raw mouth, no relighting, tobacco tastes great, and I enjoy myself! I just bought a fresh pouch of Prince Albert today and it smoked so smooth and has that sweet chocolatey smell and taste I remember from my Grandpa smoking his pipe. ( Yes i tried several tobaccos and I keep coming back to Price Albert for whatever reason). SO HERE IS MY POINT….this pipe has withstood the absolute HELL I put it through trying to learn how to smoke a pipe. I had no clue what I was doing or how much practice it took to actually enjoy smoking. Now that I actually know what I am doing the pipe smokes like a dream!! Its so smooth and the tobacco tastes great being smoked in the hardwood pipe. I thought maybe I needed a expensive pipe to enjoy myself but for the 6 dollars I paid for this hardwood pipe I see no reason whatsoever to do anything but keep on smoking it. Despite the abuse it shows no sign of giving up anytime soon. I had no resting periods, alternating, break in, none of that and it held up like a champion. I still treat it that way. It can handle smoking all day long which ive done lately since I finally figured it out and really enjoy it. I sat on the porch smoking bowl after bowl with a glass of milk for hours today. GREAT PIPE!!!! It will survive a idiot beginner and provide a great smoke for a seasoned veteran.

  20. Howie

    Great smoking pipe(strait version)

    I use this pipe for petersons sweet Killarney.It smokes Killarney the best for me out of the other pipes I tried.Not sure why.I have smoked this pipe and blend at least once a day for the last month and a half.Its been my go to pipe.I really want to get a dunhill someday but not sure how it could be any better smoking wise?

  21. M6AEY

    Absolutely splendid little pipe

    So let’s get beyond the fact it’s not briar or cob… Its hardwood pipe and that’s fine. If you are just starting out, this pipe along with a 99p 3in1 tool, a £1.79 disposable pipe lighter and a £3.25 oil skin pouch is everything you will ever need. I have have an expensive pipe (by my standards) and I wouldn’t swap it for the world but when I just want a bowl of Condor then the Ozark is my new baby. I actually love the fact that I got it for a fiver. It reminds me that pipe smoking is not an elitist pursuit. I could sit on a park bench next to the chairman of IBM smoking his £2000 Dunhill White spot and immediately have something in common. At this price point I won’t even critique the build quality (which as with every Missouri is excellent) and will simply say that for a starter pipe or a “workhorse” then the ozark is quite simply the Nokia of pipes. It will never let you down and never go out of fashion.

  22. Gatorboy

    Ozark Rob Roy

    Bought three of these pipes for €9.99, gave one to a friend and rusticated one of the two I kept, face it a black finish, they smoke as good as the Cobs, are great lightweight pipes which look good in the city, where as a Cob has that country feel. These pipes make great work or travel pipes, where you might not want to risk losing a more expensive briar. Ultimately these pipes punch well above their price bracket.

  23. Norwegian Piper

    Great pipe

    This was one of three pipes I ordered from this site this time. I already had one of your corncob pipes, and am seriously contemplating more of them.
    Back to this one, I ordered this one in cherry finish, and the first thing that I noticed when I opened the box was the craftmanship, just elegant and quality work.
    I filled it with M.Sørensens Whiskey blend, a blend I think it hard to find outside of Norway.
    The flavour of the smoke and the texture is so Nice from this pipe. I have since tried this pipe with a few other aromatics and enjoy it every time. The filter solution is Nice, and absolutely worth keeping in mind.
    This is my favorite pipe for breaks at work, a good smoker and just Nice in every way.

  24. Andeezus

    Great feel, great draw

    First pipe I’ve owned and I really love it. Stem came loose after the third or fourth bowl but seems to have stayed secure and air tight after pressing it in firmly.

  25. Patriot Kennels Jonesburg

    Mine has the bent bit

    I cannot say enough good things about this pipe. I have by far smoked this more than any other pipe ever. Its extremely long lasting and durable. Comfortable to clench and smoke hands free. This pipe has exceeded my expectations on so many levels.

  26. Josh

    One of my first Pipes….

    And still smokes wonderfully. I’ve had it, and smoked it a lot in almost a year. I’ve had to do zero maintenance, other than a light cleaning. I have the straight Ozark. I didn’t know about the others. Time to grab some! Great smokers, great American company! Thanks Missouri Meerschaum!

  27. Omaha Joe

    None better

    I just received a Rob Roy Ozark pipe and I have to say I am quite impressed. I switched to this from a cheap corn cob from my local tobacconist and I’ve been nothing but completely satisfied with it. As with my corn cob, I had to do a little doctoring with some rolling paper maché I made to seal it up around the joints. But c’mon, for a six dollar hardwood pipe over a ten dollar corn cob that lasted less than a month, I can’t help but feel like I robbed someone. The bowl is substantially bigger than my old one and the pipe gives a much cooler smoke. The only thing negative worth mentioning was the lacquer taste I had on the first bowl I put through it. But I imagine the inside of the bowl is lacquered to help achieve a better char. All in all, I love my new Missouri Meerschaum pipe. Good work, guys. You’ve secured another repeat customer. BUY MISSOURI MEERSCHAUM!!!

  28. Butch


    Good but came apart so had to fix before I even smoked. my first is a cob and like it alot.

  29. David

    Straight Ozark, not as good as bent

    It actually pains me somewhat to have to leave this review, but I feel it necessary. I brought a straight Ozark to go along with the bent I bought back it 2015. You can find my 5 star review still on page 1. I received my pipe with an order I placed containing some things I needed for some cob mods I was doing. Later that week I went to break it in and the shank was loose. I gave a small tug and the pipe came apart. I attempted a repair and smoked the pipe, which came apart again. Probably used the wrong glue, but when that happened I saw that during smoking the portion of the shank that was in the bowl had burned more than I thought it would on a first smoke. Admittedly I wouldn’t have noticed if the pipe hadn’t needed to be repaired in the first place. I have since repaired the pipe again and am hoping the third time is the charm. I hope that I just got a pipe that snuck through MM’s typically excellent quality control. I have 7 MM pipes in my rotation so even though I had a minor issue with this pipe I still support a great pipe company and plan on smoking a Legend this very evening.

  30. Sparky


    An amazingly good little smoker. Wish they had left the inside of the bowl unfinished (varnish coating inside the bowl) but everything else is great. The metal ferule came loose from the stem after a few uses but can be easily re-glued with some Elmers. Happy with mine.

  31. Rick

    Cool Little Pipe

    This pipe is very light and the bowl is on the small side; I really like it. I did get a varnish taste for the first few bowls.(no big deal) I have the Maple and like it so much, I just ordered the Cherry. MM pipes are a thing of simple beauty.

  32. Brian H.

    Excellent value

    This was my first order with this company and I’m in no way disappointed. I got both pipes today and they look fantastic. After supper I took the bent pipe out to a local park and filled a bowl with Captain Black Royal and had a wonderful relaxing smoke by a pond, watching the Canada geese. The draw is easy and I just like how it fits in my hand. Tomorrow morning I plan on breaking in the straight pipe, maybe with some Mac Baren Scottish Blend. I don’t think I could have gotten a better deal for three times the price. Highly recommended.

  33. Casey

    Great Pipe!

    This was one of my first Missouri Meerschaum pipes. Great design with a medium bowl that will not break the bank!

  34. Hans K

    Wonderful Pipe!

    I received my pipe this morning and fired it up for the first time last night. Incredible! I smoke Mac Baren’s Plumcake Navy Blend and this great pipe did it justice. It smokes very cool and it looks great as well. My father owned a store for many years and was a dealer for good cigars, pipes and tobacco. Missouri Meerschaum was one of his affordable brands along with Dr. Grabow and some others. I have smoked hundred dollar pipes that can’t touch this pipe! It looks beautiful and one cannot, under any circumstances beat the price. Made in America! Thanks for still being there for us!

  35. David

    Great Pipe.

    I bought the bent version of this pipe from smokingpipes.com. I was in the market for a fresh pipe at a decent price, as I have built up a collect of estate pipes that I bought from various locations in my area. While these serve me well I wanted an un-smoked pipe. That’s when I cam across this beauty, I am on a strict budget and this pipe more than falls in the range that I am willing to spend brand new. This pipe smokes great and as well as my Bringham. If you are looking for hardwood pipes and don’t have a ton to spend I recommend the Ozark for sure. Looking forward to buying some of the other hardwood pipes in the future.

  36. Kenneth (verified owner)


    I’ve never smoked anything but a cob but this seems to smoke a little hot….May just be me but it’s still a very nice pipe and it looks great and has a good draw

  37. earnest

    great little solid wood pipe

    first pipe that was not a cob the rest are still mm first mm was an old one that was handed down and used well had to get a new stem. the cherry smokes great and it is really light great for clenching. only one problem i liked it so much that i have to get a few more also received a maple gave it as a gift i like the cherry better since i prefer bent pipes.

  38. PHILIP L (verified owner)



  39. Michael Oliva (verified owner)

    Wonderful, Wonderful Pipes

    I’ve ordered and smoked these pipes for years. Both these pipes are absolutely great. The pipes are immaculate when delivered, the pipes are very durable. The stems are interchangeable, which is very fun and convenient. It’s best when they are bought together as a pair. Made in America!!!!!! For the price, quality, customer service and smoke; these pipes and Missouri Meerschaum Co. is the best of the best. No other company comes close.

  40. puddle

    just right size

    Bought two in cherrywood stain bent stem. One for the truck, and one for the tractor. I really prefer the MM corn cobs but when I’m out working I want a short smoke, these pipes are great. Tough enough to work with in your mouth, you dont have to worry about it if you drop it. I sanded the inside alittle bit when I got them, it had a small amount of stain inside the bowl. I dont use filters on any MM pipes. These pipes did need some break in time before they smoked great, unlike the corn cobs which require very little.

  41. Benjamin (verified owner)

    One of my new favorites!

    I am amazed how well this pipe smokes! Stays lit after one or two lights. It’s light weight and looks nice! It’s now one of my favorites!

  42. Greg

    Awsome pipe

    This pipe is the best! if you want to smoke a pipe and you dont want to spend alot of money then this pipe is for you.

  43. Bret

    My favourite pipe

    I picked up one of these pipes at a convenience store in my town for 12 dollars. I absolutely love it! It is my favourite pipe. I love the look of it, the light weight and how cool the smoke is. Now that I know how much they cost on here, I’ll be sure to pick up plenty more!

  44. Triva (verified owner)

    My first hardwood

    Absolutely amazing. Sturdy, lightweight, cool smoking and low price. At these prices with this quality, I may never buy another briar.

  45. Kevin

    Great pipe

    I have had this pipe for several years. I have really enjoyed it. I will most likely buy another one when the time comes.

  46. Kybill54


    I bought a straight diplomat and LOVED IT !!. so I decided to buy a straight Ozark straight to add to it. I know I will like it. The diplomat is a cool smoke . That is what I’m looking for.

  47. Skip


    Plain and simple pipes that are by for the best. Really smoke great. Cool and a good draw. As good if not better than all the rest.

  48. Teejrocks

    Amazing lightweight wood pipes

    I purchased one of each of the Ozark Mountain pipes and am extremely satisfied with both of them. They are a very stylish and extremely lightweight solid wood pipe.
    This is a product with great value!

  49. Ruffinogold


    I really like these ! I have one of each ! They smoke fine and I enjoy Cherry Flavored tobaccos in them most for some reason . I keep one in my barn on my ” Tinker ” work table along with a Jar of a Cherry Flavored tobacco . It makes Tinkering even more pleasurable ! Cool smoking and easy to clench .

  50. Randy


    I got the cherry finish one and I have to say it’s one of the best pipes I’m smoked. The bowl is just the right size and it gives a smooth, coll smoke. I certainly intend on buying more pipes from this site/company!

  51. Tom Stormcrowe

    Outstanding, especially for the money…….

    I truly enjoy this pipe! I have the cherry finish bent, and it broke in fast, and smokes very nicely. I’ve been on a lifetime quest for the perfect pipe, and this one has come closest, so far. It compares favorably to my Petersens and Savinellis for flavor and quality of smoking.

  52. Candyman

    Nice sturdy pipe

    Nice sturdy pipe, holds up well to abuse. Its size fits well in a pocket or pouch. This pipe will last a good long time with care.

  53. Sascha

    my weekend pipe…..

    I Like this Pipe. Its my pipe that i use on weekend. I like the Hardwood, the finish, its a great unexpensiv light pipe for every man….. Greeting Sascha (sorry , my english is not the best, i´m from Germany)

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