Charles Towne Cobbler Corn Cob Pipe


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The Charles Towne Cobbler Corn Cob Pipe is the result of a collaboration between Missouri Meerschaum Company and the legendary blending house Cornell & Diehl. This pipe is part of a series between these two storied companies.

Elegant and stately. Need we say more? The Charles Towne Cobbler has proven to be a wildly popular pipe featuring a red bent Italian acrylic bit with a nickel accent, a tall billiard-style bowl, an attractive black stain, and fitted with a hardwood plug in the bottom of the bowl. The best thing you could do with this pipe is to fill it with your favorite Cornell & Diehl tobacco!

Ideal for a night on the town and equally at home by the fireplace, the Charles Towne Cobbler is a crowd pleaser for a reason.

Due to the nature of the corn cobs themselves, you may notice some chipping on the top edge of your pipe. This is perfectly normal and won’t in any way affect the way your pipe smokes. The chips only add to the charm and character of your corn cob pipe. Enjoy!


Red Bent Bit Only


Approximate Dimensions

Length: 5.81 in / 147.57 mm

Bowl Height: 2 in / 50.8mm

Chamber Diameter: .74 in / 18.79 mm

Chamber Depth: 1.41 in / 35.81 mm

Note: Due to the unique nature of a corncob and acrylic stems there will be some variations between the pipe received compared to the one photographed.

40 reviews for Charles Towne Cobbler Corn Cob Pipe

  1. Lee fogle (verified owner)

    An exquisite pipe and a great addition to my cob collection! Feels great in my hand and smokes good too.

  2. gavila71

    Sin dudas el diseño mas atractivo de M.M. hasta el momento, y una de mis pipas favoritas. Gran estética, fumada perfecta y un precio accesible, que mas pedir?

  3. ckcutler5

    Favorite cob – have a few nicer pipes (new and estate) and tried cob pipes for fishing… so I didn’t trash or lose an expensive pipe. Loved the weight of the cob and how cool they smoke – but didn’t care for the cheap bit. Moved up to an acrylic bit w/ the Charles Towne Cobbler and couldn’t be happier.
    Keep a few peppered around in the car, backpack, w/ fly gear… but more often than not it’s the pipe I grab because of the weight and how I choose to smoke it. I may never buy an expensive briar again.

  4. Midnight68

    Easily the best pipe I have ever owned, and my absolute favorite. It has smoked perfectly every time, from the time I first took it out of the box. It is handsome, feels great in the hand, and the quality of its construction and craftsmanship are outstanding. It is literally a perfect pipe! Job well done, Missouri Meerschaum!!!

  5. Gary Barnes (verified owner)

    Just received my Towne Cobbler today and as soon as I opened the box I knew that me favorite pipe my Country Gentleman had some competition for the #1 spot. Just a great looking and great smoking pipe. I chose Cornell & Diehl Bayou Night to be the first smoke. Pipe smoke great. I did notice upon opening the box and trying the pipe out there was a small obstruction in the stem. After just a few minutes I had it cleared up and ready to go. I have already ordered my second pipe tonight.I will be getting a couple more just to have on hand. Do yourself a big favor and order you one today.

  6. mcgrawe5 (verified owner)

    A truly fantastic smoking experience!

    The artisans of Missouri Meerschaum in collaboration with master blending house Cornell and Diehl, have hand crafted this truly unique and awesome pipe for your smoking pleasure. You’ll find the very best of both worlds here. Wether it be the rugged charm and sophistication of a its dark stained bowl, or its stylish Italian acrylic bit, this pipe has something for everyone. The bowls lightweight design, and bits wide stem, make for a great hands free clenching experience! It’ll smoke all your favorite C&D tobacco perfectly.
    -Active Duty AF member

  7. david-4315 (verified owner)

    What a really nice Cob. I now have two of these and love them. I also just got an Emerald as well. I can’t wait to have a bowl in it. I have been smoking Sutliff Molto Dolce it in. It’s a nice cool smoke and no bite in spite of the tobacco being wet.

  8. flangster16

    What a fantastic pipe at a very good price. I purchased the bent version and it clenches in the mouth very comfortably and is lightweight. The swirled colour stem is eye, catching and people have asked me about it. The bowl is finished like country gentlemen pipes with a hardwood insert. This and my other cobs, (country gentlemen and diplomat gift sets) smoke as good if not better than any of my briars. I’m waiting on the Emerald which I’m sure will be as good quality. Eventually I will definitely get the Cobbit set. Thank you Missouri Meershaum. Glenn, Ireland

  9. jangles

    fantastic pipe

    just to say its a jolly good pipe, and a great freind

  10. Pilgrim Piper

    Great Looking Pipe

    When I opened the package I was pleased. The pipe is much nicer in hand than the photo can describe. I saved it for quite awhile before smoking it because I found it to be more special than I originally thought it would be. I wanted to find the “right” tobacco to smoke in it. I found a blend containing perique that is a perfect compliment with the pipe. I really like the fit of the bit in the stem. Great pipe. It has become one of my favorites by MM.

  11. PipeCat

    A real working CLASS pipe

    The size, the shape, the look… Just perfect, anywhere, anytime. Holds a lot of leaf and smokes as good as or better than any expensive briar or meer. The stem gives it real charm, at the perfect angle. Interestingly, I got mine in an auction when these first came out and availability was tough, and I will never part with it. Every pipe lover needs (at least) one.

  12. Shrekoutdoors

    One cool smoking pipe

    I’m new to smoking a pipe, I tried in the past and would get the bowl so hot trying to keep it lit, I couldn’t touch it, but this baby only gets warm, smokes good and looks awesome. Next purchase will be the Emerald, another great looking pipe

  13. Jim

    An excellent pipe!

    I have a lot of pipes, including Stanwells, Petersons, Ben Wades, Nordings, just to name a few. I was originally dismissive of corn cob pipes but a buddy at work got me to try one. I was instantly hooked. They are cool, sweet, dry smokers, and they break in very quickly (second only to Stanwells, which are essentially broken in when you buy one). This particular pipe is a joy to smoke. The attractive acrylic bit is very comfortable, much like a Danish bit. Excellent hang in your mouth, no real effort to clench. Nice, deep, all day bowl. The pipe stays lit and is a pleasure to smoke, cool and dry (once broken in, after 3-4 smokes). You should get one! Cheers

  14. WvRedhiker

    Great pipe

    This pipe, and good tobacco go a long way together. It feels like MM makes these just for you, they’re that good. Smokes well, never too hot. Stays lit easily. And for such an awesome pipe, a great price too. I hope they keep this in the lineup for a very long time.

  15. Nate

    Handsome pipe!

    Handsome pipe, smokes well, my favorite so far!

  16. Jim

    Excellent cob!

    This is a wonderful cob. I have several from this company, but this is my new favorite. Generally speaking I prefer bits made from Vulcanite, but the acrylic bits on these pipes are very comfortable in my old man’s teeth, similar to a bit on a fine Danish briar. The pipe has a nice “hang,” I can hold it in my mouth all day, its not heavy at all. It smokes really well right out of the box, stays lit and is sweet and cool. Highly recommend this pipe.

  17. Shawn

    Not A Corny Cob Pipe

    Poor man’s Meerschaum with pizazz. Great look, good feel and quality. Not a corny cob but a true smoking pleasure. This and The Emerald are two of my new favorites.

  18. August

    Top pipe

    Cobs are quickly becoming my go-to pipes. The Charles Towne Cobbler is a major reason why. The look is sharp, the hand-feel is really good, and it smokes like a dream.

  19. Matt.Cat (verified owner)

    Favorite pipe!

    This pipe looks incredible. The bit alone makes the pipe well worth the cost. From the feel, appearance, and weight, to how perfect the draw is – this has easily become my favorite pipe.

  20. JohnnyReb

    Favorite Cob Pipe

    This is my favorite corn cob pipe! Its the only one thats a true ” bent” pipe instead of just having a bent bit. It smokes really well but it does have a tight draw due to the bit having a very narrow hole. Fits in the hand like a glove and because its a bent pipe its perfect for relaxing with in your favorite chair

  21. Tom Horn

    Your, “Sunday-Go-To-Meeting Pipe”

    Smokes as fine, as it is elegant. So comfortable in the hand, you’ll think you grew a sixth finger shaped like a cob, from the webbing between your index finger and your thumb. Love the nice wide stem/very comfortable. Fill it with some Cornell & Diehl, Cajun Kake; Five O’clock Shadow; or Sunday Picnic, and watch your cares go up in smoke. A “must have” in your pipe rotation.

  22. Mike G


    Not only is this pipe super cool looking but much like all other mm’s it’s a great smoker

  23. Ironworker Jeff

    Kool Cob

    Not only is this cob pipe Cool looking, But it smokes as Cool as it looks. I love this pipe it is a sipper, just a nice relaxing pipe to chill out with and sip on. The air way through the bit is just right if your looking for a nice slow draw to taste every puff of your tobacco. Keep up the good work MM You guys have taken Cob pipes to a new level simply the BEST!!! Ironworkers Cowboys in the sky smoke MM COBS.

  24. Joseph (verified owner)

    Very nice.

    I’m new to pipe smoking and ordered it as soon as it was available. Every time I use it, it just gets better! The reason for 4 stars in quality is due to the fact that the stem seems to be a little off center, but you’d only notice it if you really look for it. It feels great in my hand, never gets too hot, and is perfect for that end of day relaxing smoke.

  25. Mick


    This is my new favorite pipe, looks elegant, great hand feel, and of course smokes wonderful. It’s newly made, so had a small amount of varnish taste (not good, but only happened after 2 bowls). Will let it sit for a few weeks to settle in and dry out. Excellent pipe overall.

  26. C


    Couldn’t be happier.

  27. John

    Very good cob

    Received my pipe Saturday 10/13/18 first impression very well made cob pipe love the acrylic stem. I am about 6 smokes into this plpe already. Hardly any break in time each Bowl smokes better than the prior one. If you enjoy cob pipes don’t even think about it just get one!

  28. Gerry (verified owner)

    Briar purists, take a look at this pipe!

    I received mine a few weeks ago, and it’s been smoking like a champ since the first bowl. When I received it, I took MM’s advice by loading it with a C&D product, John Marr. I sat here and messed around on the ‘puter for a while, and eventually realized it had gone out. I picked up a lighter, then before I tried to light the tobacco I saw that I had actually finished the bowl. That’s with no break in whatsoever, and staying cool with no harsh flavors. This pipe smokes just as well or better than every briar pipe I own. The bowl is thick and heavy, and appears to be very durable. It’s nice looking too, and I don’t think the pictures do it justice. The stem is a major improvement over the plastic one found on my other MM cobs. The size and shape fit my hand perfectly, and it’s a very comfortable pipe to hold in the mouth for a while. If you are a dedicated briar smoker who’s skeptical of cobs, my advice would be to try one of these and see what an amazing value they are. If you squint real hard and close one eye, you might even forget that the pipe in your hand is made of a vegetable instead of wood. Minor gripe: the metal ferrule was a little chewed up, but I figure it just adds character. I’ll be picking up a Carolina Gent very soon.

  29. pier/Italy

    Top of the line

    Looks beautiful, draw is perfect and if properly packed and puffed it stays lit one hour or more. Not the pipe I grab when I go hunting or collecting firewood (I have many Legends for that) but for a pleasant smoke after dinner, this is unbeatable.

  30. Corky

    Great pipe

    Nice pipe,the stem is perfect. The bowl is the perfect size. This pipe over all is not to big to ” clench” but not too small of a bowl. I just ordered another one.

  31. Alan Pak

    My favorite pipe

    I used to be adamant about straight stemmed pipes, but since buying the cobbler I have now seen the light. Beautifully crafted and smokes like a chimney. As a dedicated cob smoker, it’s my duty to declare this one the best pipe in my collection.

  32. Michael (verified owner)

    Not the best cob

    I wanted to be excited about this cob, but its performance has just been mediocre at best. This pipe has big troubles staying lit and just does not provide a quality smoke . Yes, this is an attractive looking pipe, but thats about all it does well . The Country gentleman provides a much better smoke and looks just as good.

  33. Lower Alabama Piper

    Very nice smoker

    This is the best purchase of a cob pipe I’ve ever made. Great job to those involved in creating this pipe. This one is in my rotation on a regular basis. I like it so much in fact, I will be purchasing a couple of more.

  34. Thomas (verified owner)

    Worth Every Penny

    I missed out on this pipe the first time around, but thanks to excellent customer service notifying me when they were back in stock I now have one. This new addition the the MM lineup smokes as beautiful as it looks. I find the stem to be extremely comfortable. Another great pipe by MM! Thanks.

  35. Scott (verified owner)

    My favorite

    WOW! I love the Charlestown Cobbler. I can see why y’all can’t keep them in stock. This has become my favorite pipe to relax with late in the day. Thanks for a great pipe.

  36. Leo

    Superb COB

    This has become the flagship of my Cob rotation. I purchased two when they were released. So glad I did. For me, it is perfection. Thanks MM & CD for your exciting vision. Bravo!!! Keep ’em coming.

  37. JJvonhaynau

    Great pipe

    A corn cob pipe that not only compares to, but even surpasses a briar.
    This pipe not only has an acrylic stem but also a slightly tighter draw which makes it the best cob I’ve ever smoked.
    MM might consider fitting acrylic stems on more of their pipes.

  38. TBrodeur85

    My new favorite cob

    Newest addition to my cob collection and a new favorite. It won’t be my camping, hunting, or fishing cob but it’s certainly my porch rocker cob. It’s a beauty for sure. Holds enough tobacco for a nice relaxing 40 minute smoke. Smokes cool and dry and the acrylic bit adds quality and appeal.

  39. Piper McFuzz

    Great smokin’ cob

    I just got my Towne Cobbler in the mail, and enjoyed a half-bowl of Haunted Bookshop – fantastic cob. It’s really the best one I’ve tried in 18 years of pipe smoking. This one just earned a spot in my regular rotation (and is the only corn cob pipe to do so), and I can tell it’s going to smoke even better with time. Smoked cool, dry and it does have a gentle “sweetness” to it. I may need to buy a couple more. Thanks, Missouri Meerschaum and Co!

  40. Hunter

    A Necessary Addition to Your Collection

    This is a very unique pipe design for MM. The bowl walls are thick, the bowl itself is deep and wide, and the curve of the stem and the red bit make for a beautiful looking pipe. A perfect hands-free pipe!

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