Maple Hardwood Apple Diplomat Pipe


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The Maple Hardwood Apple Diplomat Pipe offers our popular robust Apple Diplomat bowl design paired with the classical style of Maple hardwood resulting in a timeless classic.

This pipe is available in bent or straight, with a filtered bit.

Don’t miss out on having this truly unique hardwood in your collection.

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Available as Straight or Bent Bit

Apple Bowl Shape

6 mm Filter

Approximate Dimensions

Straight Length:   6.25 in / 158.75 mm

Bent Length:   6 in / 152.4 mm

Bowl Height:   1.75 in / 44.45 mm

Chamber Diameter:   .75 in / 19.05 mm

Chamber Depth:   1.5 in / 38.1 mm

Additional information

Bit Type


5 reviews for Maple Hardwood Apple Diplomat Pipe

  1. Jonas Lennevald (verified owner)

    A pipe with excellent smoking qualities. Many bowls with different mixtures has been smoked in this pipe. And it smokes great. It takes a while to build cake, char the wooden stem that protrudes in to the bowl, but when done this pipe became my favourite pipe.

  2. PAPipes (verified owner)

    I have the corn Cobb version of this pipe. Comparing the 2 the corn Cobb version is much better in feel and overall smoking. I have briars as well. The maple wood is nice, but balance is off. I really like the corn Cobb pipes by Missouri Meerschaum. If you are a beginner try a Cobb first or one of these hardwoods. If experienced it is worth the time and money to try both.

  3. Mark Beckert (verified owner)

    As an owner of 6 MM’s (4 Cobs and 2 Maples) I love them all but the maples are my “go-to” pipes. They burn cool, no gurgling, stays lit and packed with my Great Dane tobacco, burns a nice long time. Thanks to all the folks there at MM for all the great smoking products!

  4. Dylan Davidson-Talley (verified owner)

    This is a perfect beginner pipe. It is inexpensive for the quality and forgiving of mistakes. I see it remaining a member of my collection for years.

  5. Bryan Baltz

    How does this smoke so well?!

    I’ve put 6 bowls through mine so far, various different blends, and this big beautiful bargain smoked cool and dry and delicious seemingly regardless of tobacco or packing method. Everything has stayed perfectly lit, requiring basically no re-lights, yet it never got hot or wet.

    I am a diehard Missouri Meerschaum fan, all of my MM pipes smoke wonderfully but this and my Danger Poker beat out numerous pipes I own costing 10x what I paid for this.

    Missouri Meerschaum is truly an American legend.

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