• The Classic Trio Pipe Set from Missouri Meerschaum is a smokin’ delight for all. Appealing to pipe smokers of all kinds, it features the Jamestowne Clay Pipe, Ozark Mountain Hardwood Pipe and Missouri Pride Corn Cob Pipe all in straight. This Classic Trio Pipe Set will arrive in a handsome, rustic brown, Missouri Meerschaum Co. crossed pipe burlap bag perfect for any gift giving opportunity or just to spoil yourself. This classic will never go out of style, so order your set today!      
  • The Deluxe Trio Pipe Set from Missouri Meerschaum Co. is for the smoker who has top-shelf tastes! This beautiful set features a Virginia Planter bamboo stemmed pipe, a bent Country Gentleman corn cob pipe and a bent Maple Hardwood Apple Diplomat pipe. Your Deluxe Trio Pipe Set  will arrive in a handsome, rustic brown Missouri Meerschaum Co. crossed-pipe burlap bag for perfect gift-giving – for someone you love, or just yourself! Remember, you’d never pass up a deluxe cheeseburger, so don't pass on this Deluxe Trio Pipe Set. Order Yours Today!      
  • The Trio Old Dominion Clay Pipe Set from Missouri Meerschaum features the following: The Old Dominion Willamsburg Clay Pipe honors the capital of the Virginia Colony during the 18th Century, a shorter stemmed pipe that would have been in the hands of those traversing the Colonial landscape. This clay pipe is perfectly compact and features a generous, yet subdued, bowl. The Old Dominion Jamestowne Clay Pipe is a tribute to the first, and most famous, of English settlements in North America. This pipe is longer stemmed, the rim adorned with decorative milling, and features a small, yet bulbous, bowl for smoking a “pinch” of tobacco. The The Old Dominion “The Dutchman” Clay Pipe is a faithful reproduction of a 19th century Dutch clay pipe. This short, stout pipe with it’s easy draw makes it ideal for a large pinch of your favorite tobacco. The Dutchman’s size makes it perfect for storage in the pocket on those long voyages! is a faithful reproduction of a 19th century Dutch clay pipe. These are fashioned from non-toxic, commercially produced clay, and bisque fired, as were the originals. See further details below


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