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In 2013, Missouri Meerschaum was approached at the St. Louis Pipe Show by Master Blender Russ Ouellette with the idea of creating a series of old American-style tobaccos optimized for enjoyment in Corn Cob Pipes. Since Cobs smoke naturally cool and sweet, Russ wanted to take advantage of those wonderful properties. We loved his idea, and the results are our four “tin-quality” pouch blends optimized for enjoyment in a Corn Cob Pipe – a Cavendish, an American/English, a Burley, and a more modern-style Virginia/Perique – all of which are universally well liked by discriminating pipe enthusiasts!

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    Lord Morgan

    Lord Morgan Crumble Kake Special Edition Aromatic English blend isn't for the faint of heart. This delectable mixture of 65% Cyprian Latakia is carried aloft with Oriental, Virginia, Burley tobaccos and a dash of Perique. If this was not enough to stimulate the palate, then surely knowing that this tobacco was aged in a top shelf bourbon barrel for 9 months, then pressed into a Crumble Kake, should be enough to send you over the edge. This is the preferred smoke of Lords. Limit of 5 Order yours today! Made in the USA! 50g tin    
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    Holiday Bundle #3 skates into the spotlight in full festive charm! Featuring a handsome, bent Country Gentleman corn cob pipe paired with your choice of one Missouri Meerschaum Company pipe tobacco pouch and a pouch humidifier. All bundled in our handsome Missouri Meerschaum burlap bag! Rudolph take me away because it doesn't get much better than this! Order your today!  
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    Holiday Bundle #4 features a straight Emerald corn cob pipe and a tin of our delicious Missouri Meerschaum 150th Anniversary Crumble Cake Tobacco with a wind cap to keep Old Man Winter from stifling your flame. All will be bundled in our handsome Missouri Meerschaum burlap bag ready to be gifted and received. You will be a bundle of Joy when you receive this bundle! Get yours today!   See Product Description below for more details. Due to the nature of the corn cobs themselves, you may notice some chipping on the top edge of your pipe. This is perfectly normal and won’t in any way affect the way your pipe smokes. The chips only add to the charm and character of your corn cob pipe. Enjoy!
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    Holiday Bundle #5 will definitely deck the halls this Holiday Season and warm the heart of even the grouchiest Scrooge! This striking bundle features the 12″ Missouri Meerschaum Trademark Metal Sign, our Let Freedom Ring gift set and your choice of one Missouri Meerschaum Company pipe tobacco pouch! Leave this bundle setting out for Santa and you just might find him having a bowl, and not of jelly! Order your today!
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    Holiday Bundle #7 is like warm Apple pie, you just gotta have it! This bundle features your choice of a bent Apple Diplomat corn cob pipe, or a bent Maple Hardwood Apple Diplomat pipe, our authentic Missouri Meerschaum leather tobacco pouch and a tobacco pouch humidifier.  All this is bundled in an authentic Missouri Meerschaum burlap bag! Get your slice of warm apple pie today! Order now! See Product Description below for more details.  
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    This Missouri Meerschaum Company Burlap Bag is dark brown with Missouri Meerschaum Company and the crossed cob pipes imprinted on the front in a light tan. It is a handsome burlap drawstring bag for presenting that perfect gift or packing your cobs and tobaccos in. Get yours today!  
  • Missouri Pride Pipe Tobacco is the kind of blend that most pipe enthusiasts would associate with the Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob experience. This is a classic American-style blend of superb quality Burleys with some Virginias added, and minimal top flavoring. The blend is made up of broken flake with some ribbon-cut Burley for a nice, even burn, and the flake processing adds a deeper flavor to the tobacco. "For a smooth blend with real tobacco flavor you can enjoy all day long, try a pouch of Missouri Pride." ~ Courtesy of TobaccoReviews.com See Product Description below for more details.
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    Inspired by the first widely popular Christmas carol written in the U.S., We Three Kings alludes to the Magi who traveled to the nativity bearing exotic spices and treasures. Delivering a lightly topped Virginia/Oriental blend, with notes of baked goods enhancing the flue-cured and sun-cured leaves' inherent sweetness and spice. A dark, confectionary tanginess mixes with richer brown sugar tones on the palate, elevated further by a slightly earthy and floral note — reminiscent of freshly baked cookies and other holiday treats. This is a blend that is not only delicious and sweet, but also a perfect blend of the holiday season- certain to delight even Scrooge. Tis the season, so share a bowl of this blend around the fire with a cup full of joy, and a heart full of merry.
  • American Patriot Pipe Tobacco

    American Patriot Pipe Tobacco is a highly unusual type of blend to find in a pouch. This is a Latakia-based blend enhanced by quality Virginia leaf and the exotic influence of Turkish Smyrna, with just a touch of Burley for excellent burning characteristics. A light top note of Kentucky Bourbon makes for a nice addition to the aroma, but is undetectable in the flavor. "For a superb value in an English-style blend, light up a bowl of American Patriot." ~ Courtesy of TobaccoReviews.com
  • Country Gentleman Pipe Tobacco

    Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman Pipe Tobacco represents a unique departure among pouch tobaccos. This blend features a mixture of premium bright and red Virginias, which is enriched with Perique, and a small amount of dark-fired Kentucky for body. "This is a tobacco that would be at home in a tin with a higher price tag, but in keeping with the Missouri Meerschaum mission, it comes to you at an easily affordable price. Enjoy the naturally sweet, and tangy character of Country Gentleman." ~ Courtesy of TobaccoReviews.com See Product Description below for more details.
  • Great Dane Pipe Tobacco

    Our Great Dane Pipe Tobacco is a Danish-inspired aromatic tobacco since our Missouri Meerschaum Great Dane pipes are our take on Danish designs. This is a deep, sweet Cavendish blend with notes of dark cherry and fragrant vanilla. "Missouri Meerschaum's Great Dane Pipe Tobacco blend consists of a good portion of gently steamed black Cavendish, select Virginias, and some white Burley that have been topped with a smooth, rich combination of a deep, dark cherry, without the sharpness of the typical "maraschino" flavor, and warm notes of vanilla and caramel, for an easy-smoking blend with a lightly sweet flavor and an amazing aroma." ~ Courtesy of TobaccoReviews.com See Product Description below for more details.
  • Independence Day Pipe Tobacco -0

    Independence Day Pipe Tobacco

    The newest version of our Missouri Meerschaum Independence Day Tobacco blend is a must try! This soft aromatic blend has a vanilla leading the way with a light splash of Cyprian Latakia to add a smoky note. Though different from the 2015 version, this intriguing aromatic English blend will fast become a favorite in your Missouri Meerschaum corncob pipe. 1.5 oz tin  

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