Pipe Force Episode V


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The Pipe Force Episode V is a Per Georg Jensen signature Series.

Hot-pressed and ready rubbed Rustica is stoved, resulting in a smoothing of the bold leaf, but its familiar BBQ tang and floral spice are preserved, dynamically complementing the caramelized sweetness of the Stoved Virginia.

The Oriental Katerini takes to the Cavendish process beautifully, offering herbal, woody undertones. The result is an exotic mélange with a vitality that reimagines what a stoved mixture can be.

Tobaccos are Stoved Katerini, Stoved Rustica, Stoved Virginia.

Pipe Force, a series that celebrates pipe smoking by showing innovation isn’t a thing of the past, there are still frontiers to explore.

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1.5oz tin

48 in stock


1.5oz tin

Hot-pressed and ready rubbed

Made In USA


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