The Emerald Corn Cob Pipe from Missouri Meerschaum maintains a deserved reference to Ireland, known affectionately as the Emerald Isle. The Emerald Corn Cob Pipe has a tall, billiard-style bowl with a hardwood plug and a green-and-cream-colored label on the bottom. The bent acrylic stem is green with a white swirl, and the stem is capped with an antique brass band. The combination of colors on this Missouri Meerschaum pipe are reminiscent of an Irish meadow, Irish cream liqueur, and a pot o’ gold!

Due to the nature of the corn cobs themselves, you may notice some chipping on the top edge of your pipe. This is perfectly normal and won’t in any way affect the way your pipe smokes. The chips only add to the charm and character of your corn cob pipe. Enjoy!