• Czech Pipe Tool

    The Czech Pipe Tool, often referred to as a "3n1 Pipe Tool" or "The Swiss Army Knife for Pipe Smokers" is a MUST for optimal pipe enjoyment. This handy tool features three components – a flat end for tamping your tobacco, a straight pick for fluffing ash or de-clogging your pipe, and a scoop for emptying your pipe. The three components all fold together to make it easy to keep in your pocket, vehicle, pipe bag, and more!
  • Cork Pipe Knocker-549903 Cork Pipe Knocker-0

    Cork Pipe Knocker

    This Cork Pipe Knocker from Missouri Meerschaum is a great way to modify your existing ashtray to meet your pipe smoking needs. This self-adhesive Cork Pipe Knocker is perfect for safely and gently knocking out ashes from your pipe. It is designed to turn any ashtray into a functional pipe ashtray. The adhesive cork pipe knocker is approximately 1.5” in diameter.
  • Tobacco Pouch Humidifier from Missouri Meerschaum Tobacco Pouch Humidifier from Missouri Meerschaum
    The Tobacco Pouch Humidifier from Missouri Meerschaum is a convenient way to keep your pipe pouch tobacco from drying out. All you need to do is immerse the Tobacco Pouch Humidifier in cold water and place it in your pipe pouch. The options for this convenient and portable humidifier are endless. Pick yours up today!  
  • New
    There is sure a lot to love about this Valentine's Day Bundle 2021.  It features a Flat Washington bowl accented with a red shank with a white royal bit. Paired with your choice of 1oz of Creme Brulee or 1oz of Z92 Vanilla Custard tobacco and two BJ Long regular pipe cleaners. Sutliff: Creme Brulee is creamy vanilla, caramel and honey harmonized with Burley, Virginia and flavored Black Cavendish to create a delicious blend. Sutliff: Z92 Vanilla Custard is a sweet bright Virginia with mellow Burley and soft black Cavendish finished with rich combinations of vanilla flavors to create a smooth and easy blend. Quantities are limited, so order this beloved bundle today! See Product Description below for more details.
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