BJLong Soft Rubber Pipe Bits


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Commonly referred to as “Softee Bits,” BJLong Soft Rubber Pipe Bits are rubber sleeves that mimic a traditional bit to aid in the grip, comfort, and protection of pipe bits. Great for hands-free pipe smoking! Made In USA.

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Black Rubber Sleeves
2 Count

1 review for BJLong Soft Rubber Pipe Bits

  1. Matt.Cat (verified owner)

    Enhancing the pipe experience

    These rubber sleeves are GREAT! Most of my cobs have bite marks/indents all over the bits. Now with these in play, not only are the bits staying protected (and lasting longer), but clenching has become so much more enjoyable. I’ve got these sleeves on all my pipes, ranging from Legends and Cobbits, to the Charles Towne Cobbler. Once you’re finished smoking, just be sure to lightly lift the sleeve, and clean underneath, to ensure no saliva gets trapped in there.

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