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    Holiday Bundle #7 is like warm Apple pie, you just gotta have it! This bundle features your choice of a bent Apple Diplomat corn cob pipe, or a bent Maple Hardwood Apple Diplomat pipe, our authentic Missouri Meerschaum leather tobacco pouch and a tobacco pouch humidifier.  All this is bundled in an authentic Missouri Meerschaum burlap bag! Get your slice of warm apple pie today! Order now! See Product Description below for more details.  
  • Leather Tobacco Pouches

    As long as there have been pipe smokers, there have been pipe pouches – fine leather devices that are not only designed to carry a person's pipe and tools, but also their desired blend of tobacco everywhere they go! Just as the cowboy had his saddle bags, the outlaw had his holster, and the mountain man had his possibles bag, the pipe smoker needs a pouch specifically made to carry a pipe, tobacco, and tools across the land in the search of riches and adventure and, of course, relaxation. This authentic Leather Tobacco Pouch from Missouri Meerschaum is available in a smooth Classic Black, rugged nubuck in Oak Brown, a softly textured calf-skin in warm Chocolate Brown, and a boldly textured style in Burnt Expresso. Each is branded with a Missouri Meerschaum Company logo on the flap that securely fastens the tobacco compartment with sturdy steel snaps. In addition, there are two zippered compartments – one for tools and the other for an average-sized pipe. This leather pouch is perfect for the daily needs of the pipe smoker, so order one today!  

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