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    In honor of our friend and the founder of the Pipe Smokers Den (PSD) forum, Doug Erwin, we have created a pipe to pay tribute to his memory. A Missouri Meerschaum Cob is a fitting tribute to a man that spent many hours modifying cobs for himself and others to enjoy. We think this pipe is one that Doug would have loved having in his regular rotation. Doug preferred unfinished cobs with upgraded stems. For this memorial pipe we selected an unfinished Diplomat 5th Avenue cob, added a Carolina Gent shank, plus a stem type featured on Dagner Pokers, then all dressed up with a nickel band. The result is a unique dedication to the cob-modding patriarch of PSD.
  • The new Back to Our Roots line features the  Zenon. This sturdy, filtered, feel good in your hand, Maple Harwood Apple Diplomat features a nickel ferrule and our new rich green Danish bit! Named in honor of the Lieutenant-governor of what would be the state of Missouri, the Zenon is a pipe ahead of its time. See Product Description below for more details.
  • Maple Hardwood Apple Diplomat Pipe

    The Maple Hardwood Apple Diplomat Pipe offers our popular robust Apple Diplomat bowl design paired with the classical style of Maple hardwood resulting in a timeless classic. This pipe is available in bent or straight, with a filtered bit. Don’t miss out on having this truly unique hardwood in your collection. See Product Description below for more details.


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