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Missouri Meerschaum gives you more ways to enjoy your enthusiasm for cob pipe smoking with Cool Stuff. Our koozies keep your favorite beverage cold while you enjoy one of our Original Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipes.

  • You or your favorite pipe smoker will be delighted with a Missouri Meerschaum Gift Certificate! Choose the gift amount you wish, purchase through our regular checkout system, and we do all the rest! Available in amounts from $5 and up!
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    Keep all your favorite beverages cool with this great-looking Missouri Meerschaum Wood-Look Koozie, which features a wood-look background, the Missouri Meerschaum logo, pipe image, and our website address on the side, as well as our renowned seal on the bottom! Get some to share with your friends, too, while you enjoy our cool smoking corn cob pipes!
  • Our sharp-looking Missouri Meerschaum Black Koozie is imprinted with the Missouri Meerschaum logo as well as our pipe seal on its bottom – just like our pipes! – and will certainly help keep your favorite canned beverages cold enough to please your palette while enjoying your favorite cool smoking corn cob pipe! Order enough to offer them to your friends when they visit!
  • This 3-inch Missouri Meerschaum Vintage Vinyl Sticker is the same as our trademark label used on the bottom of our pipes that feature a hardwood plug. This label design was first used by Missouri Meerschaum over 100 years ago. You can put this all-weather sticker on your car, window, door, or any surface that needs some Missouri Meerschaum swag! It is as cool as our corn cobs pipes smoke!
  • Missouri Meerschaum Logo Shot Glass Shot Glass-0
    The Missouri Meerschaum Shot Glass is a great complement to a relaxing smoking session! Use it with your favorite adult beverage and enjoy pairing it with the cool smoking Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipe of your choice! This no-nonsense classical design is perfect for holding your favorite liquor or measuring for your favorite cocktail. Its sturdy construction can stand up to the rigors of daily use as well as adding flair to your barware collection! Available only as a clear 1.34 oz (52 ml) glass printed with the Missouri Meerschaum Company logo.
  • The Missouri Meerschaum Shot Glass features a classic corn cob graphic on the front with measurements in ounces and liters on the back giving way to an easy, consistent pour. Soon the Missouri Meerschaum Measurement Shot Glass will be in your spirits rotation just like your favorite cool smoking cobs are. Add some flavor to your drinks today, order now!  
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    Missouri Meerschaum Face Mask

    The Missouri Meerschaum Face Mask features our trademark logo imprinted on the right cheek. This stylish reusable mask is made up of a soft, black 100% cotton outer layer and a 100% poly white inner layer.  With an integrated metal nose frame and elastic straps with adjustable toggles, this mask will give you the comfortable fit you have been searching for. Don't delay get yours today! For more information see the product details.
  • Missouri Meerschaum Ceramic Mug

    The 14 oz. Missouri Meerschaum Ceramic Mug can handle anything you would like to put into it – tea, coffee, soup, or chili – the choices are endless! This microwave-safe mug features a retro granite design with the Missouri Meerschaum trademark accented by a black halo around the rim. Let’s just say it looks as cool as our pipes smoke!  
  • These splendid Missouri Meerschaum Etched Glasses are hand blown by a local artisan and feature a Missouri Meerschaum emblem etched into the side. Since they are hand blown, each glass is unique with thick, bubble-infused walls giving them an antique character. These dignified vessels include a Highball Glass, which awaits your cocktail, or a Beer Glass standing ready for a cold one. We are sure they will satisfy the heartiest of merrymakers!
  • Our Missouri Meerschaum Ornament opens a door to another place – a view of our factory from Front Street in Washington, Missouri! Not only is this a faithful recreation of our red brick building, it is also surrounded by a festive wreath coated in fresh snow, sprinkled with pinecones, a bit of mistletoe, and a handsome Country Gentleman pipe. This is a lovely portal to the world famous corn cob pipe factory and perfect for hanging on your tree! And when you put the tree away, you can still display the ornament on its included stand for a wonderful mantel display!  
  • Rollin' Down The River-0 Rollin' Down the River Book by Larry N. Campbell
    What started as an inherited idea ended with an amazing roadtrip in 2016 that was detailed in the book Rollin' Down the River written by Larry Campbell! In the summer of 2016, Larry set out from Three Forks, Montana, and followed the Missouri River (by car) from its source all the way through seven states of the Upper Midwest and Midwest to its majestic confluence with the Mississippi River near St. Louis. Join Larry as he revisits his magnificent adventure through pictures and stories of the river, its life, and its culture. Experience the breathtaking scenery that adorns the 2,341-mile path of the river. Visit the historical sites along the river – many marking the exploration of Lewis and Clark more than two centuries ago. Visit the various "river cities" – both large and small – along the way. And finally, meet the fantastic hosts and colorful personalities the author encountered and befriended during what he called "the trip of a lifetime on what is arguably the most unique river in the world!" (And there's even a little bit about Missouri Meerschaum in there, too!) Each copy of this gorgeous hardcover book is signed by the author.
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    Cob Quacker Duck Call by Missouri Meerschaum Company Cob Quacker Duck Call-0

    Cob Quacker Duck Call – Shape 1

    The Missouri Meerschaum Cob Quacker Duck Call is a functional accessory for any duck hunter as well as a unique and beautiful work of corn cob art! While Missouri Meerschaum's unique, hybrid corn produces cobs that can be turned into great-looking and great-smoking corn cob pipes, in the hands of a creative artisan our corn cobs can also be a versatile raw material  for other products. One such artisan in our local area is Dan Messerla, a wood turner. In addition to bowls and other items Dan turns on his lathe, he also creates duck calls using our corn cobs. After shaping the calls on his lathe, Dan progressively sands them through 600 grit and then applies a coating of walnut oil and cyanoacrylate to produce a beautiful and functional work of art. The calls are available in two different shapes and include a polycarbonate insert with either a single or double reed. The insert is available in two colors – smoke or bourbon. The calls also feature a pewter-colored metal band engraved with our company and town names. Since they are crafted by hand and each corn cob is different, the length of each call will vary from approximately 4 to 4.5 inches. When ordering, be sure to choose the shape desired (see product photo), reed type, and color to customize it exactly the way you want it!
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