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Eaton Corn Cob Pipe

Product Review (submitted on February 1, 2018):

Bought this Pipe at a shop here in Norway. After toll & import taxes as well as the shop needing to make a profit, it cost me about 15 dollars. Still, to that price, WHAT A PIPE! It burns smooth, no re-lights needed, gives the smoke an almost sweet and mellow flavor. I usually smoke my pipes with a 9mm filter, this pipe has none, but still the smoke is nice and cool. The pipe is so amazingly light, and the tobacco burns nice and even in it. The draw is perfect. Lasts me for about 20 minutes with a fully packed bowl. Only problem is that a little piece at the top corner has fallen of the pipe after keeping it in my pocket, and that annoys me a bit, still that is purely aesthetics, it functions perfectly. For the price and quality of the smoke, my briar pipe will be laying cool for a while. I feel blessed by owning this cob piece. Thinking i will own many more cobs like this in my life. An old time pipe smoker once said on a forum that if he could do it all over again (his pipe smoking romance that is) he would only smoke cobs, and non-aromatics. I seem to agree with him.