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Ozark Mountain Hardwood Pipe

Product Review (submitted on January 1, 2018):

It actually pains me somewhat to have to leave this review, but I feel it necessary. I brought a straight Ozark to go along with the bent I bought back it 2015. You can find my 5 star review still on page 1. I received my pipe with an order I placed containing some things I needed for some cob mods I was doing. Later that week I went to break it in and the shank was loose. I gave a small tug and the pipe came apart. I attempted a repair and smoked the pipe, which came apart again. Probably used the wrong glue, but when that happened I saw that during smoking the portion of the shank that was in the bowl had burned more than I thought it would on a first smoke. Admittedly I wouldn't have noticed if the pipe hadn't needed to be repaired in the first place. I have since repaired the pipe again and am hoping the third time is the charm. I hope that I just got a pipe that snuck through MM's typically excellent quality control. I have 7 MM pipes in my rotation so even though I had a minor issue with this pipe I still support a great pipe company and plan on smoking a Legend this very evening.