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Eaton Corn Cob Pipe

Product Review (submitted on May 13, 2013):

Wow is the best way to sum this pipe up. I purchased this after deciding to go back to pipes after many years of cigars. I brought out all my briar pipes that I have collected over the past 30 years and polised them up... vulcanite is still a bear to clean... and got them all ready for some great smoking. I ordred several different types of tobacco and not wanting to ghost my briars, I ordered this little pipe to try the tobacco. Well... I can say... after several months of pipe smoking enjoyment, my briars are still nice and clean and in the pipe stands... and my little Eaton provides me with a great, cool and very flavorful smoke each and every day. I just love this pipe... this is a non filter so you really get the flavor of the tobacco, plus this pipe seems to lend a coolness to the smoking experience. So if you are a briar smoker or are about to either being or go back to pipes, I would highly recommend getting this pipe and several others from MM. Do not let the price fool you, these are wonderful pipes that will bring hours of smoking enjoyment. Pardon me for now.. but just talking about this has me grabbing a tin of Sutliff and my Eaton as I head for the front porch to watch the stars come out. Cheers.