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10 Pipe Grab Bag of Smokable Seconds

Product Review (submitted on January 3, 2014):

My order of the 10 MM seconds arrived today and I'm quite happy with them. I ended up with 2 apple bowl Legends (1bent, 1 straight), 6 Washingtons (2 bent, 4 straight), 1 Mizzou (bent), and 1 Eaton. The imperfectons are quite minor. Some were marked with marker at/near the imperfections that I was able to remove by lightly scraping with a pocket knife. I smoked the bent Legend and it smoked great and the inexpensive Blender's Gold Peach Melba I picked up at Walgreens today smoked all the way to the bottom with no problems. So I can say that these pipes are worth what I paid for and then some. Now I'm thinking about getting a MacArthur next.

Stockbridge, GA