The Dutchman


The Old Dominion “The Dutchman” clay pipe is a faithful reproduction of a 19th century Dutch clay pipe. This short, stout pipe with it’s easy draw makes it ideal for a large pinch of your favorite tobacco. The Dutchman’s size makes it perfect for storage in the pocket on those long voyages!

Whether you need a fantastic smoking pipe or a piece of history, The Dutchman is right for you!

These are fashioned from non-toxic, commercially produced clay, and bisque fired, as were the originals.

In order to keep the pipes historically accurate, the pipe stems are not glazed.






Smooth Finish

Approximate Dimensions

Length:   5.01 in / 127.5 mm

Bowl Height:   1.47 in / 37.3 mm

Chamber Depth:   1.10 in / 28.0 mm

Chamber Diameter:   .65 in / 16.6 mm


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