Presbyterian Reformation


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This aromatic is sure to please with Danish flavorings added to cake-cut Burley, Virginia, and turkish tobaccos. The tobaccos are then pressed to elevate the naturally rich cocoa notes from the tobaccos which evokes a mocha bouquet.

These are limited numbered tins. So order now!

50g tin

74 in stock


50g tin


1 review for Presbyterian Reformation

  1. doug_morgan05 (verified owner)

    The name of the tobacco caught my eye because I’m a Presbyterian, but I couldn’t help but place an order when I saw the phrases “rich cocoa notes” and ” evokes a mocha bouquet.” Those are words I use when I tell folks about my favorite tobacco named after an amphibian but which is no longer produced.

    My order arrived today. I quickly grabbed my Huck Finn corncob pipe, loaded it up, went outside, and fired it up.

    No cocoa notes, no mocha bouquet, no resemblance to my departed “froggy” fave. But it did have an unexpected tongue and throat bite. I’ll characterize it as “manly.”

    Don’t get me wrong—it’s not a bad smoke; I’ll put in my rotation and share it with friends. It just didn’t deliver the description.

    I remain a loyal and enthusiastic Missouri Meerschaum customer.

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