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The Marcus Corn Cob Pipe from Missouri Meerschaum has a Dublin-shaped bowl with a hardwood bottom and is stained dark for a burnished appearance. The Marcus is a great smoking mid-sized pipe with a unique appearance!

The bowl is similar to but smaller than our Mark Twain pipe, hence the name Marcus.

Due to the nature of the corn cobs themselves, you may notice some chipping on the top edge of your pipe. This is perfectly normal and won’t in any way affect the way your pipe smokes. The chips only add to the charm and character of your corn cob pipe. Enjoy!

See Product Description below for more details.

Out of stock


Straight Bit


Approximate Dimensions

Length:  5 in / 127 mm

Bowl Height:  1.875 in / 47.625 mm

Chamber Diameter:  .75 in / 19.05 mm

Chamber Depth:  1.25 in / 31.75 mm

11 reviews for Marcus Corn Cob Pipe

  1. Gary Barnes

    Got up this morning and it was a very cool morning in NC so I wanted to start the day with a little Autumn Evening and was trying to decide what pipe I should use. Something drew me to the Marcus this time. My favorite pipe has been the Country Gentleman then I got a Charles Towne Cobbler and that moved to the top of the list. Now I am afraid that it has been bumped out of the #1 spot by the Marcus. Had only smoked it a couple of times before and had used to to try out some dye and actually put it up and forgot about it. I will be ordering me a couple more of these great pipes. Always thought this was a smaller pipe but this is a great midsize pipe. Only problem I have with Missouri Meerschaum pipes is that I have a hard time choosing a pipe when I want a smoke. But I think that is a good problem to have-because that means I will never make a bad choice when selecting a pipe to smoke. If yo haven’t got you one a Marcus yet don’t delay-get you one. You just might find you a new #1 pipe. Have a great day and hope you get to enjoy your favorite cob today.

  2. Uncle Squinty

    Gave my first Marcus away…replacing with two!

    If I have only one complaint, it is again about the quality of the stem. I would happily pay $2.00 -3.00 more for this pipe if it had a slightly longer, much more robust stem. Tht being said, I love this pipe! Cool smoking despite its shorter length, great bowl for a lunchtime smoke – 20 to 30 minutes. Looks really handsome. I allowed a friend to smoke a bowl in it when he arrived at my house without a pipe. He loved it so much I gave it to him, and now I’m back for another. Or two. Great pipe

  3. Pipeweed Dan

    Good and sturdy for a small pipe

    Nice and hefty, yet not too much so for clenching. Gets a good 30-45 minutes of smoking and can also use the non filtered slim stems to make it a full length pipe for a cooler smoke. Very nice looking pipe with the conical shape and dark stain. Very much worth the money.

  4. Kameel Elian


    Excellent Cob Got this one and an the emerald the other day . Love everything about the Marcus I see myself purchasing several more

  5. Gerry

    Another winner from MM

    This is one of my favorite MM shapes. It falls between a nose warmer and a regular sized pipe in size. I removed the nickel band (which fit too loose anyway, plus there’s a metal ferrule underneath), which really makes it look like a miniature Mark Twain. The bowl fits perfectly in the hand, and it has the nice thick walls and attractive stain of my other favorite MM cobs. It smokes a tad bit hot with some blends due to the short stem, but that’s expected due to the shorter stem length. My only minor gripe is that my shank was drilled a teeny bit crooked so that the bit points to the side a little. I doubt anyone besides me will notice it. Overall I’m very pleased and recommend this pipe.

  6. geoffrey

    Excellent Corn Cob, Maybe the best

    This is an excellent corn cob pipe. The shape is marvelous in the hand and the bit feels fine when smoking. This is maybe the best size, shape and feel for any of the great pipes I have smoked. Well done.

  7. louie


    I think this is one of the best pipes out there. performs great.

  8. Joshua (verified owner)

    New to pipe smoking

    I’m brand new to pipe smoking so I wanted to order a few inexpensive pipes to start out with. This pipe is the first one I lit up a bowl with. Now I’m just starting but damn was it smooth and looks really good.

  9. Leo

    Perfect Lunting companion

    A few of the newer designs by MM have caused me to love straight pipes. I’m mostly a ‘bent lover, but this Marcus is a joy to smoke, clinch, and go for a walk with. It is a perfect size for casual 1/2 hour or a bit more smoke. Also excellent for driving. I find it in my hand more often than I expected because it loads a very versatile timed amount of baccy. I throw less baccy away due to stopping a smoke short of finish due to my Marcus. The overall design is marvelous!

  10. Jeff

    This might be the best all-around corn cob pipe ever!

    First off…..I have over a handful of different cob pipes that I smoke and enjoy. I have a General, Rob Roy Legend, Washington with bent stem, Diplomat 5th Avenue, and a Morgan. This Marcus pipe arrived in the mail last week and I’ve been busy breaking it in. And, it has quickly risen to the top of my favorites. I used to like the big style pipes in the past. Originally I thought I needed a General pipe because it seemed like such a substantial cob. But now, the more I smoke my pipes the more I’m finding that I prefer the smaller pipes in the MM line. There are two pipes that get ALL of my smoking time now…..they are the Morgan (LOVE that pipe!) and this Marcus.
    The great things about the Marcus:
    1.) The bowl is bigger than a Legend and not far under the Diplomat 5th Avenue. That means I can get a longer smoke without having a bulky pipe in my teeth. To me, it is the perfect smoke length.
    2.) The fit and finish of the pipe is excellent. It feels good in the hand and feels good in the teeth. Just wish the bit could be a little beefier because I’m a chewer.
    3.) The wider nickel plated band is classic.
    4.) The darker stain is tasteful. I also love that the shaft is bare wood and not the painted on cob look of the Legend.
    5.) Gives over a 30-35 minute smoke if I take my time and sip.
    6.) Feels like a nice compromise between the Dagner and the Twain. Fits right in that gap.

    I have ordered a couple more of these to keep on hand (in case they ever drop the line), as well as to give each pipe a rest in rotation. I’m sure you will love this pipe. I was surprised how fast it moved into my top 2 pipes. As I said, the Morgan is my other addiction.
    A giant thank you to MM for such a great company (made in USA….awesome!) as well as fantastic customer service!

  11. Michael (verified owner)

    Great smoker

    I recently received my Marcus and loaded it up with some Prince Albert tobacco ,The pipe smokes marvelous nice and cool very good draw (as all my MM cobs have)Love smoking corn cob pipes they are so sweet tasting and cool smokers,The customer service from this company is fantastic ,I always call my orders in and Marilyn is always so helpful and pleasant I love the short pipes they smoke as cool as my Country Gentleman and my Diplomats I will continue to do business with this company because they make you feel like family and they are fair and honest people . Michael from New Jersey

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