MacArthur 5-Star Natural Straight Corn Cob Pipe


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Being a longtime fan of our Corn Cob Pipes, General MacArthur sent schematics to Missouri Meerschaum for a custom pipe. Of course we obliged!

The MacArthur 5-Star Corn Cob Pipe features a shortened tobacco chamber, which allowed for an easy smoke, the extended bowl makes the pipe easy to use as a pointer, and the long shank provides a cool smoking experience. All appreciated by the General!

When we sent him his creation, he was delighted and would rarely be seen in a photograph without it. Call it a quirk if you will, but the General would burn a ring around the shank on every new pipe he received.

When President Truman relieved MacArthur in 1951 during the Korean War, hundreds of sympathizers besieged us with orders for the iconic 5-Star MacArthur Corn Cob Pipe, and MacArthur’s creation became a legacy.

Today we still burn a ring around the shank in his honor. This pipe comes non-filtered with a straight black bit.

Due to the nature of the corn cobs themselves, you may notice some chipping on the top edge of your pipe. This is perfectly normal and won’t in any way affect the way your pipe smokes. The chips only add to the charm and character of your corn cob pipe. Enjoy!

See Product Description below for more details.


Straight Bit

Large, Deep, Conical-Shaped Natural Bowl


Approximate Dimensions

Length:   9.5 in / 241.3 mm

Bowl Height:   4.375 in / 111.125 mm

Chamber Diameter:   .75 in / 19.05 mm

Chamber Depth:   2 in / 50.8 mm

8 reviews for MacArthur 5-Star Natural Straight Corn Cob Pipe

  1. Jared Jones (verified owner)

    Not only a piece of history, a well crafted and perfectly smoking pipe as well. I’ve had mine for almost 9 months now and have never had a single problem. It is the best pipe out of all the ones I own. Well worth the price.

  2. Nina Reyes (verified owner)

    This pipe is in my collection.

    I’m one of the few women that has taken the plunge and enjoy the MacArthur 5-Star. Goes well with a bowl of Captain Black tobacco and a forever stem. Quick service and will add more in the future.

  3. Jacob Kochutin (verified owner)

    Impressive pipe and amazing service. I will be purchasing the Classic Mac in the future!

  4. Mitchell Gray

    I first bought this pipe in 2017 and have been using it consistently since then. If you’re here you already know the history, but I’ll tell you that this thing is a conversation piece for certain. I always get comments and questions and, in many ways, it’s almost become a part of my personality. Very good quality, and after all this time, I finally managed to break the bit. Easy enough fix, 65 cents and there’s another at your door. Great stuff from the Missouri Meerschaum Company.

  5. veronicarowe (verified owner)

    Just received the pipe.
    enjoying my first smoke with it.
    I love it.

  6. Great Pipe

    Good Price, Great Look, Cool Smoke

    I love this pipe. From the minute I opened the box to the first smoke. It is beautiful, cost effective, and provides a cool smoke. This pipe looks great and serves as a great talking point, especially for WW2 buffs, who probably think of Douglas MacArthur with this pipe in his mouth!

  7. Zappa Fan

    Outstanding piece of history

    When I first saw this pipe here on the Missouri Meerschaum website, I knew I had to have it. Although I don’t smoke it as much as my other pipes, it never disappoints, and I get a great kick out of the fact that the General himself smoked one of these. Aside from that, the smoke is indeed a cooler one. All in all, very enjoyable, and the value is unbeatable.

  8. Leonardo Powers

    Excellent Pipe

    It is indeed a very inexpensive and most importantly authentic pipe, which offers a marvellous draw and a cool smoke. Well done MM!

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