Limited Edition Orchard Mist Crumble Kake


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A select blend of Burley and Virginia tobaccos were aged in a peach brandy barrel for 90 days creating this Limited-Edition Orchard Mist Crumble Kake.

With each of the 1800 Special Edition tins numbered having one in your tobacco collection is a must.

This is a perfect tobacco blend to share or to let age to perfection!

Quantities Limited so order yours today!

Made in the USA!

50g tin

358 in stock


50g tin

Made In USA

2 reviews for Limited Edition Orchard Mist Crumble Kake

  1. Rhett (verified owner)

    Good stuff! I usually am a English blend guy, but this is an excellent refreshing aromatic.

  2. Bryan Baltz (verified owner)

    Wow, this stuff is magic!

    Tin note of delightfully bright and sweet peach brandy carried overtop light nutty tobacco. The real surprise here? ALL of those beautiful flavor notes actually come through in the smoke and remain throughout the entire bowl.

    I’ve never been a big aromatic/flavored tobacco fan because, while I enjoy them as a tobacco, they almost never actually taste as they smell. Orchard Mist is an amazing exception!

    The smoke is deliciously bright and sweet with a very present peach note that is neither cloying, heavy, nor fake tasting. The brandy note itself is well-mannered rather than a boozy punch in the face and the liquor note is a nice dry balance to the peach sweetness.

    The smoking mechanics are also applause worthy in my experience. I’ve had 3 bowls so far, because I can’t stop smoking it, and it packs, lights and burns like a charm requiring no relights and not getting hot or wet.

    I’d like to raise a glass of peach brandy and toast Missouri Meerschaum and Sutliff for changing my perception of what aromatics can be. This is a delicious achievement.

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