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The Elf Cobbit Corn Cob Pipe is one of two mid-sized pipes in the Missouri Meerschaum Cobbit Collection of churchwarden style pipes. The bowl shape is a taller version of our Rob Roy bowls, somewhat conical with a rounded flare at the top.

Like all pipes in the Cobbit Collection, the bowl has a dark stain added to the coating, a genuine, hardwood insert in the bottom, a wide nickel band on the shank, and a Black Shimmer Italian Acrylic bit.

The Elf is graceful and balanced, designed to soothe your spirit when filled with a bowl of your favorite leaf.

Note: Due to the unique nature of a corn cob and Italian Acrylic stems there will be variations between the pipe received compared to the one photographed.

Due to the nature of the corn cobs themselves, you may notice some chipping on the top edge of your pipe. This is perfectly normal and won’t in any way affect the way your pipe smokes. The chips only add to the charm and character of your corn cob pipe. Enjoy!

See Product Description below for more details.

81 in stock


Bent only


Approximate Dimensions

Length:  7.5 in / 190.5 mm

Bowl Height:  2 in / 50.8 mm

Chamber Diameter:  .75 in / 19.05 mm

Chamber Depth:  1.25 in/31.75 mm

Note: Due to the unique nature of a corncob and acrylic stems there will be some variations between the pipe received compared to the one photographed.

12 reviews for Elf Cobbit Corn Cob Pipe

  1. Roger Fields (verified owner)

    I have been smoking pipe for a year. I have a Savinelli and a good briar pipe. This one is immediately my favorite. I am not experienced enough to explain, but it just smokes different and is extremely easy to smoke.

  2. jad.henson (verified owner)

    My third corncob, and my first churchwarder. Smokes great, looks even better on my shelf amongst m collection of pipes and old books alike.

  3. bbaswell1 (verified owner)

    I’ve had this pipe for about a month now, and even though I own pipes that cost 5 times what this pipe cost, it has become my go to pipe. It was my first cob pipe and my first church warden style, and I’ve decided I love both! Awesome weight, and even with the length, it’s still easy to hold in your teeth. I can’t say enough about this pipe.

  4. Joseph F Cronin (verified owner)

    I really love this pipe out of all the 5 Cobs I own!!! I have The Dwarf as well like it but not as much as this one! The look of the pipe and the way it smokes is really nice!!

  5. Ralph Kramden

    I’ve been smoking for maybe a year now, and this is my first cob pipe. I have a briar churchwarden that’s 10″ long, and a short steeply-curved briar. Both of those pipes are easy for me to smke as they’re light and I can hang them easily with my teeth without clenching at all.

    This cob in comparison feels like dangling a Dana 44 axle from my mouth. It’s *heavy* and I can’t smoke it unless I’m clenching it or holding it constantly, which the latter not being something I mind much to be honest if I don’t have to do it for a whole bowl.

    The pipe smokes very nicely though and lets me taste my tobaccos without ‘adding’ anything to them as I smoke them (I hope that made sense).

    I had to give it the 4 though because of the weight. I think I’ll give another cob pipe a chance and get something slightly smaller perhaps.

  6. Joe

    Beautiful smoker

    I love this pipe. The look. The feel. The weight. Everything about it is beautiful and perfect and makes an amazing fantastic smoke

  7. J


    I had gotten this and another cobbit pipe and both are great. Paired it with the Great Dane. Good choices for a newbie pipe smoker.

  8. Duncan

    Love this pipe

    I had been eyeballing this pipe for a while and I’m so glad I finally got it! Just the absolute perfect sized church warden pipe. You won’t regret getting this pipe.

  9. Brian

    Great pipe

    I absolutely love this is. It smokes great and the feel is high quality. I can’t wait to order my next cobbit pipe. The customer service was outstanding. Thanks Marilyn.

  10. Bud (verified owner)

    Pretty Sweet.

    I don’t review products but MM is a good company so its the least I can do. This churchwarden feels nice, has a light weight, looks great, and the obviously long stem makes sure the smoke is cool when it gets to you. And you cant beat the price for a churchwarden.

  11. John (verified owner)

    Another Home Run for MM

    I been smoking Pipe for many years and have enjoyed Meershaums, Briars and of corse Cobs, The Elf Cobbit is one great Flake Pipe. Today I loaded it with a LNF using the fold and stuff method OMG I sat on my back porch for an hour sipping. I had a great relaxing smoke. The pipe sat in the hand and was very comfortable. This pipe has been made so that clenching is not uncomfortable and combersome. Now I have to find out it will handle some CH, SWR,Velvet. Will have to get another one.

  12. GCeaser (verified owner)

    Another winner from MM

    I’ve been smoking pipes a long time (30 years), and until I moved to Missouri a year ago, I never owned a cob. Walked into my local brick and mortar and they were have a pipe show and they had a sale on cobs. Well a year later, I now own approximately 20 cobs and have give another 20 or so as gifts. This Elf Cobbit is on point! Love the feel of it, the size is perfect for that intermediate smoke, and like my other cobs, no “burn in” time is needed. For the price and functionality, I find I spend more time enjoying my cobs a lot more than my briars. This Elf smokes so cool and sweet and adds just the right amount of sweetness to he the English blends I smoke in them. Nice buy!

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