Black Danish Filter Bits


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Black Danish Filter Bits are made of propionate plastic, feature a decorative bump in front of the tenon, and come in black.

Danish Bits are featured on our Diplomat, General, Let Freedom Ring and Maple Hardwood Apple Diplomat pipes.

Both the straight and bent bits will fit any Missouri Meerschaum filtered pipe.

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Available in a Straight or Bent Bit

Accommodates a 6 mm Filter

Approximate Dimensions

Length:   3.25 in / 82.55 mm

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Bit Color

9 reviews for Black Danish Filter Bits

  1. Richard Collins (verified owner)

    I love the fact that these bits are made from propionate plastic, which is a form of cellulose plastic that is hypoallergenic. Being sensitive to a lot of plastics, I can chew on these without worrying about my lips burning afterwards. That and they are not so brittle that my teeth crack them. Plus, they look so much better than the plain filtered bits. And did I mention that they are so cheap that I don’t cry like a little sissy when I wear them out? :^)

  2. 1911kevin

    Much better than standard bits

    Very durable. Mitch better for me than standard bits. A must have on all my filtered cobs.

  3. David (verified owner)

    Great bits

    These are much more attractive than the original bits and make all of my cob pipes look and smoke much better.

    And the best part is they only cost $0.60 a pop.

    – You can’t beat that with a stick.

  4. Zach

    Danish stems

    These stems are great, way better than expected and priced great. Thanks Missouri meerschaum for making great pipes and customer service.

  5. Uncle Squinty

    I chew on my bits. I clench. I gnaw. I need to change bits about once a month, and I always keep these on hand for my larger pipes. As an added bonus, when I smoke aromatic tobaccos, the 6 mm. filter keeps the smoke cool and dry. Love this product!

    Absolute must have. Well made and a great value at $0.50 each. Buy a handful…you’ll use them.

  6. CobCharlie (verified owner)

    Durable, but a bit thick

    These bits are quite durable and aesthetically pleasing. However, I have found that they are bit too thick for me to comfortably clinch. YMMV.

    That being said, I would certainly recommend these bits and plan to purchase more in the future for swapping in and out of various cobs.

  7. Jeffrey/JD (verified owner)

    Must haves.

    I will have these on hand always. What a difference in my pipes,better feel and tuff. Smoke well my friends

  8. Jeffrey/JD (verified owner)

    Must haves.

    I will have these on hand always. What a difference in my pipes,better feel and tuff. Smoke well my friends

  9. Pancho Petrov

    Very durable

    At first sight, these bits may seem to be not so durable. Nevertheless, I have one on my Great Dane which i bought years ago at it’s still doing its job perfectly. Although it’s scratched, it doesn’t show signs of breakage.
    A very good product, in my opinion.

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