The Missouri Meerschaum Cob Quacker Duck Call is a functional accessory for any duck hunter as well as a unique and beautiful work of corn cob art!

While Missouri Meerschaum’s unique, hybrid corn produces cobs that can be turned into great-looking and great-smoking corn cob pipes, in the hands of a creative artisan our corn cobs can also be a versatile raw material  for other products. One such artisan in our local area is Dan Messerla, a wood turner. In addition to bowls and other items Dan turns on his lathe, he also creates duck calls using our corn cobs. After shaping the calls on his lathe, Dan progressively sands them through 600 grit and then applies a coating of walnut oil and cyanoacrylate to produce a beautiful and functional work of art.

The calls are available in two different shapes and include a polycarbonate insert with either a single or double reed. The insert is available in two colors – smoke or bourbon. The calls also feature a pewter-colored metal band engraved with our company and town names.

Since they are crafted by hand and each corn cob is different, the length of each call will vary from approximately 4 to 4.5 inches.

When ordering, be sure to choose the shape desired (see product photo), reed type, and color to customize it exactly the way you want it!