2023 Holiday Bundle #2


2023 Holiday Bundle #2 will leave you looking as dapper as Comet.

2023 Holiday Bundle #2 features our handsome Country Gentleman, festive Eaton with Ivory colored bit and a Brigham pipe stand. One never knows when you will need to rest your pipe for a Holiday happening moment!

Like grandma’s eggnog this Holiday bundle won’t be around forever. (Especially with your uncle around!)

Pick yours today!

Due to the nature of the corn cobs themselves, you may notice some chipping on the top edge of your pipe. This is perfectly normal and won’t in any way affect the way your pipe smokes. The chips only add to the charm and character of your corn cob pipe. Enjoy!

See Product Description below for more details.


Country Gentleman

Bent Only

6 mm Filter

  Approximate Dimensions

      Bent Length:  5.75 in / 146.05 mm

      Bowl Height:  2.25 in / 57.2 mm

      Chamber Diameter:  .75 in / 19.05 mm

      Chamber Depth:  1.5 in / 38.1 mm


Straight Only

Ivory colored Bit


  Approximate Dimensions

     Length:   5 in / 127 mm

     Bowl Height:   1.75 in / 44.5 mm

     Chamber Diameter:   .625 in / 15.88 mm

     Chamber Depth:   1.25 in / 31.75 mm


Brigham plastic pipe stand




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