The Trio Old Dominion Clay Pipe Set from Missouri Meerschaum features the following: The Old Dominion Willamsburg Clay Pipe honors the capital of the Virginia Colony during the 18th Century, a shorter stemmed pipe that would have been in the hands of those traversing the Colonial landscape. This clay pipe is perfectly compact and features a generous, yet subdued, bowl. The Old Dominion Jamestowne Clay Pipe is a tribute to the first, and most famous, of English settlements in North America. This pipe is longer stemmed, the rim adorned with decorative milling, and features a small, yet bulbous, bowl for smoking a “pinch” of tobacco. The The Old Dominion “The Dutchman” Clay Pipe is a faithful reproduction of a 19th century Dutch clay pipe. This short, stout pipe with it’s easy draw makes it ideal for a large pinch of your favorite tobacco. The Dutchman’s size makes it perfect for storage in the pocket on those long voyages! is a faithful reproduction of a 19th century Dutch clay pipe. These are fashioned from non-toxic, commercially produced clay, and bisque fired, as were the originals. See further details below