• Genuine Medico Filters are included in every filtered pipe produced by Missouri Meerschaum. The filter is made of absorbent paper. 10 count in each box. Made In USA. See Product Description below for more details.
  • The JEAN CLAUDE 9 mm charcoal absorber is convincing by high activated charcoal, extremely absorbent filter paper and the double ceramic cap. The Jean Claude charcoal absorbers are manufactured in Germany. 10 count in each bag. Made In Germany. See Product Description below for more details.
  • Savinelli Balsa Wood Filters  are made of balsa wood are an excellent alternative to the traditional Paper Filters. They are 6 mm and triangular in shape with channels down the side to collect more of the naturally occurring moisture content while smoking without inhibiting the smoking quality. These fine balsa wood filters fit any 6mm Missouri Meerschaum Filtered Corn Cob Pipe. 20 count


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