Missouri Meerschaum offers a variety of pipe accessories including bits,  filters, pipe cleaners, tools, pouches, stands and more for your favorite corn cob pipes!

  • Black Danish Filter Bits

    Black Danish Filter Bits are made of propionate plastic, feature a decorative bump in front of the tenon, and come in black. Danish Bits are featured on our Diplomat, General, Let Freedom Ring and Maple Hardwood Apple Diplomat pipes. Both the straight and bent bits will fit any Missouri Meerschaum filtered pipe. See Product Description below for more details.
  • Black Royal Non-Filter Bits

    Royal Bits are made of propionate plastic. These straight bits will fit any of our non-filtered pipes, except Miniatures and the Freehand. See Product Description below for more details.
  • BJLong Soft Rubber Pipe Bits

    Commonly referred to as “Softee Bits,” BJLong Soft Rubber Pipe Bits are rubber sleeves that mimic a traditional bit to aid in the grip, comfort, and protection of pipe bits. Great for hands-free pipe smoking! Made In USA. See Product Description below for more details.
  • Czech Pipe Tool

    The Czech Pipe Tool, often referred to as a "3n1 Pipe Tool" or "The Swiss Army Knife for Pipe Smokers" is a MUST for optimal pipe enjoyment. This handy tool features three components – a flat end for tamping your tobacco, a straight pick for fluffing ash or de-clogging your pipe, and a scoop for emptying your pipe. The three components all fold together to make it easy to keep in your pocket, vehicle, pipe bag, and more!
  • As long as there have been pipes, there has been the need for a good pipe stand. Missouri Meerschaum Leather Pipe Stands are crafted with genuine leather, featuring the Missouri Meerschaum logo stamped on one side and are held firmly with a metal rivet. Available in multiple colors to suit any taste, these leather pipe stands will hold your pipes in luxury. Whether on the go, at home, or wanting to display a favorite pipe, these leather pipe stands are an excellent choice! Order yours today!
  • Tobacco Pouch Humidifier

    The Tobacco Pouch Humidifier from Missouri Meerschaum is a convenient way to keep your pipe pouch tobacco from drying out. All you need to do is immerse the Tobacco Pouch Humidifier in cold water and place it in your pipe pouch. The options for this convenient and portable humidifier are endless. Pick yours up today!  
  • Brass Pipe Screens

    Missouri Meerschaum is pleased to offer Brass Pipe Screens in two convenient sizes. Each bag contains 6 screens. Available in two sizes: Diameter:  5/8 in / .63 in / 15.88 mm Diameter:  3/4 in / .75 in / 19.05 mm    
  • Leather Tobacco Pouch

    As long as there have been pipe smokers, there have been pipe pouches – fine leather devices that are not only designed to carry a person's pipe and tools, but also their desired blend of tobacco everywhere they go! Just as the cowboy had his saddle bags, the outlaw had his holster, and the mountain man had his possibles bag, the pipe smoker needs a pouch specifically made to carry a pipe, tobacco, and tools across the land in the search of riches and adventure and, of course, relaxation. This authentic Leather Tobacco Pouch from Missouri Meerschaum is available in a rugged nubuck in Oak Brown branded with a Missouri Meerschaum Company logo on the flap that securely fastens the tobacco compartment with sturdy steel snaps. In addition, there are two zippered compartments – one for tools and the other for an average-sized pipe. This leather pouch is perfect for the daily needs of the pipe smoker, so order one today!  
  • Pipe Ferrules

    The metal Pipe Ferrules (black metal rings) on our Missouri Meerschaum pipes come in three sizes – #9, Slim, and Mini:
    • The #9 Ferrule fits all of our filtered pipes and the Freehand pipe.
    • The Slim Ferrule fits all of our non-filtered pipes except the miniatures and the Freehand pipe.
    • The Mini Ferrule fits all of our miniature pipes.
  • Wind Cap

    The Wind Cap from Missouri Meerschaum is great for getting the optimum performance from your pipe on a windy day. All you need to do is compress the two tabs on each side to form a pressure fit on the inside of the tobacco chamber. This sturdy tool is a perfect complement to windy days, on a hike, or when you're relegated to the front porch to enjoy your pipe. Wind Cap will not fit the Miniature or Freehand corn cob pipes.
  • Cork Pipe Knocker

    This Cork Pipe Knocker from Missouri Meerschaum is a great way to modify your existing ashtray to meet your pipe smoking needs. This self-adhesive Cork Pipe Knocker is perfect for safely and gently knocking out ashes from your pipe. It is designed to turn any ashtray into a functional pipe ashtray. The adhesive cork pipe knocker is approximately 1.5” in diameter.
  • Black Regular Filter Bits are made of propionate plastic and available in black. These bits fit any Missouri Meerschaum filtered pipe. See Product Description below for more details.


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