Missouri Meerschaum offers a variety of pipe accessories including bits, two types of filters, and several types of pipe cleaners, to help you properly use and care for your favorite corn cob pipes!

  • Holiday Bundle #6 features a Cobbit Shire corn cob pipe, your color choice of a Missouri Meerschaum Leather Pipe Stand and a Missouri Meerschaum Vintage Vinyl Sticker all bundled up in an authentic Missouri Meerschaum burlap bag! One might consider sticking their tongue on a metal flag pole for this bundle, however we advise against it! Don't wait, order today! See Product Description below for more details.
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    Holiday Bundle #5 will definitely deck the halls this Holiday Season and warm the heart of even the grouchiest Scrooge! This striking bundle features the 12″ Missouri Meerschaum Trademark Metal Sign, our Let Freedom Ring gift set and your choice of one Missouri Meerschaum Company pipe tobacco pouch! Leave this bundle setting out for Santa and you just might find him having a bowl, and not of jelly! Order your today!
  • These Missouri Meerschaum Deluxe Leather Pipe Stands are crafted with genuine leather. Available in a classic black flexible leather and a rich upright brown leather with brass rivets, these leather pipe stands will hold your pipes in luxury.    
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    Holiday Bundle #3 skates into the spotlight in full festive charm! Featuring a handsome, bent Country Gentleman corn cob pipe paired with your choice of one Missouri Meerschaum Company pipe tobacco pouch and a pouch humidifier. All bundled in our handsome Missouri Meerschaum burlap bag! Rudolph take me away because it doesn't get much better than this! Order your today!  
  • Best used in vigorous cleaning, BJLong Churchwarden Bristle Pipe Cleaners are reinforced with plastic and are ideal for the infrequent deep cleaning of long, extended stem pipes. Made In USA. See Product Description below for more details.
  • Missouri Meerschaum is pleased to offer Brass Pipe Screens in two convenient sizes. Each bag contains 6 screens. Available in two sizes: Diameter:  5/8 in / .63 in / 15.88 mm Diameter:  3/4 in / .75 in / 19.05 mm    
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    The Missouri Meerschaum Pocket Jar is for the pipe smoker who doesn’t have the time nor space to pack a full pouch of tobacco for their journey. This fresh alternative to heavy jars and bulky bags maintains tobacco moisture and freshness while traveling. Made up of food-safe PET plastic with a two-piece, gasketed metal lid. The shatterproof PocketJar blocks UV light and is odor-proof. A PocketJar holds between three to four bowls of tobacco and with a mason-jar style lid, it ensures your tobacco freshness for the day. Whether you’re looking for an easier, affordable way to pack your day's worth of tobacco or just to gift to the pipe smoker in your life, go no further than the Missouri Meerschaum Pocket Jar! Order each attractive color today!
  • As long as there have been pipes, there has been the need for a good pipe stand. Introducing Missouri Meerschaum Leather Pipe Stands! These leather pipe stands are crafted with genuine leather, featuring the Missouri Meerschaum logo stamped on one side and are held firmly with a metal rivet. Available in brown leather with a brass rivet and black leather with a silver rivet, these leather pipe stands will hold your pipes in luxury. Whether on the go, at home, or wanting to display a favorite pipe, these leather pipe stands are an excellent choice!  
  • For pipes that have an extended stem, BJ Long Churchwarden Pipe Cleaners perform a thorough job in regular cleaning. Made In USA. See Product Description below for more details.
  • The Mitchell Thomas 3-way Pipe Tool is a MUST for optimal pipe enjoyment. This handy tool features three components – a poker to loosen tobacco, a reamer for removing ash and a tamper for packing a bowl. The three components all fold together to make it easy to keep in your pocket, vehicle, pipe bag, and more!
  • Made for larger diameter draught holes, BJLong Fluffy Pipe Cleaners are extra absorbent and work great for cleaning Missouri Meerschaum filtered pipes. Made In USA. See Product Description below for more details.
  • Leather Tobacco Pouches

    As long as there have been pipe smokers, there have been pipe pouches – fine leather devices that are not only designed to carry a person's pipe and tools, but also their desired blend of tobacco everywhere they go! Just as the cowboy had his saddle bags, the outlaw had his holster, and the mountain man had his possibles bag, the pipe smoker needs a pouch specifically made to carry a pipe, tobacco, and tools across the land in the search of riches and adventure and, of course, relaxation. This authentic Leather Tobacco Pouch from Missouri Meerschaum is available in a smooth Classic Black, rugged nubuck in Oak Brown, a softly textured calf-skin in warm Chocolate Brown, and a boldly textured style in Burnt Expresso. Each is branded with a Missouri Meerschaum Company logo on the flap that securely fastens the tobacco compartment with sturdy steel snaps. In addition, there are two zippered compartments – one for tools and the other for an average-sized pipe. This leather pouch is perfect for the daily needs of the pipe smoker, so order one today!  

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