MacArthur 5-Star Natural Corn Cob Pipe

MacArthur 5-Star Natural Straight Corn Cob Pipe

Freehand Corn Cob Pipe on Plaque

Freehand on Plaque

MacArthur 5-Star Polished Bent Corn Cob Pipe

The MacArthur 5-Star Polished Bent Corn Cob Pipe from Missouri Meerschaum has a more finished appearance version of the 5-Star Natural. Consequently, it is not historically accurate (but we like it anyway). Its shortened tobacco chamber and extended shank lend itself to an easy smoke, and the bowl extension makes for a great grip! Perfect for armchairs and leisurely afternoons. It comes unfiltered with a bent black bit only. See Product Description below for more details.
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Bent Bit

Large, Deep, Conical-Shaped Polished Bowl


Approximate Dimensions

          Length:   9.5 in/241.3 mm

          Bowl height:   4.375 in/111.125 mm

          Chamber diameter:   .75 in/19.05 mm

          Chamber depth:   2 in/50.8 mm

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