In recent years, many of you may have noticed our push for “nosewarmer-styled” pipes. First came the Morgans, then the Little Devil Cutty and Little Devil Acorn, and the memorable Stubby. All of these pipes have been very successful, and that success led to our collaboration with Crow Valley Pipes – and so the Outlaw Series was born.

Initially, we did a limited release at this year’s Chicago Pipe Show, and the response was terrific. When we returned to the plant, however, we ran into some supply issues regarding our bits, so we went back to the drawing board. Several prototypes were made, argued, and rejected before we finally landed on designs that were attractive, agreeable, unique, and affordable.

We’re pleased to announce that after seven months of planning, the Outlaw Series has arrived! It is comprised of the tall Jesse James, the stout Cole Younger, and the alluring Belle Starr. Each pipe is inspired by real-life bandits from the Wild West – each impacting history by their daring feats in their own right.

On every pipe in the Outlaw Series, you can expect to find the Crow Valley Bandit imprinted on the side of the bowl, a handsome silver band, and an individualized stamp or sticker for each pipe. Be among the first to add these handsome pipes to your collection! To learn more about how each pipe was inspired by history, visit our NEW website and check out the pipe descriptions!

Update: April 14, 2021 – Our Outlaw collection is sold out! Check out our other special collections: Cobbit and Hannibal.