missouri meerschaum

  1. The Components of a Legend

    It should be no surprise to a lot of you that we chose the Legend for this image. We make more Legends than any other pipe we produce! They are truly Legendary (pun intended) in their smoking quality and affordability.

    The image accurately s

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  2. Introducing the Outlaw Series!

    Outlaw Series Pipes


    In recent years, many of you may have noticed our push for "nosewarmer-styled" pipes. First came the Morgans, then the Little Devil Cutty and Little Devil Acorn, and the memorable Stubby. All of these pipes have been very successful,

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  3. Introducing the New Hannibal Collection of Corn Cob Pipes!

     Hannibal Missouri SignNot too far north of our hometown of Washington, Missouri is the town of Hannibal on the west bank of the mighty Mississippi River.

    Most people know Hannibal, Missouri, as the birthplace of one of America's greatest authors, Samuel Clemens, wh

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