Wizard Cobbit Corn Cob Pipe

2 Pipe American Assortment Gift Set

The 2-Pipe American Assortment Gift Set from Missouri Meerschaum contains one each of the tall, cylindrical General Corn Cob Pipe and the uniquely shaped Patriot Corn Cob Pipe. One pipe will have a straight stem and the other will have a bent stem. See Product Details below for more details.
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Available in Straight and Bent Bits

Bowl Shapes

          General:   Tall, cylindrical bowl

          Patriot:   Narrow, cylindrical bowl with a thick rim

Filtered / Non-Filtered

          General   6 mm filter

          Patriot   non-filtered

Approximate Dimensions

          Length:   6 in/152.4 mm

          Bowl height:

                General:   3 in/76.2 mm

                Patriot:   2.125 in/53.98 mm

Chamber diameter:

General: .875 in/22.225 mm

Patriot: .75 in/19.05 mm

Chamber depth:

General: 2.25 in/57.15 mm

Patriot: 1.75 in/44.45 mm

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